Deceptive love – Shot 16

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So sorry for the delay but we both were stuck in our lives. On with the update

Abhi “why did she call me to the park this early? It like 7 am”
He had been sleeping peacefully for the first time after last night, their confession and romance had lightened all of his worries. But sadly his sleep was interrupted by a call. His phone buzzed the song “love is in the air”
It was Pragya, she just told him to meet her at the park sharp at seven and cut the call abruptly .it was 4 in the morning. He slept again and his eyes flew open and the time was 6:45. He jumped out of bed, stripped out of his pjs, took a bath, wore a black shirt and had ran to the park. Thankfully he had reached it by 7.
He glanced at the watch again. 15 minutes past 7.
“She’s never late,”he thought and ran a gaze around and he stopped in the middle. his eyes stuck at the sight in front of him.
He saw her walking towards him with a bouquet of roses in hand. She was dressed in a white saree looking like an angel sent down to earth from heaven. Abhi wondered how someone could look so simple yet precious and magnificent in a saree but it was Pragya, his love, everything suited her. He use wanted to run to her and take her in his embrace, squeeze her in his hug, show how much he loved her .
He rushed to her and hugged her tight. He was then about to kiss he when he started to hear snapping sounds. He jerked back to reality as he saw her standing in front of him with a sweet smile.

She’ll be the death of me

Pragya with shyness “good morning” and handed over the bouquet to him.
“She’s being shy as if we met for the first time, we have confessed our love. But that’s what I love about her, she’s so cute, MWAAH” he thought
He decided to spice up things and pulled her close by the waist and spoke “good morning babe”
Pragya was a little shocked at his sudden gesture but was on seventh sky, flying high.
“Abhi…. I …. I want to say something,” she spoke
“Speak,” he said
Pragya then gestured him as in their position and he moved back.
Pragya “Abhi I.. I cant keep this inside me anymore, I…. I really like you, the first time I saw you I started to feel for, you’re the sun to my moon, I.. I love you”

Abhi hearing it thought “Why is she confessing again?”

Pragya “I know this is wrong. I know it’s wrong to love you when you are so much different from me.”

Abhi “What are you telling Pragya? Why are you confusing yourself when everything have been cleared? Did you slept last night properly?”

Pragya shook her head as no. Abhi “No wonder, You better go & have a good sleep.” Pragya was still unable to understand him. He held her hand. Both walked hand in hand to leave from there.
Abhi “But still can I get a kiss.”

Pragya shrieked “Kiss? At this place??”
Abhi thought “What’s wrong with her? Why is she getting shocked for everything?but she is shy na so I’ll take it myself, stupid Abhi.”

Abhi gave a quick peck on her cheek which made Pragya to widen her eyes.
But Abhi was a little confused.upon pecking her he never got the usual feeling he did.pragya just ran away blushing badly leaving Abhi to rub his head of what was going on.

At Pragya’s residence
Pragya got out of the washroom drying her hair. Prisha was nowhere to be found. She called out her name but she never replied.
“Where is she?” Pragya thought and moved out to the balcony to find her skipping back to her house, playing with her hair.
When she entered the room Pragya closed it behind her. Her face showing clear anger.
“Where were you?”asked Pragya
Prisha who knew that she couldn’t say the truth “I went to the park for a walk”.
Pragya looked at her suspiciously and then walked out of the room leaving prisha alone who started to dance like a love sick lover. She jumped on the bed and fell down hugging the pillow. She again imagined him and just blushed more hiding herself in the pillow.

“ It means he also loves me. He kissed me. Oh my god! I never thought all this will happen very easily. But why did he said everything is clear just now?” Prisha thought.
Pragya went down and had breakfast. She was checking her email and messages when she decided to go to her logs to make an important call.
Upon checking the logs her eyes widened as she saw that she had made a call to Abhi 4 in the morning. She was highly confused. She thought that she might have called him mistakenly and decided to check on him.

She called back Abhi again. She wanted to apologise to him for disturbing his sleep.

Pragya “Abhi, I am so sorry. I disturbed your sleep just now na…”

Abhi “That’s alright sweetheart, but why did u run away just now? You know I want to kiss you more but u run away as if being bite by a dog!”
“What?” Pragya asked in an alarmed tone.
Abhi “ leave that what are you doing love?” he asked

Pragya “You kissed me?” Abhi “Ya…don’t you say u don’t remember it! By the way you were looking heavenly in the white saree.”

Pragya now understood what could have happened. It was Prisha who had went in white saree to meet Abhi. This is getting more complicated than she had thought. Does this means Prisha have feelings for Abhi? That’s why she is being behaving strangely in recent days.

Abhi “Are you there? Or blushing badly like just now?”

Pragya came back to senses “Abhi…I’m sorry, let me call u again. Is that ok?” Abhi “Sure sweetheart…sleep well.”

Pragya now had to face Her demons first before Abhi gets to know the truth.

To be continued…….
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