Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 14

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Cutie looked around her room and it looked very boring to her.
Naina “Why are u keep on looking around the room Cutie?” Cutie “Boring Ma….I want to go home!!!” Naina “You will be discharged tomorrow!” Cutie “I am ok Ma! I want to go home!” Naina “Cutie! The doctor said u will be discharged tomorrow. U must listen to their instructions.” Cutie looked sad and that’s when Abhi came inside with a lot of toys.

Cutie looking at that yelled “Oye Hoye!” Abhi “Oye Cutie! Don’t yell like this!! Remember this is a hospital not house!” Cutie covered her mouth with hand and asked something but Abhi couldn’t understand. Abhi “What are u telling?” Naina removed her hand and asked her to tell.

Cutie “All this for me?” She said that by looking at the toys. Abhi “No Cutie, it’s for my choti Naina!” Naina hearing that looked surprised. Cutie “Ma don’t like toys! Am I right Ma?” Naina “If my Bhai gives then I will like it!” Cutie looked at both Abhi and Naina giggling and it made her upset. Abhi sat beside Cutie and said “How are u feeling now Cutie?” Cutie sadly said “These toys are not for me…..” Abhi in a excited tone “Cutie! These are all for u! Now smile please!” Cutie grabbed all the toys and hugged them tightly with a wide smile on her face. Naina “Bhai! How is Pragya?” Abhi “She looks fine but is still weak….” Naina “Can I go and see her?” Abhi “Why are u asking permission as if I am her husband. Anyways u two know her well compared to me.” Naina thought, I wish u can be her husband.

She asked Abhi to take care of Cutie and she went to see Pragya.
Pragya was silent when Naina came in. Naina “So this is why u left the apartment for?” Pragya “No!” Naina “Then why did u leave even without telling me? I thought I was your best friend Pragya, but u proved it wrong!” Pragya looked down and said “I had to leave so that he can come….” Naina “I am grateful to u for that but for that u shouldn’t have left us Pragya….” Pragya “I didn’t left…..I just moved away….” Naina “But destiny made u move towards us again….” Pragya looked at Naina “You think destiny is not distancing us?” Naina “Why do u think that way?” Pragya hesitated “I felt always destiny creates distances…” Naina”It could be creating distance to reach your destination too….” Pragya “What destination is left for me now when everything in my life is destroyed….” Naina “You always feel this way when there is a way to reach your destination….” Pragya “Leave all this Naina…tell me how is Cutie? How did she have a fall?” Naina “She is okay…just injured her forehead and bruises….She said somebody pushed her from the swing. Some man but don’t know who it is. She didn’t see the person’s face.”

Pragya hearing that became worried. Naina “You were hit by some person right? Did u saw the person’s face?” Pragya “No Naina….do u think the person hit me and the person pushed her could be the same?” Naina “Why do u think that way?” Pragya “Just an instinct but it may be wrong too….” Naina “I don’t know but let me try to check with the teacher again.”

Pragya “Leave all this Naina…I saw Abhi and Cutie together and he have a very good bonding with her!” Naina who was all the while standing now sat beside her. Naina “I should thank u for that!” Pragya “Arrey! He is her uncle and of course he would show love towards her! What is there to thank me in this?” Naina “You are always like this….” Pragya smiled and asked “Can u do me a favour?” Naina “You can just order me!” Pragya “Nothing big…can u like ask him not visit my ward very frequently? I can manage myself….” Naina smiled teasingly and Pragya “Don’t smile like this….I know what is running in your mind!” Naina “Are u affected by his presence?” Pragya “It’s all because of u….u always talk about him when I was with Cutie and u! Then made me have an impression of him that make me impressed of him….” Naina “Chill! If u feel that way then I can tell about this to him!” Pragya pinched Naina’s ear and said “Don’t ever try to do that! I will kill u for sure!” Naina “Leave my ear! It’s paining Pragya!” Pragya “Then tell me u won’t do anything like that!” Naina “Haan I won’t do!” Pragya left her ear and Naina “I will take revenge for this!”

Abhi knocked the door and came in by carrying Cutie. Pragya smiled looking at Cutie but she looked blankly at her. Abhi made Cutie to lie on top of Pragya. Cutie remained silent. Pragya “I am sorry Cutie….You won’t talk to your di?” Cutie hugged her and said “You are naughty!” Pragya with tears of happiness “Just like u!” Pragya made Cutie to look at her and asked “You should have been careful na…u see now u have a scar on your forehead!” Cutie “You were also not careful!” Pragya “Just like u!” She kissed on her scar and Cutie smiled.

Abhi “What is this? Cutie! You have forgotten your friend! I am leaving!” Cutie “No! Stay here!” Abhi “Then come back to me!” Naina “It seems both of u are very attached to Cutie!”

Pragya smiled and Abhi winked. Cutie “I love both friend and di!” Abhigya at the same time “Yes I too love u Cutie!” Abhi “I love her more!” Pragya “I also love her more!” They were keep on challenging each other who loved Cutie more and Naina “Enough guys!!” Abhigya became silent and looked at each other with irritation.

Cutie “Ma! I know how to find who loves me more!” Naina “How will u find that my smartie cutie?” Cutie was thinking and then looked at Naina “Carry me Ma!” Naina “Why?” Cutie was keep on shouting “Carry me!! Carry me!!” Naina “Okok! Don’t shout!” She carried her and Cutie said “Valentine’s day!” Abhi “You want gifts on that day? No problem I will buy everything u love on that day!” Cutie “No!! I will find who loves me more on that day!” Pragya “How?” Cutie “Suspense!!” Naina “At least tell me how would u find that….” Cutie whispered something in her ears which made Abhigya look at them curiously. Naina chuckled and said“Are u sure of this? This sounds very funny!” Cutie got angry and frowned. Naina “Okok! I will help u in this!”

Naina “So Bhai and Pragya! Cutie is throwing a challenge to both of u on Valentine’s day!” Abhi “I am on for it!”
Pragya, I feel something fishy about this….but if I never agree then he will taunt me!
Abhi “See Cutie! Your di doesn’t love u anymore that’s why she is not agreeing to this.”
Cutie “NO! Di still loves me!!” Pragya hearing Abhi’s words was annoyed and said “I agree to this! I still love my Cutie!!”
Abhi “Ok CD we will see who wins in this challenge!” Pragya “What did u call me? CD?” Abhi “Haan Cutie’s di in short CD! Outdated CD!!” Pragya “I am not outdated!” Abhi “I don’t have time to talk to u! Bye!”

Abhi walked out and Pragya was annoyed by the name CD.
Pragya “How can he call me outdated Naina?” Naina with a smirk “Why does it bother u?” Cutie “I am tired Ma….I want to sleep…” She was keep on yawning and Naina “Ok Pragya…I go and make her sleep….and u tell me later why does it bother u!” Pragya “All are leaving me alone…” Naina smiled and walked out of the ward. She saw Abhi still standing outside the ward. Naina “You are still here?” Abhi “Ya! Boss is coming to see her so I am waiting for her here….then nurse is also coming for rounds again to check her….” Naina “Take rest Bhai…u have been awake from yesterday night….” Abhi smiled “Sure! I have to take care of her until she gets better, as she is just like me…” Naina “What do u mean?” Abhi “I heard from boss, that she is living alone just like me….” Naina hearing that felt upset as his brother was still feeling that he is living alone…..

Naina “You are very caring Bhai…” Abhi “It’s just humanity! Nothing big! You first go make Cutie to lie on bed….she is already asleep.”
She smiled in response and went inside the opposite ward to make Cutie sleep on bed.

Pragya saw the nurse coming in for check up and the nurse “Seriously he is not your boyfriend?” Pragya “Why are u keep on asking this?” Nurse “I just feel he is caring too much for just a colleague!” Pragya “He is always like that….” Nurse “You know him well too…” Pragya “If I want to tell the truth means….he is always there but I am not here….He is where I am…he is rare which makes me care for him too…” Abhi heard Pragya’s words as he was opened the door and wondered, Who is the he? Is she in love with someone again?
Pragya saw him coming and looked nervously at him. Pragya, Oh no! Did he like heard whatever I told????

Abhi “How is she?” Nurse “Everything seems to be fine but doctor will tell when she would be discharged…” Abhi “Thanks!” Pragya saw the nurse leaving and Abhi looking at Pragya asked “Who is the he u were talking about?” Pragya “God!!” Abhi tried to connect with her words with God and it did made sense.
Abhi “I thought u were in love but why do u have to tell all this to a nurse?” Pragya “She asked me something and I told all that….” Pragya was relieved as Abhi was believing her.

Abhi “Boss is coming to see u soon!” Pragya “She also knows about this?” Abhi “I don’t know who else to inform about this other than her…” Pragya “Oh…” Abhi “Ok I am leaving…” Pragya “You can stay here too….U look very tired…maybe u can take a seat here and rest for a while…” Abhi smiled at her concern and sat down on a chair there and closed his eyes in tiredness.

Pragya smiled thinking of his caring towards her.

Pragya was sitting on a bench and Abhi sat behind the bench where Pragya was sitting.
Abhi “So the person who hit u is the same as the person who pushed Cutie from swing!”
Pragya “Yes…But why do u have to sit behind me?” Abhi “Because I don’t like to sit beside u!” Pragya was hurt by his words.

Thank u for reading and sorry if there was any mistakes, as I typed it in a rush!

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