Delnaaz to recreate Sridevi's Mr India magic in Ek Deewana Tha

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Once upon a time Saas Bahu dramas and scheming aunts ruled the roast but its thriller now that has taken its leap. For the whole generation that has grown up on the cunning sister in law slipping salt in the tea instead of sugar, watching these thrill-a-minute series on prime television is quite a shift.

With Ek Deewana Tha back to back showcasing some beautiful and intense scenes its upcoming track will keep you glued to television. With suspense and thriller rising the upcoming track shows Delnaaz Irani urf Odhni in an interesting avatar.  The upcoming sequence is filled with a lot of twist and turns where  Delnaaz will be seen dressed as Charlie Chaplin. While Odhni is seen unfolding the truths and the suspense she seems to have appeared as Charlie Chaplin same as sridevi had in the movie MR India at the reception party of Sharanya and Vyom.

You guys must be wondering why the look of Charlie Chaplin? Well it seems Delnaaz added her personal fan moment to the look and dressed as one person who she looked up too the most. Yes, Delnaaz is a big big fan of Sridevi and she loved the character Sridevi played as Charlie in the Mr India. In order to dress up as a man once again She came up with the idea of dressing as Charlie in Ek Deewana Tha making her dream come true. Well here is the cutest fan isnt it?

Talking about her beautiful fan experience Delnaaz mentioned ,” Taking the look as Charlie Chaplin in the show was an interesting attempt. I always loved the look of Charlie Chaplin Srivdevi took in Mr india and  since i had to dress up like a man yet again i just felt why not to take that avatar. I just feel this look really fiited my character in the show and Odhni will be seen in some more interesting avatar and am really excited for them”.

With charlie being caught and blamed for murder do you think Odhni will be able to find the culprit?

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