Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 12

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Abhi couldn’t sleep in the night as he was keep on getting visuals of Pragya’s face and especially her eyes that tells him some untold story.
Abhi, Very familiar again and why do I feel her eyes are the same as Cutie di’s eyes.
He took the photo and saw it again and tried to recall Pragya’s eyes that he had seen earlier that day.
Abhi, I strongly feel it’s her but I need to confirm this. If this is true then Cutie will be very happy!
Abhi decided to call her but didn’t want to call and ask her directly. He wants to do it in his own way.

The next day, he was excited to confirm his doubt!
He went as early as he could to his workplace and was waiting near her cabin.

Pragya reached and was surprised to see Abhi standing as if waiting for someone.
Pragya, Why is he here now? How do I even pass him?

Abhi “Hi!” Pragya softly said “Hi…” Abhi “I want to ask u something! Not now but later during lunch time! Meet me at cafeteria!” Pragya “Why?” Abhi walking away said “You disturbed me last night!” Pragya “When did I disturb u? Why are u walking away?” Abhi “Look behind!” Pragya looked behind and saw her boss walking towards her.
Boss “Why did he come here?” Pragya “I don’t know! He said he wants to ask me something…” Boss teasingly asked “Why? Does he misses u?” Pragya “No!! He said I disturbed him last night!” Boss “That’s so fast! Did u meet me last night? I am so happy for u!” Pragya “No no! I never even meet him last night….” Boss “Oh..then maybe u would have disturbed him in his dreams…” Pragya “No…it can’t be this way…it shouldn’t be this way…” Boss “Okok! Don’t get worried for this! Pass me the files that I need to check!” Pragya “Okay…I will bring them!”

Lunch time arrived and all the while Pragya was tensed what Abhi would be asking her. She couldn’t believe how can she disturb him last night!
Pragya reluctantly went to the cafeteria and saw him already waiting for him by sitting near to the window side.

Abhi waved at her and she walked towards where he was.

Abhi “Please take a seat!” Pragya sat down and was keep on looking at the table. Abhi “Am I there?” He said that by pointing on the table. Pragya smiled and said “No!!” Abhi “Then look at me!” Pragya looked at him and he was again having his doubt stronger by looking at her eyes.

Abhi “Ms Pragya….I think I have missed you somewhere and that’s why I am getting missed calls from your number….” Pragya hearing that looked stunned. Abhi “You have been giving me missed calls from last night!” Pragya “Me? I always switch off my phone in nights! How could I have called u?” Abhi “Is it? That’s good too! Anyways what would u like to have?” Pragya “It’s okay but I am very sure that I never called u last night.” Abhi “Oh…then it could have been in my dreams….” Pragya gave an unbelievable look and he smiled again.

Pragya “Then I am leaving!” Abhi “Wait! I want to ask u something!” Pragya “You have already asked me!” Abhi “Haan but there is one more thing too….Are u Cutie’s di?” Pragya looked down and said “Who is Cutie?” Abhi “You don’t know her?” Pragya avoiding his eye contact said “No…” Abhi “Oh I see….but please wait here!” Pragya “No I have to leave!” Abhi “Cutie! Come here!” He told that as she came towards them and Pragya turned back and was shocked to see her.
Cutie was excited seeing her di!

Cutie “Di! How are u?” She said that by hugging her and Abhi gave a smirk towards Pragya.
Cutie “I missed u badly di….even Ma misses u! Friend is good and he found u!!!” Abhi “Now what do u say Ms Pragya? U don’t know her?” Pragya was in tears when Cutie hugged her after a long time and remained silent.

Cutie “Friend! She knows me!! Am I right di?” Pragya pushing her away lightly said “I think both of u are getting me wrong….I don’t have any younger sister…I don’t know who is this Cutie too…” Cutie became upset hearing that. She went to Abhi and asked “Di forgot me?” Abhi “No Cutie! She is lying!” Before Abhi could talk further to Pragya she walked fast and left the cafeteria.

Cutie was looking very sad as her di was walking away by not talking to her properly.
Abhi made her sit on his lap and said “It’s okay….Your di is maybe having mood swings….that’s why she is talking like this….” Cutie “Mood swings? She wants to play swing? Yes friend! She is used to play that with me too! But now she is not with me na…that’s why she can’t play….” Abhi hearing that smiled at her innocence of relating mood swings to the swings in the playground.

Abhi “Yes maybe she is upset about that! I will talk to her later!” Cutie “Okay Friend! I am very very happy that I saw di!!” Abhi “Very soon u will play with her too!”

Cutie smiled back and thought, I want to play with both of u! Just like how Ma said to me!

Abhi was keep on thinking why Pragya didn’t want to accept that she knew Cutie. She was in tears when she saw Cutie after a long time. That means she knows Cutie and misses her badly too.

Abhi, What could be the reason that she doesn’t want to accept that she knows Cutie? Even if I asked her directly she won’t answer to me properly as I am not that close with her. I have to do something that makes me know why is she behaving like this.

He was in deep thoughts while walking towards his house and found it again to be unlocked.
Abhi, There it goes again! I even informed the security to keep an eye on this issue but he never even care!
He went in and saw all the things were in place and saw a paper on his desk.

Abhi, Now I am wondering what is on this paper?

He started to read:
Destiny’s game is resumed with a condition. The condition is destroy all the items that belong to Cutie’s di. The photo, scarf and everything.
Abhi, Interesting the condition is destroying….but why should I destroy her belongings?? How does it matters to play this game!
He was contemplating his feelings to whether destroy all this for this game.
Abhi, Why should I destroy things for a game given by unknown person. It doesn’t make sense! He crushed the paper and threw it in the dustbin.

As for Pragya she was very sad for not talking to Cutie properly.
Pragya looking at some of Cutie’s toys was in tears
Pragya, I am sorry Cutie….I wish to talk to u more but I can’t Cutie and that too in front of him…It’s totally impossible….it’s already complicated by working in the same place with him….I shouldn’t even accepted this job offer….What can I do when my feelings towards him is getting stronger day by day…..I have to do something to stop this feelings of mine!

Pragya “You are here?” Abhi “Then who else can u expect? I admitted u here!” Pragya “I am admitted?” Abhi “Yes in this hospital…” Pragya looked confused. Abhi “Drink this juice first and I need to go to the opposite ward now…” He said that by giving her the glass of juice. She took that and asked “Opposite ward?” Abhi sadly said “Yes Cutie is admitted there….”

What happened to both of them?

Thank u everyone for reading!

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