Deceptive love – Shot 16

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Pragya went inside the room & saw Prisha exceptionally happy. She knows the reason for her happiness.

Prisha “How’s my dress looking?” She asked Pragya. Prisha had already changed into red salwar suit.

Pragya sighed seeing her. She managed to saw her white saree that she had wore to see Abhi earlier.

Prisha “Why are u very silent? Are you awestruck by my beauty?”

Pragya shook her head as no. Prisha “No? That’s ok but I want to tell you something.”

Pragya wondered whether was it about Abhi. Like how she thought Prisha said “ Abhi….”

Pragya “Prisha, I also need to tell u about him.”

Prisha “You too?” Pragya “Yes but whatever I say, you have to promise me that you won’t take it as a fault of yours.”

Prisha hearing it looked confused but she did promise her.

Pragya explained to her that how she was now in good terms with Abhi. She told her everything of how they had confess their love for each other too.

Prisha hearing it now understood why Abhi kissed her.

Pragya “ I understand you are in love with him. But….”

Prisha “The fault is mine. I should have the sense to think that Abhi loves you & not me. After all, I am just a duplicate na…”

Pragya “Don’t say like that. You promised me that u would never consider this as your fault. I never expect you to fall in love with him. If I had known I would have told you my relation with Abhi and never call yourself a duplicate, you too are a human like me, you’re like a sister to me who I never had.”

Prisha “I am very sorry. I feel like apologising to Abhi too. It’s my fault in a way to look at him with love.”
Pragya felt alarmed when prisha told about telling Abhi. Abhi might get angry and feel betrayed, she herself needed to confront the truth.

Pragya “Not now….when the right time arrives, i will make sure u have a chance to say sorry to him.”

Prisha “Until then, I think it’s best for me to stay indoors. Or perhaps in lab more often.”

Pragya understood she is feeling sad of the heartbreak now which made her to say about staying indoors.

Pragya “Why don’t you go & stay at Bulbul’s house? She loves you a lot,We three can binge together on tom and Jerry.”

Prisha agreed to it. She said “I will do the packing of our bags.”

It was hard to see Prisha being upset but Pragya was very clear that it wasn’t her fault. It was the situation that made her fall in love with Abhi.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere
“This can’t be happening, they can’t be together,” shouted the big boss throwing away the glass in his hand. His men stood in front of bearing his actions.
“Purab is also not reachable,the effect of the pill is wearing off ” spoke one of them.
“Well it’s high time I play my final move, get Purab on line, we need to talk,” he says and moves out.

At night, Abhi was walking down the street, on his way to Pragya’s house when he saw Bulbul and Purab. He approached them as bulbul closed the door.
“What a surprise, you’re here to meet me Abhi,” said Purab
“I am not here to meet you but to meet Pragya ,” Said Abhi

“Hey man, I am sorry but not sorry, you ain’t seeing the truth, you have blind trust on pragya, think if she betrays it, what I am saying is the truth, she is cheating you,” said Purab
“Just shut up,” said Abhi
Purab felt a little dizzy. “I don’t know what wrong….*he held his head in pain* I am leaving think what you want but the truth will be bitter,” he said and moved away.
On the way his phone rung.
Purab “hello.”
“We need to meet up,” Said the man and ended the call

Abhi who decided to see Pragya so he called her up. She wasn’t picking up the call as she was busy loading the car with Prisha.

Abhi decided to wait to see her.. He then was standing outside Bulbul”s as he in the past, when spying on her had observed that she would usually come to Bulbul around midnight.
Pragya on the other hand had waited for night to fall, so in the darkness no one could see them together.

He was eagerly waiting for Pragya, walking around impatiently, continuously looking at his watch and that’s when he saw her car park up front and her getting down.He started to walk towards her as he just wanted to squeeze her in his arms as they hadn’t met after morning but stopped in his tracks and hid behind a bush, eyes widened on what he had seen. He peaked out and slapped himself 2 times

“It’s real,” he said.
He was stunned to see Pragya and her lookalike walking down the alleyway towards bulbuls house. They knocked on the door and bulbul opened and allowed them in.
Abhi then move doit of his hiding place.
“Two Pragya’s,” he thought

Abhi “Is it her twin? How’s that possible? She is the only daughter in her family!!! I am very sure about that!”

Abhi was confused to the core of what he had seen.

Abhi lying in a pool of blood. Pragya cries seeing Abhi in that position & looks at a mysterious man running away.

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