Deceptive love – Shot 17

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They watched as the sun set in the horizon. Pragya leaned against Abhi, arms entwined.
“This is the best surprise I ever got Abhi,” she spoke.
“I always am the best,” he said boasting his pride.
That’s when gunshots were heard. Pragya found Abhi slipping under her grip. She turned around and saw Abhi lying in a pool of blood. He had come behind her to save her. Tears rolled down her cheeks seeing his state as she fell on her knees and took him in her lap.
“I couldn’t see my love, my loyal love Who never betrayed me to die, I deserve this for what I did to you,” he said. Pragya felt guilty as she had kept secrets from him about prisha.
“Nothing will happen to you Abhi, I promise!” She said. The whole scene turned dark and only a mysterious man with a gun was visible, running away, with his back to Pragya.
The man turned around and Pragya was shocked to see his face.

Pragya moved her face from side to side murmuring in her sleep.
“No,no you can’t” she said
“PURAAB!!” she screamed as she jerked of the bed. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead and she looked around to find herself in her room. Her breathing ragged.
“It was just a dream,” she spoke as she wiped the beads of sweat and had gulped down the glass of water beside her on the bed in one go.

She wakes up to see everything was a dream. It was a dream that looked very real. She prayed for his well being. Already she was in a dilemma of whether to reveal the truth to him. On top of that, now she have such a scary dream. She then drinks a glass of water to cool her down.

Meanwhile, Abhi ponders of the unbelievable sight of two Pragya.

“How’s that possible? Even is if she had a sister, why she never told me about this.” He wondered.

Pragya had a sleepless night due to the dream. She was thinking of Abhi. She was restless of his wellbeing now. She dialled his number to call him.

Abhi smiled looking at her call. He attended the call.
Abhi “Hey Pragya, I was just thinking about you….” Pragya “Me too. How are you?” Abhi “Confused!” Pragya “Confused? Why?” Abhi “Hmm…nevermind, it’s not that important now. You just talk to me. I want to hear your mesmerizing voice.” She blushed hearing that.

Abhi “You have to speak for me to hear your voice.” Pragya “Haan I know. I don’t know what to talk.” Abhi “Anything like about yourself. Your work or about the people around you.” Pragya hearing it found it strange. He never usually ask like this.

Pragya “About work it’s going well. Will be completing my task soon. Final reports are being prepared. About the people around me, all are sweet & lovely individuals who care for me.”

She says making Abhi ask “All is fine right?” Pragya “Yes, why do you sound worried?” Abhi “Nothing Pragya, just had a bad dream.” Pragya “You too?” Abhi “ You also had a dream?” Pragya “Don’t even ask about it. It was terrifying. I even cried after waking up.” Abhi “What was it about?” Pragya “No Abhi,it’s really a bad dream that I don’t want to remember of. So please….” Abhi “Alright, I am not asking if you don’t feel like sharing about it.”

Pragya then talks to him about random things to divert her thoughts from the dream. He also talks with her for hours.

The call was ended abruptly after Pragya’s phone battery was extremely low.

Pragya smiled to herself thinking of how much she talks with him. Sometimes she finds herself as talkative.

Abhi too smiled thinking how time flies fast when talking with her. At the same time, he is thinking of the two Pragya. Was he dreaming? It couldn’t be. Abhi felt she is hiding something from him but he couldn’t comprehend what it was.

Pragya thought “It is better to reveal the truth to him. At least I will feel a bit lighter. The more I hide from him the more it makes me scared of losing his trust on me.” She decided to tell him the truth at their next meeting.

At the restaurant
Purab sat in the corner waiting for him. The Big boss had called setting up a meeting. Purab was reluctant but agreed when the name of bulbul came up in all this. From the past few days purab felt dizzy and had fits of coughing. He had sleepless restless nights. He wanted to apologise to abhi and pragya but anger overpowered him.
It had been an hour since he sat there waiting impatiently.
He was about to leave when he received a call. He attended the call “come to the alleyway,” said the man on line

He went as said by the man. Upon reaching Purab was hit hardly on his head by some unknown people. He faints instantly in unconsciousness. He was carried by the same unknown people.

Meanwhile, Abhi asks Pragya to meet her at beach side. He had planned for a beachside dinner. He also decided to reveal the truth of him following her as it had been lately bothering him. He wants to be truthful to his love before anyone reveals that he had followed Pragya for his job.
In the evening
Pragya came in a white salwar kameez like a fairy in his life. He was also in white. It was not a planned to be in the same color. It was a complete coincidence that both admired seeing each other.

Abhi “Take a seat first.” Pragya “I thought I already had a seat.” Abhi “What do you mean?” Pragya “I mean I already have a seat in your heart.” Abhi smiled at her saying “It’s a forever seat. Now please sit over here.”

Pragya looking at the decorations he had made could only feel how pleasant he wants the evening to be. But whatever it was, she was firm in her decision of revealing about Prisha to him.

Abhi “What are you thinking?” Pragya “I feel our relation should be as pure as the decorations you have done.” Abhi “Me too. That’s why I asked you to come here today.” Pragya smiles in response.

Abhi “I always want this smile of yours in my life.” Pragya “Stop telling all this. Come to the point Abhi. I know you want to tell me something important.”

Abhi was amazed of her understanding. He knows she would easily guess it.

Pragya “I also want to tell you something important. After knowing it, I hope our relation is not affected in any way.” Abhi “Me too. Whatever it is, we should forget & forgive.” Pragya hesitates in telling him. It was the same for him.

Abhi “Well, we can eat first. After that we can talk.” Pragya nods her head as yes in response.
After having food abhi held pragya’s hand as they walked toward the jetty. The watched as the sun set. Abhi turned towards pragya and cupped her face
Abhi “pragya i want our relation to be pure of all misunderstandings, evil and past doings.”
Pragya nodded her head. Guilt was there at the back of her head.

All of a sudden, they saw Prisha running towards them. She comes in front of both. Abhi & Pragya stands up in shock. When Abhi was about to say something, Prisha comes in front of him & gets shot by the shooter.

Both Abhi & Pragya are shocked to the core. Abhi was clueless of what’s happening as Pragya cries seeing Prisha bleeding. Abhi was shocked to see the shooter

How did Prisha knows of Abhi & Pragya’s meeting? How did she know Abhi’s life was in danger? Who kidnapped Purab? Does Purab’s kidnap is related to Abhi’s life in danger?

To be continued……

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