Deceptive Love – Shot 7

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“Can’t u control yourself?” Pragya asked her with full of anger.

“ I didn’t mean to go there but I got a message from your Ma saying Jojo wants to meet you and I had no choice other than leaving to the park!” She said.

“ For that u have to wear like this? That too in this saree!” Pragya complained followed by scolding her harshly.

Unable to stand Pragya, she blurted out “ Stop it! I am not your slave! Yes I know I am your creation but that doesn’t mean I have to listen to u for every single thing and bear with the way you scold me!” She said by walking towards Pragya and pinned her against the wall.

Pragya “I didn’t mean to scold you…I was basically telling u to be more careful…”

“ I am careful but you are not! Who ask you to tell me about him every time! You created me for your work not for your personal use! Do u remember that?” She asked making Pragya realized her mistake.

Pragya “ I can explain, we humans have feelings that is unable to forget feelings that happened in the past.”

“ Past? We are in present now! Do u remember that?” She asked in a serious tone.

Pragya broke into tears and she had persuaded her not to cry as her parents can hear her.

Pragya trying to stop her tears looked at herself standing with a blank look.

Pragya thought, How can I explain to you that I am in love with Abhi. It’s a love that blossomed years back and now it’s regenerating in my cells.

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“Anyways u have to leave earlier before your parents arrive. One more thing is that I like him as much as Jojo.”

Pragya “ You meant Abhi?” “ Yes! He is cute like Jojo too” She said adjusting her hair.

Pragya “ Oh….” “ Then I felt having goosebumps when he touched me today!”

Pragya worriedly “ He touched you?” “ Yes he placed his hand around my shoulder for support.”

“How dare he?” Thought Pragya.
“ and what else did you do?” Asked Pragya eager to know what had happened between them.
“Nothing much although he was asking that if I was alright, don’t know why?” She asked.
“I know why,” said Pragya and narrated all the events that happened at the meeting.
“He is so heroic,” she said and started to daydream about herself and Abhi together on a cruise all alone.
Pragya snapped in front of her “ hey I am here so stop your daydreaming,” said Pragya.
“Well I am going to sleep you are on your own now, good night,” she said.
Pragya folded her arms and gave an unbelievable look to her.

Pragya then took out her phone to check her vitals and clearly her sleep was quite low so she was on her own for the next few hours.
Pragya then headed towards the balcony.
She leaned against the balcony lost in deep thoughts. Pragya “why is life so complicated? Why mine?” She thought.
As she was lost in her thoughts she was unable to notice or hear Abhi whistling and jumping around trying to grab her attention.

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Abhi “ Why is she not giving attention to my signs! I thought she knew my whistle sign!”

Pragya unable to stand her worries walked down the stairs and Abhi looked disappointed as she ignored him.

“ What is this? I had planned to ask her for a date but she simply ignored me!” thought Abhi by looking at her balcony window.

“Is it too early to ask for a date?” He thought.
He took his phone and messaged her.

Hi Pragya! Will you be free on friday for dinner?

Pragya seeing the message smiled and placed the phone near her side table before sleeping peacefully.

Thank u everyone for waiting and reading this too.

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