Deceptive love – Shot 11

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Bulbul was looking at her phone and was wondering why Abhi called her. She knows he was close with Pragya during the college days but now why he is asking about Pragya and also want to talk to her regarding Purab. She had been asked by Abhi to see him at a nearby restaurant. Bulbul was unsure whether to meet him or not. She felt like discussing with Pragya about this but at the same time she don’t want to bother Pragya by talking about Abhi as it might hurt her feelings.

She then decided to meet abhi. Abhi on the other hand was still tailing those two. After leaving from the toilet abhi had messaged bulbul to meet him at a nearby restaurant in the mall. They were currently in the baby/kids section. Pragya was busy in looking at toys for jojo when her eyes fell on baby clothes and toys

“How cute would our baby be, just like him,” she thought
“No pragya why are you thinking like this, you should hate him but sadly u can’t but still need to act strong,” she thought and put the clothes down.
On the other side abhi was hiding behind the shelfs,trying to steal glances at pragya. She looks so cute he thought. That’s when he felt someone patting his waist. He just pushed the hand off
, still too busy with pragya. He again felt a pat and this time he turned around, his eyes widened. to find the devil standing ot i say the devil of his like standing, his arch enemy with his hands on his waist.

“How dare you stare at my baby?” Jojo asked in a demanding tone.
“Excuse me, who is your baby when you yourself look like bad baby! Did u hear it you are a BAD BABY!!!” He told in an extremely loud voice trying to scare Jojo.
“Babies are not bad Mr Khadoos. Look at my baby, how cute she is! She is looking toys for me!” Jojo added by admiring Pragya.

“No! She was looking things for our future baby BB!” Abhi replied.
“No! It’s for me!” Jojo replied angrily.
Their argument continued until Bulbul caught them and looked surprised of how these two know each other. She caught hold of both of them by the ears and took them out of the store as she had excused herself from pragya.

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“Ow- that hurt-ow bull its hurts,” said jojo
“Hey leave me-ow- you’re pulling them more-ow- ok sorry,” said abhi
Bulbul then left both of them.
“Ok firstly you need to stop fighting and become friends,” said bulbul
“No,” said abhi turning away to the other side and folding his arms.
“Never in my life,” said jojo said by doing the same.

“Abhi, you are older than all of us, in that way you should let all this and be friends with jojo. Jojo is such a small and innocent boy!” Bulbul said.

Haha ego jojo
“Bulbul, I don’t even mind you saying I am elder than all of u but I seriously mind when u say him as small and innocent boy. Look at him and look at his evil eyes which is trying to kill me!” He shrieked making Bulbul to shake her head at his childish complaint against a child.
“Do you want me to go call pragya,” she said

“No no.” said abhi
“Then shake hands,” said bulbul
Abhi with a sigh of defeat forwarded his hand but jojo didn’t budge
“See he is so egoistic,” said abhi
“Abhi he is just a child not having any ego,” said bulbul
“EJ, ego jojo now i shall call u by that,” said abhi earning a glare from bulbul
“Jojo come on, now he is ready so please cooperate as if by becoming friends you will be good in the eyes of pragya,” said bulbul by smirking.

“Baby will be happy then me and him friends,” he said and shook his hand.
“Ok now you go to pragya inside and tell her that i had some important work, will join her in a while and don’t tell about Him ok?” she said
“Ok promise, haha i get to go to baby,” he said by showing his tongue to abhi and ran away
“This guy, i will kill him,” he was about to move but stopped by bulbul.
“Shall we go,” she said
“You clever girl used pragu,” he said

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“ Thanks but I really wonder what makes you to have a need to talk to me and that too after so many years.” She said.
“Not here Bulbul, let’s go. I hope I don’t use much of your time. I really need a clarity of the events that had happened so far.” He replied.
Bulbul followed him to the restaurant thinking of his words and how could she even give a clarity of what he asks for.

At the restaurant,

Abhi “Well, Bulbul let me ask you straight to the point. Who was the guy that you were talking to at Brown cafe?”.
“Are u like stalking me?” She asked looking suspiciously.
“No yaar, I was eating at the same cafe as you but I want to know who it was as I want to know whether you still in contact with Purab.” He said.

“It was Purab and are you not in contact with him?” She asked.
“Yes but I thought both of u had a break up and you hate him to the core.” He said.
“Oh that’s a long story Abhi, I misunderstood him just like how Pragya did.” She replied.
“What do u mean? You misunderstood him? Even Pragya misunderstood him? I am confused!” He said.

“Well, what happened was during our final year, Pragya mistaken that Purab was cheating me by being close to Tanu. But you know na she is a bookworm and never knew that Purab was practising a romantic scene with Tanu for culturals. Pragya was my only best friend and when she said she saw Purab and Tanu together, I blindly believed her. I should have also checked about it but I was immature back then to rationalize.”

“That means Purab never loved Pragya?” He asked.
“What rubbish? He always love me! Who told you that he loves Pragya?” She said.
“Err….I think I misunderstood it.” He added.
“You are silly and you know how bad she felt when u passed that letter to her. She was totally heart broken.” She said.

“I didn’t mean to leave her. My situations made me react that way.” He said.
“Bull shit situations. Don’t you know how soft she is and the way you reacted had hit hard on her feelings. Do you even know how hard she tried to forget you but still couldn’t and immersed herself into research? She researched to the extent until becoming dehydrated and falling sick.”
“Are you serious? I never knew she will do like that.” He replied sounding concerned.
“What do u know? She was madly in love with you, I don’t know whether she is still the same but when u left her I could see how fragile she had become. Now she is acting to be strong, I don’t know what would happen if the same scenario happens again. I hope it will not happen again. The old strong pragya died the day you left her and died again when you left her on that so called date of yours. You know after seeing you again she was making improvements but now we are again back to square one. Why do you even have to come back in her life when you always want to leave from her life??”

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“No Bulbul, again I had the situations that made me do that way. But I really want her by my side. I always love her.” He said with tears in his eyes.
Bulbul “Ya but your love always make her lonely. Tell me one thing Abhi, why is your love always making her lose herself? She don’t want to lose you but you make her lose herself! Is it fair to her?”

Abhi had no words to reply and he understands there is fault in his side too. He had never felt what Pragya will be going through.

Bulbul “My kind advice is don’t ever try to love her again if you want to leave her”.

By saying that she left the place making Abhi to feel remorseful and he was blaming himself for the situations that he faced to leave Pragya and unable to express his love towards her.. But first he had to fix some loose ends.

To be continued………..

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