Deceptive love – Shot 15

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They broke the kiss and gazed at each other lovingly. Pragya was blushing badly, her cheeks had turned the darkest shade of red.
“Wowser!!” said abhi as he grinned at her while pragya hugged him to hide her shyness, well to hide herself in him.

Abhi “I didn’t expect this.” Pragya remained silent. She was feeling too shy to answer him.

Abhi breaking the hug looked at her intently. Pragya was admiring the way he looks at her.

Abhi “I have to say this is the best moment in my life Pragya.” Pragya “Mine too.”
They lay entwined in each others arms. Abhi held pragya’s hand and asked “how did you stay for so long without me?”
“Hope, abhi i stayed with this long with a little ray of hope that someday you will return to me,” she said as tears layered in her eyes. Abhi couldn’t see her in tears and squeezed her hands, giving assurity that he was here, with her and wouldn’t leave her.
“Eye chashmish, i am here only na, i promise i will not go any where this time even if you tell me to leave.” he said

“You won’t na?” said pragya with a cute pout.
‘She is so cute’ thought abhi

He just pecked her pouted lips
Abhi “Never!”

With Prisha,

Prisha to herself “Why do I miss him in this way? Everywhere I see in this room, I only see him. This is crazy. Even Tom looks like Abhi to me.”

She then walked towards the kitchen. It’s Bulbul’s house & she walking around to distract herself from thoughts of Abhi.

“I never knew it will be this much difficult without seeing him. I feel as if I am without my vitals. I feel as if I am suffocating in an enclosed place. I really want to meet him now. I want to say I am in love with him. I want to hug him. I want to kiss him to express my love. I just want to be with him.” She thought by smiling widely.

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Prisha suddenly realized her identity.

“I am a clone…Will he accept me? Will Pragya allow me to be with him? I need to talk to him before telling Pragya about my feeling towards Abhi.” with that thoughts she decided to call Pragya. She wants to talk to her for a while to distract herself from thinking of Abhi.

Pragya now sitting with Abhi in his embrace was feeling contented. Finally she was with him for real.

Abhi “I have to tell you that you look very pretty like an angel today. The moment I saw you, I knew today is the day that we will be together.”

Pragya “Really?” Abhi “Yes!” He said by kissing her forehead.

Pragya “I always wanted to this to happen.”

Abhi “oh really” in a husky tone. He nuzzled pragya’s neck while pragya giggled.
Pragya “Naughty naughty abhoo, ruko i have to say something”
Abhi stopped and spoke “speak”
Pragya “close your eyes”
Abhi “no! i will not. I know you will run away” he said and folded his arms.
Pragya “abhii”
Abhi “NO, No no”
Pragya just moved forward and kissed his cheek. Giving a pleading expression.
Abhi “ok” and he closed his eyes.
Pragya firstly pecked him on the forehead, then his nose, and then his cheeks
“Itna pyaar fuggi” he said and then pointed at his lips “idhar bhi”
Pragya just grinned at him and got up. Abhi waited impatiently for her to kiss but after a few minutes
Abhi “ fuggu dedo na”
He then opened his eyes to find pragya standing with her phone taking pictures of his expression.
Abhi “oye fuggi you cheated”
Pragya “ you look so cute my sugar pie, this (lips) are off limits , now lets go i am hungry ”
Abhi “ hungry? Fuggy this is not fair”
Pragya “sugar pie move or you won’t get any kisses from me for a week”
Abhi quickly got up and followed “coming.”
Pragya was moving towards the car when she her phone ringed. It was prisha.
“Hey prisha,” said pragya
Prisha on the other hand felt happiness and love in pragya’s voice. She checked in with pragya’s vitals and saw that her hormones were elongated and her heartbeat was fast.

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“Where are you?” she asked.
“I was at the beach Prisha, forgot to check on you, everything alright?” asked pragya.

Prisha “Come back soon…I feel like not myself being alone.”

Pragya for a moment got distracted when Abhi from distance was making funny faces by asking for a kiss on his lips.

“Are you there?” asked Prisha.

Pragya “Sorry, I will be back soon. Why not you watch Tom & Jerry series. It will make you feel better.”

Prisha “I did but it made me feel even worse by looking at Tom.”

Pragya felt she was really feeling lonely.

Pragya “ You do one thing. Listen to some soothing songs or music. It will make you feel relaxed Prisha. Now it’s late also so while listening to it u will fall asleep.”

Prisha find that as a good idea to distract herself from thinking of Abhi.

Prisha started to listen to a soothing melody of (ur choice of song). She was brought to a different world of fantasy feeling as if she is the princess of that world.

Prisha was stunned to see Abhi dressed up as a Prince. Like his prince charming. What else does she needs?

She saw him holding her hand gently. He twirled her around according to the music. Life was very beautiful to her. She just wanted to stay the way he sees her.
Abhi “ you look really pretty”
Prisha “ thank you”
Abhi “I love you PRAGYA”
Prisha “Pragya”
And she woke up with a jerk and saw the bed still empty. That when Pragya walked out of the closet.
“What happened prisha?” Asked Pragya

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Prisha thought, This is getting insane even in dreams he is haunting me. What am I supposed to do now? One thing for sure is I have to confess my love for him!

Prisha “I am alright, had bad dream,”
Pragya “oh, what was there”
Prisha “they say that one shouldn’t tell about their nightmare or else it might come true”
Pragya “Hmm…I never expect you to have such beliefs.”
Prisha murmured “I believe on even more strange things now. Love is one of them…”

Pragya “What did you say?”
Prisha “ can we sleep now”
Pragya looked at her strangely before nodding her head as yes.

Pragya slept beside Prisha with thoughts of Abhi & the moments they spent together.

Abhi sees Pragya walking towards him with a bouquet of roses. He wonders how can she look so serene in a simple Saree. He just wanted to hug her at that moment.

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