Deceptive Love – Shot 6

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Pragya leaning against his car, smiled at him. Abhi too smiled back at her.She then leaned onto his shoulder and they sat there and watched the sunset.

The next day

Abhi felt how blissful it was yesterday even though it was a day that made her feel bad. He hoped she would be feeling better by now. He wanted to meet her and ask about how is she feeling today.

Abhi opened the window of balcony and saw her window to be closed. He felt disappointed. He then went downstairs to have breakfast. After having breakfast he took his gear and left abruptly without bidding bye to his Maasi.
“Something is very very fishy ha,” she said to herself while while clearing the table.
Abhi got on his bike, when he received a call.

CEO “ Hello my dear employee!”
Abhi hearing his voice fumed in anger and yelled “ Why did u call me? I am not working for u anymore! You used me to hurt my Pragya!”

CEO laughed sarcastically and asked “ My Pragya now???” Abhi “ Yes so what?”
“Well I have given u money to follow her and keep me informed but you are involved so personally that I think I might fire you myself and hire someone else,” said the CEO. Abhi “ Really? If you want to do that then I have no issues on it! I will be still following her. Perhaps I will now follow the person u will be hiring to follow her!”

CEO banged his fist on the table. He remained silent a while and Abhi was about to end the call when CEO said “Ok…” Abhi “ Ok for what?” CEO “ I’m sorry…My intention was not to defame her….It was just to check on you!” Abhi “ Check on me? What do u mean by that?” CEO “ I just wanted to be sure that u are listening to my orders and as per my order u did that without knowing it would affect Pragya’s reputation!”

Abhi “ How can u still disbelieve me? I have been very loyal in my work!” CEO “ Cool! I was really out of mind and to compensate this, I can transfer more money to your account.” Abhi “ This is not about money! This is about the faith u have on me!” CEO “ I have full faith in you now…but….” Abhi “ But what???” CEO “ Don’t ever fall in love with her….It may complicate your life….” Abhi “ I will call u back later! I need time to calm myself down…”

Abhi ended the call. “ not fall in love,” he thought. “Leave it my life, my way,” he said and moved to the park. Upon arriving at the park he saw Pragya.

“She looks so hot in a saree,” he thought. Pragya was busy playing with children around. “ that mojo jojo is there too,” he thought and then fumed in jealousy when pragya gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Off with his head,” he said and approached them.

Pragya “ Jojo! Stop running! I can’t run like you!” Jojo never listened and he ran like he was being chased and collided with his enemy.

Jojo looked up at him and frowned.

Jojo “ You again!! How did you come here again??”
Abhi “I can also say the same thing right?”

Jojo looked back at Pragya who was already smiling widely at Abhi.

Jojo “ You are not allowed to play with my baby!”
Abhi “ why? Do you own her? Wait a second u called her as baby! You yourself looks like a baby! Did u realize that?”

Jojo loudly shouted “ Jojo say not allowed means not allowed!!!”
Abhi was about to grab his collar but restricted himself. “Mojo jojo I am buttercup and I will kick you out of here,” he said.
Jojo “I don’t understand you! I only know chota bheem who can kick others!”

They were arguing about who will kick each other when Pragya came near to them.

She smiled at Abhi and he too melted in her smile. Jojo seeing that “ Baby! Let’s go and play!” Pragya “ Jojo…we can play tomorrow..let me talk to him first….” She said and walked with Abhi leaving Jojo shocked. Abhi turned back and gave a victorious smile towards Jojo as he was about to have his hand around her shoulder to make him feel jealous.
“I will kill him,” thought jojo.
Abhi acted as if he sprained his leg and managed to have his around her shoulder for support while walking.

They walked a few steps and pragya made Abhi to sit on the bench and sat with him. Abhi who felt a little guilty was trying to start up the conversation.
“ so how are?” He asked

Pragya “ Fine….but the credits goes to you…” She said looking straight with a smile.
“ Is it? Did I really make you fine?” He asked with surprise.

“ Ya not fine but very fine until I can play with Jojo!” She said by smiling more.
“You feeling alright after yesterday?” he asked with concern.
“What happened yesterday,” she said.
“Wow she moves on quick,” he thought.

“ To say the truth, I never felt alright after you dropped me at my house.” She said looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

Abhi “ Is that so? Then why u never tell me this earlier? U have my number too right? U could have called me na…”

Pragya looked away and said “It was late at night and I didn’t want to disturb you…”

“Oh…anyways you can call me at anytime! Why not through your balcony? Some signal for communication?”

Pragya “ Whistle sound?” Abhi “ Not bad…That’s a good idea!” Pragya smiled and said “ I got to go before she comes….” Abhi “ Who?” Pragya “ Oops! I mean HE comes as in my Dad!” and ran away.

“ That was a short conversation!” thought Abhi.

Abhi who saw her running hurriedly murmured “ But her dad had gone for a business trip for 2 months and it’s only the first month.”

To be continued….

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