Deceptive love – Shot 12

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Abhi took out his phone and within a second tracked the location of the CEO aka Purab. He was currently at his office. Abhi who was extremely angry on him quickly left to the location.

Bulbul on the other hand returned to find pragya and jojo playing hide and seek.
Jojo was hiding behind one of the shelfs when pragya sneaked in on him and scared him.
Pragya “cha,” and grabbed jojo by the shoulders.
Jojo “you caught me,” and hugged pragya. He then jumped into her arms.
Bulbul approached them.
“Bubbie where were you,” asked pragya.
“She was…” said jojo but stopped as bulbul glared at him.
“Chubby bunny had an important call,” said bulbul.
“Come let me show you what i have selected,” said pragya and dragged bulbul with her.

Abhi came to where Purab was having his meeting with some foreign delegates.

Abhi looked fiercely at him and he looked shocked of his unexpected visit.

Purab “You?” Abhi “Yes me man!”
Purab excused himself from the delegates and walked towards Abhi.

Purab “How are u? It’s been after a long time. I met you!”

Abhi ”really?” , sarcasm in his voice

Purab “Come yaar, let’s have a coffee and have a talk.” He said politely.

Abhi shrugged him off when he touched his shoulder.

Purab looked surprised and asked what’s wrong.

Abhi “You are wrong! Why did u lied that you and Pragya love each other?”

Purab “You still have that in your mind. It was a prank Abhi!” He chuckled saying that making Abhi furious.

Abhi “prank! It’s a prank for u but did u know what I went through? What she went through? Just because of your prank both of us missed the most important moment in our lives!”

Purab “Lower down your voice Abhi. This is my place.”

Abhi “So what Mr. CEO? And now you are still after my Pragya. How can I leave you for that?”

Purab looked behind and gestured his assistants to make sure the delegates leave the place.

Abhi “You are scared Purab! That they will know your damn reality, huh?”

Purab “ Listen, I made u to follow her which is part of my work. I need to know that she doesn’t cheat me. That’s all!”

Abhi “cheat you my foot, If that was your motive then I would leave you but why did u try to defame her at the seminar? I know you are still having grudge towards her! She had done it in a misunderstanding Purab. I don’t believe that u will go to the extent of hurting her this much.”

Purab “Well, then what you want me to do now?”

Abhi “Say sorry to her. She would never cheat anyone and she is a gem of a person Purab!”

Purab “Right! That’s why she uses her clone to mingle with u and test whether u are still in love with her!”

Abhi “What rubbish are u taking!”

Purab “Well, I am not losing my cool as I don’t want my friend not to get cheated!”

Abhi “Enough! I am leaving and I don’t have any need to work for u!”

Abhi observes a difference in the way Pragya talks to him.

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