Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 13

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Pragya decided not to go work the next day to avoid seeing him but had informed her boss about meeting her friend.
Abhi searched for Pragya but she was nowhere to be found and he went to his boss to ask.
Abhi “Boss! Did u see her?” Boss “Who is the her?” Abhi “Ms Pragya! The newbie!” Boss “She is on leave….she said that she is meeting her friend today!” Abhi “What? You gave her a day off just because she is meeting her friend!!! U never even do that to us!” Boss “Why are u getting so emotional for this?” Abhi in a dramatic way said “Justice had been denied!! I can’t be silent anymore!!!” Boss “Do u want a day off?” Abhi “Yes I want justice!” Boss placing her hand on the head said “Just leave Abhi…..You can take a day off and Pragya she went to the library at xyz place….” Abhi “You even know where she went and u are telling me!” Boss “Abhi…I know u are here to search for her and ask something to her…you have been asking every single person about her from morning! Do u think I won’t know your activities as a Boss?” Abhi sheepishly smiled and bowed to his Boss for her smartness.

Boss smiled and said “Don’t tell that I told u where she is!” Abhi saluted in response and she signaled him to leave as she have lots of work to continue.
Abhi leaving her cabin thought, Hmm…boss should be very close to Pragya….that’s why she knows what she does and where she is….
Abhi drove in his bike to the library and saw Pragya talking to someone
Abhi was slowly walking towards the direction where Pragya was.
Pragya “Anything u do it should be dil se (From the heart)….only then it would change your destiny and the distances that u need to travel in your life’s journey….” By saying that she passed a book to her friend and was walking out of the place. Pragya was hit by a person on her head hardly and she was about to fell holding her head in pain. Just in time, Abhi grabbed her by holding her waist to prevent her from falling. Abhi looked at her with a worried face.

Abhi “Pragya! Open your eyes!” Pragya slowly became unconscious. He called for the ambulance as she was bleeding heavily from her head. Everyone in the library were also shocked seeing that and some helped Pragya by tying a bandage around her head.

Now in hospital……
Abhi was waiting for the doctors to tell something about her. Just then he saw Cutie being brought inside to ward on a stretcher. He panicked while seeing that and went to the ward there.

Abhi “What happened to her?” Nurse “Are u her father?” Abhi “No I am her neighbor…A family friend to her family….” Nurse “She is unconscious but she would be fine soon!” Abhi “Ok but what happened to her?” Nurse “She had a fall in the school playground….There her teacher is here…she is the one who admitted the child here!” Abhi went towards the teacher to enquire further.

Teacher “She was playing well only but it was after school hours and we teachers were busy in our office……that’s why we never saw this mishap happening….” Abhi “She was still in the school premises! Then there should be some staff there to pay attention to the children’s safety!!!” Teacher in nervousness “Sorry sir….but….” Abhi was keep on scolding her harshly that made the teacher to cry and the Nurse came out from the ward. Nurse “We actually have run out of beds in the children’s section….would u mind if we admit her here?” Abhi “It should be fine…I can talk to her mum but how is she now?” Nurse “I think she is sleeping now….we have examined her and everything seems to be fine….” Abhi “Can I go and see her?” Nurse “Sure!” Abhi went inside the ward and looked very worried to see Cutie with bruises on her face, hands and legs.
Abhi sat beside her and had tears in his eyes. Cutie opened her eyes and laughed at him. Abhi “You didn’t sleep?” Cutie “Hi Friend!!!” Abhi “Ya hi but nurse told u were sleeping?” Cutie “I was acting friend! I heard Nurse saying she wants to give me medicines! Yucky!! I don’t want!! So I was acting to be sleeping….” Abhi wiping his tears said “You should be careful Cutie! What did u play that u had a fall and injured yourself like this?” Cutie “I never play friend….I was just sitting on the swing….thinking about di…..then suddenly somebody pushed me from the back!” Abhi in shock “What? Somebody pushed u!! Who is that?” Cutie “Don’t know friend….after that I screamed in pain and AK 47 came to help me….” Abhi “Oh…so the one outside is AK 47?” Cutie nodded her head in response for yes.
Abhi “She doesn’t look that fierce though…she is crying after I have scolded her….” Cutie “Omg friend!!! You made her cry!!” Abhi “She feels very sad for u Cutie…” Cutie “Really? Don’t worry friend, I will talk to her later….” Abhi “Does your Ma knows about this?” Cutie “I don’t know friend…” Abhi “Okay u rest first and I will call your Ma to inform about this…” Cutie “Sure friend!”

He went out of the ward and made a call to Naina and she said she is on the way as already the teacher had informed her about Cutie’s fall.
Abhi turned back to the sound of Pragya’s loud cries. He rushed inside to the ward and saw Pragya crying in pain with still her eyes closed.
Pragya “Just go away! I don’t want anybody in my life!!! You are not my life!!! You are not my love!!! Just go away!!!” Abhi tried to calm her down by patting her head but she was uncontrollable and he called the nurse for help.
Both the doctor and nurses attended to Pragya and Abhi was left in confusion of her behavior.

After a while,
Doctor “Nothing to worry….she is just traumatized of past incidents in life….will be better if she sleep well….Is she your wife?” Abhi “No! no! Just my colleague!” Doctor “Oh I am sorry…just asked as you seemed to be very worried about her all the while….” Abhi smiled in return and went to see her inside the ward.
Abhi looking at her felt, She could have faced a love failure that’s why she shouted that way…and even cried too…

The next day,
Pragya regained consciousness. Pragya “You are here?” Abhi “Then who else can u expect? I admitted u here!” Pragya “I am admitted?” Abhi “Yes in this hospital…” Pragya looked around in confusion. Abhi “Drink this juice first and I need to go to the opposite ward now…” He said that by giving her the glass of juice. She took that and asked “Opposite ward?” Abhi sadly said “Yes Cutie is admitted there….” Pragya with a lot of concern asked “Cutie? What happened to her? Is she fine? Did she got hurt?”
Abhi “Hmm…I thought somebody said she don’t know who is Cutie…” Pragya “Please tell me how is she now…I am sorry for that day but how is she?” Abhi “She is fine! Just had a fall from the swing and hurt her hands and leg…but not that major…just bruises…”
Pragya “Can I see her?” Abhi “I think I can bring her here to see u….You are even more weaker than her….” Nurse “Dressing time!” Abhi “Ya I was about to leave from here too…”
Nurse smiled in response as Abhi walked away from the ward.

Nurse while dressing Pragya said “Is he your boyfriend?” Pragya “No!” Nurse “Oh dear then u are so unlucky….” Pragya “Why?” Nurse “He was awake all night to see u and even talk to the doctors and nurses very frequently to get an update of your condition.” Pragya “He did that?” Nurse “I guess he is also looking after a child opposite to this ward and the child’s mother tried to convince him to sleep but he didn’t by saying that he needs to take care of u….” Pragya “He said like that?” Nurse “Yes I think he never eat anything since yesterday night….”

Pragya hearing all this was getting emotional.

Pragya, I know he cares for others all the time but who is there to care for him? I wish to be the one caring for him but do I deserve to be person caring for him?

Abhi hearing Pragya saying to the nurse “He is there but I am not here….He is where I am…he is rare which makes me care for him….” Abhi wondered, Who is the he? Is she in love with someone again?

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