Deceptive love – Shot 13

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Abhi walked to his car, confused. Purab’s words still ringing in his head.
‘Right! That’s why she uses her clone to mingle with u and test whether u are still in love with her!’
Abhi’s POV
Clone? To mingle with me? But why? No this purab is lying to me again, making me go against my pragya but i won’t not this time. Never did i think that my best friend would be my worst enemy and ruin my life. But now i will repent for my mistake and make our life a blissful heaven again.

Abhi decided to make Pragya come in his way again. This time he can’t afford to lose her. That was his sheer determination.

Meanwhile, Prisha was looking through her balcony. She was missing Abhi.

Prisha thought, Where is he? Nowadays I can’t see him frequently. I wish to see him especially when he smiles. It takes my breath away.

Pragya came out of the washroom and saw Prisha looking through the balcony.

Pragya “Prisha! What are u looking at?”

Prisha “Nothing, just looking at the sky. Its beautiful….”

Pragya “ For the first time I am hearing you appreciating the nature”

Prisha asked “Is it wrong?”

Pragya “Nothing like that. I didn’t expect you to appreciate things”.

Prisha “I saw a movie yesterday and the heroine said one should appreciate things around you”

Pragya smiled at her innocence of how she picked up qualities from movies.

Prisha “Okay now I am going to sleep. Today I have nothing to do right?”

Pragya “ Nope. Just relax and stay here”.

Prisha jumped onto the bed to get the remote. Now it was the time to watch Tom and jerry”.

Pragya was about to leave the room when she asked “Take care yaar. Feel free to call me at anytime.”

Prisha nodded her head and continued to watch the TV.

She wondered what happened to Pragya. A sudden change in her where she is soft towards her. Whatever it was, It’s nice this way too.

She thought and laughed when jerry fooled Tom and pushed him into the pool of water.

Pragya, Back to work Pragya. Back to normal. I think this is my life. My love is my work and nothing else.

She thought by walking out of the house and saw his house.

Pragya, It’s my weakness to avoid him even though I know he ignores me. It’s fine now I will fight my weakness and avoid his ignorance too.

She told that herself as she started to drive her car. She reached bulbul’s house. She locked her car and approached the front door. Upon knocking bulbul opened the door within minutes.
“Hey CB,” said bulbul and was about to hug her when pragya in an instant moved to the side.
Bulbul who was about to fall got back her balance and looked up at pragya to find her arms folded.
“What??” asked bulbul.
Pragya just walked inside without a word.
“She’s unpredictable,” said bulbul as she walked behind her closing the door.
Inside pragya sat cosily on her favourite sofa munching chocolates.
“What’s wrong?” asked bulbul as she sat in front of her.
“nothing , everything is alrighty right,” said pragya gobbling another one.
“Well you eat chocolates when you are depressed and not just any chocolate but my snickers.” said bulbul snatching one from pragya and eating it.
“Oye, well you’re right, i am depressed, my LIFE has turned upside down, firstly he left me, i was all good, invested my time in work and then he comes back again out of nowhere arising my hopes and then again shatters them and leaves me, haha my life has turned into a drama written by shakespeare eh? Oh and the fact that you, being my best friend, is asking me what’s wrong,” spoke pragya throwing away the magazine she had completely crushed in her hands, sarcasm clearly in reflected her tone.

“Come on yaar, I know it hurts, I am not asking you What’s wrong to make u feel bad. I am asking u to help u na.” Bulbul replied.

Pragya remained silent and Bulbul “Why don’t you take a break and go for some trip?”

“I have loads of work to be done Bulbul. This is not the time for me to take a break plus you left me alone at the mall,” spoke pragya

“Alright, let’s not talk all about leaving. Do you know there is a gather together coming up organised by our batch mates? Shall we go? We can see all our friends!”

“But…He will be there….” Pragya said worriedly.

“Well, It’s not only him coming. It’s almost 100 plus people coming. I am very sure you will not be able to see him in the crowd.” said bulbul
“But we are like magnets, you know even in the crowd of 1000’s of people in the mall we saw each other,” retorted pragya

“Pragya, you have to move on if you feel it’s worth it. And there will be definitely some hot guys who are better than that Annoying Abhi. Do think about it. If you are not going then I am not going as well. This kind of things rarely happens Pragya. It would be a good opportunity to keep in touch with our classmates and friends.”

“I will think about it.” Pragya replied blatantly.

You will surely turn up for this. Inside your heart you still love him and want to see him badly, Bulbul thought to herself with a smile.
“Lets go to the park,” shouted pragya
“To meet him?” said bulbul with a coy smile
“Noo, of course not, just to get fresh air,” said pragya
“I never said abhi, i said him referring to jojo possibly,” said bulbul with a wide smile as she walked out while pragya hit her head in her hand.
“Mein iss per bhari parun iss k bijaye ye mujh pe bhari parti hai,” said pragya
“Are you coming,” shouted bulbul from outside.
“Coming,” she said and went out.

At the park
Abhi was heading towards his maasi’s house when he saw pragya at the park. He quickly got out of the car and headed towards her but he saw his life’s biggest tragedy cum enemy. Prgya was busy in playing with that JOJO

Abhi, MOJO JOJO!!!! But why do I feel so nervous? Definitely not because of him but it’s because of her. I feel scared to face her now.

While Pragya was throwing the ball to Jojo. She senses her heart beating fast. Pragya stopped playing and Jojo wondered what’s wrong with her Pragya baby.
He looked behind and saw abhi
This khadoos uncle always come in between me and my pragya baby but Jojo THE KEY TO success is being calm and showing pragya baby that i am a good and calm boy

Jojo ran to Pragya and asked her to come with her. Pragya also followed him holding his hand which angered Abhi.

Abhi silently followed her. He didn’t want to make a fuss or increase his blood pressure by seeing Jojo’s actions. He now wanted to focus on his Pragya.

Pragya was about to turn behind to see when Jojo said “Baby don’t turn behind. Please… I want you to always look at me”.

Pragya chuckled hearing it and said sure in response.

Abhi hearing it fisted his hands in anger.

Abhi, How dare he says like this? Shameless fellow. He is keep on getting on my nerves.

Jojo finally reached the place.

Pragya “You want to go here?”
Jojo nodded his head and Pragya “But before that I need to take wallet. If not how can I buy for you ice cream?”

Jojo realized she will turn back now. It’s not safe for me. Thinking that he said loudly “You go inside! I will go and get your wallet from the car. Bubbie is there right I will go and ask her.”

Abhi smiled inwardly as Pragya went inside the ice cream parlour.

He was about to enter when Jojo blocked his way.

Jojo “Listen Mr Khadoos, I warn you not to follow my baby. She is very worried and she is happy being with me.”

Abhi looking down could only laugh at him.

Jojo “I don’t like you following my baby. Do you understand?”

Abhi “You are talking too much Mojo JoJo but it’s absolutely fine as I am not going to lose my cool before seeing my Pragya.”
At that moment pragya walked outside of the parlour as jojo was taking too long to come and saw him and jojo fighting. She moved her duppatta to the shoulder and walked towards them.

“Baby why you came out?” said jojo
“You took too long,” she said avoiding eye contact with abhi, ignoring him.
“Stop calling her baby,” said abhi
“Why should i Mr khadoos,” he said by putting his hands on the waist.
“Jojo,” siad pragya sternly making jojo scared. “You should not call him like that, he is elder to you,” she said.
“And what’s wrong in him calling me baby, its just a gesture of love which a few failed miserably to give me, leave it i don’t wanna talk in front of jojo, let’s go jojo,” she said and held jojo’s hand.
“ICE CREAM,” said jojo
“I’ll get you one later,” she said and moved away.
“Abhi i’ll explain later,” said bulbul who came out of nowhere and followed pragya.
“Sir you ice cream,” said the waiter coming in with a chocolate cone.
“Thanks,” he said and licked it.

He then went after pragya and reached his maasi’s house. He went to the balcony to find pragya standing there. Her face brightened upon seeing his and she waved hi while abhi waved back. She gestured abhi to come down as she wanted to talk to him. Abhi obliged.

Pragya looked shy by looking down. She was smiling continuously and he was spellbound by her shade of redness in her cheeks.

Prisha, Oh no why do I feel so shy seeing him?

Abhi thought a while ago she was very harsh towards him but now she is being the opposite.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her when she looked at him and gave a flying kiss to him.

To be continued….
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