Destiny distancing us….(KKB) Episode 1

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Destiny deals with distances between destinations. The destinations can be places of interest to people…. but sometimes this destinations can be dealing with places of interest to learn…to live……to love….So let’s see what happens here in this story….
In the evening, Abhi was walking down to take his bike. That’s when he saw cutie sitting alone sadly with her hands on the chin. She was looking at the pond in front of her with sadness.

Abhi “Hey cutie! Why is this fish looking at pond?” Cutie remained silent. Abhi sat beside him and asked in a worried tone “What happened cutie?” Cutie “Nothing friend….” Abhi “Friends always share their sadness with each other….” Cutie looked at Abhi and asked “Really?” Abhi “Yes! So now tell me what happened…” Cutie “Hmm what never happened friend…Everything happened today….” Abhi “Why this much of sadness?” Cutie “You tell me friend if u look at someone and they always scold u then what will u do?” Abhi “I will feel sad….” Cutie “Same here friend….” Abhi “Who scolded u?” Cutie “Who else? AK 47!” Abhi was taken aback and asked “What? Who is that?” Cutie “My teacher….everyone calls her like that….” Abhi with a slight laughter said “Is she that bad?” Cutie “Worst!” Abhi “Tell me more about her!” Cutie “Her name is Abhaya Kishan!

In short it’s AK 47! She came to our school last year as our English teacher…..she always scold me…I never do anything friend and she always scold me….” Abhi “You never do anything but she scold u? How can it be possible?” Cutie with hesitation and looking timidly at him said “Friend….I mean I never do anything…” Abhi “Haan that’s why I am wondering why she scold u!” Cutie “Oye Friend….she scold me as I never do anything in her class!” Abhi now understood what she meant and couldn’t control his laughter…Cutie got angry and was about to leave. Abhi “Hey cutie! Sorry!” Cutie “I am leaving friend…u are laughing at me!” Abhi “Sorry friend….don’t leave as I will feel lonely here….” Cutie “Ok…I am not leaving friend…” Abhi “Now tell me…why u never do anything?” Cutie explained to her as looking at her teacher she don’t feel like doing anything. She always looked fierce and never smiled at all. Cutie wished her teacher to be like her di.

Abhi hearing that thought for a while. Cutie seeing that said “Friend…can I ask u something?” Abhi nodded his head response. Cutie “What is AK 47? I am scared to ask others…I am scared others will laugh at me….” Abhi with a smile said “Nothing big cutie…It’s a name of a rifle…” Cutie looked confused and asked “Rifle means…is it food? Like waffle?” Abhi chuckled and said “No it is a gun!” Cutie “Why u never tell it’s a gun! Yes friend she is like a gun who shoots words!” Cutie made sounds of dishoom dishoom for the gun’s sound and acted like her teacher. Abhi “Okok enough! I will tell u something and after that your problem will be solved!” Cutie hearing that was shaking her body in excitement. Abhi “Cutie! Stop doing like this!” Cutie “Faster tell friend!” Abhi told her and Cutie looked at him in shock. Abhi “What happened now? And why are u silent?” Cutie “You are telling the same as di!” Abhi “Really?” Cutie “Yes friend, she also said that you should try to show that u can do everything in whatever situation u face…..”

Abhi hearing that found it interesting as Cutie’s di had the same thought as him.
Abhi “Now you see Cutie…Both your di and friend is telling the same thing….which means u should follow that!” Cutie looking at Abhi said in a teasing tone “Di told u this right? You are copying everything from her just like me!” She gave a hi 5 to Abhi and asked him to bent down a bit. Abhi bent down and Cutie kissed him on his cheek. Abhi “Why is this kiss for?” Cutie “For this!” She winked and showed the chocolate packet that she took from his t-shirt’s pocket. Then she ran away from there!
Abhi from where he was “Be careful! When can we meet next time?” Cutie from a distance said “Same place! Same timing! Tomorrow friend!” Abhi showed thumbs up to her and she continued run from there.
Abhi smiled heartily and hoped at least over here he have a friend like Cutie unlike the previous houses where he lived…..he lived….he lived with loneliness who was his friend…..

With that thoughts, he took his bike and drove off to start his work.
His work ended very late at night and he was very tired. He walked passed the same pond area where Cutie and he had conversation earlier in the day.
There he saw a photo on the bench. He went near to see whose photo it was. Abhi saw the photo with a girl’s face covered with veil and only her eyes can be seen. Abhi thought, The eyes are very mesmerizing and it’s main attraction of this photo. Whoever took this photo should be a well-trained photographer. I should meet the photographer someday to get some advice….In that way I can improve my photography skills too!

While holding the photo, he heard Cutie’s loud voice “ Mine!! Mine!!!” Abhi turned behind and looked at her running towards him. Abhi “Hey Cutie! You still haven’t sleep?” Cutie “No friend….I just remembered I left di’s photo here….” Abhi “It’s your di in this photo?” Cutie “Yes friend! How is she?” Abhi “Whole face is covered and only her eyes can be seen!” Cutie “I know friend….i ask her photo as I went for summer vacation camp…and I said I will miss her….then she gave me this photo….” Abhi “Ok…here u go…. take it!” Cutie “See behind the photo friend! It’s her message in it!” Abhi “Is it?” Cutie nodded her head vigorously and said “But I don’t understand her hand writing friend…can u tell me what is it?” Abhi with a smile looked at back of the photo…He tried to read it and was shocked to see what was written.

Thanks for all the overwhelming comments and I will try not to self-analyse what I write from now onwards haha hopefully I can control myself. So sorry for that and Lopez whatever it is I am glad that somewhere my writing makes u happy! Keep smiling 🙂 Thanks for all the wishes for both Pongal/Sankranti and my Grandma’s birthday….What can I say about my grandma…there is nothing to say as I am not that close with her….but still like u all I am wishing her too…..Just thought of uploading this as I couldn’t sleep…..

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