Deceptive love – Shot 9

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Pragya started to meet Abhi daily. Both of them talked and were quite similar to each other. Pragya who had been observing and spying on him came to know more about Abhi. That Abhi too like her, was a complete nerd who loved computer. He too was an introvert and didn’t talk much like her. Pragya also realized he had a tendency to help others. She liked that quality of him. She was feeling more and more attracted towards him. Pragya even accidentally stepped into the gent’s washroom while following him. It was such an embarrassing moment for her when Abhi caught her and she simply ran away from there.

Their meeting is more of talking with each other about their studies and the job prospects they are expecting etc. Pragya was feeling hesitant to ask personal questions. She was scared to ask whether he have a girlfriend. The same goes with Abhi.

Days passed, just being mere talking buddies slowly they became friends. Now Pragya would tease him and he would tease her even more. He even helped her a lot in programming modules of hers.

Abhi loved hacking and computer while Pragya loved biology, genetics to be exact. Both of them had different ideas for jobs but their perspectives on living life were quite close. One day pragya gathered up the courage to ask him if he had a girlfriend.

Pragya’s POV

He is like me, surely he doesn’t have a girlfriend or does he? Gosh what if he does? Then what will i do (she said by biting her nails) Please god make him have no girlfriend. I’ve got my fingers crossed on this one
She then at recess gathered up the courage to confront him.
“Where did he go?” thought Pragya as she looked around and found him sitting under a tree on his laptop.
“Bello Abhi,” she said as she approached him.
“Hey there,” said Abhi as Pragya sat beside him.
“What are you doing?” asked Pragya.
“Completing an assignment for my friend,” said Abhi. He then put his laptop aside and turned towards her. “But the recess time is for us right?” he said
The word US created butterflies in Pragya stomach.
“So?” he asked
“So?” said Pragya and then both chuckled.
They then had a little chat.
“So how’s life?” asked Pragya
“It’s great actually,” he said

Come on Pragya come to the point

“So do you have a girlfriend?” she asked.
“That was out of nowhere,” said Abhi
“Well?” said Pragya waiting for an answer.
“Well I do,” he said.
“WHAT!!” Pragya exclaimed and felt sad.
“Hey it’s you na GIRL-FRIEND, my only girlfriend,” he said.
“Do you have a BF?” asked Abhi
“No,” said Pragya trying to hide her happiness inside she was jumping like a mad person. As soon as recess got over and Abhi left Pragya started to jump around like a mad person

“Thank god! He doesn’t have anyone! That means I do have a chance to be his GIRLFRIEND!”

They say that time flies. Days went by, weeks, months and then years. Now they were in their last year, last day. It was prom night.

Everything was set. The last night of the year for these students together and then they would be parting ways. A very special night for some people, one of them being Pragya.
While everyone was inside partying Pragya was outside waiting for him.
She kept on fidgeting her hands looking around.

Pragya’s POV
Will he come? Where is he? Only five minutes to go and i still don’t see him. Pragya why would he come? God ji I am so nervous, a nervous wreck. Did i have too much coffee cause it makes me jittery, damn I never had coffee. What is going to happen? This is my first time, will he accept me?
POV end
Pragya had planned on proposing Abhi tonight, prom night. She had messaged Abhi to meet her outside. She had prepared everything well. She wanted it to be special for them. Pragya started to walk to and fro
One hour later
Pragya was now sitting on the chair with her head in her hand waiting for him. That’s when she saw him standing there smiling at her. He then walked towards her as the wind blew making the rose petals to fall on them. He looked damn hot in his white tuxedo.
“Hey you called me here,” he said.
“Abhi i want to say that… that,” said Pragya
“That…..” said Abhi
“Urrr…. Abhi love is patient, love is kind and you are my precious find. I love you. I never wish to be parted from you, from this day on please be mine?” she said kneeling down.
For a moment silence prevailed between them when Pragya felt a pair of arms grab and lift her up, pulling her in for a hug. She too hugged back. She then looked up at Abhi.

“Oye my sweeto, I too love you, and will love to be yours,” he said and again embraced her. Everything felt so dreamy at the moment. DREAMY! Pragya felt someone constantly move her shoulder.

She was jerked to reality as she saw a boy standing there trying to grab her attention and patting her. She had been daydreaming.
“Oh! So it was a dream,” she thought sadly and then looked at the boy who held an envelope in his hands.
“Yes little guy?” she asked and the boy handed over the letter and left.
The letter said
Dear Pragya,
I know we know each other for all this years and have spent time enough to understand each other. I understand that you love things that makes u feel independent. As for me I am more of a person who depends on others. That’s why I love computers and stuff as I depend on them to make my world. But you are different and how can I be in your world that u feel that u are independent? I can’t and I am leaving
….Bye my dear chasmish….
Pragya couldn’t understand why he wrote such a letter to her. What’s the purpose of this letter? That’s when she heard one of her batch mate saying Abhi is flying to UK for higher studies. Pragya was completely shocked and was not expecting this coming. Yes at times he had told her about his offer to study at UK but he always used to say that he can’t leave from here as he had a lots of people here whom he would miss if he went overseas. He used to emphasize the word people looking at her. That made her think she is one among the people that meant alot to him.
But now? What is this? Why did he not even called to me tell me this? She wondered as she saw Purab coming towards her.
Purab “So I guess he left u like how she left me!”
Pragya never spoke anything and was about to leave when he said “Actually he is in love with someone and he had guessed your proposal idea. As u know Abhi never likes to hurt others so he decently sent a letter to u….”
Pragya couldn’t believe his words but she had no choice as everything was falling in place for every word that Purab was saying
Heartbroken Pragya could only broke into tears and run away from there. She was running continuously until she reached an isolated place where nothing was seen. She thought maybe I deserve nothing and everything is nothing without him. She broke down into tears, kneeling on the ground and shouted “WHY!!!”

To be continued…………..

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