Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-38

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Hi guys this is sowji…I hope u all enjoyed my previous ff.lets move to dream ff..the ff no. is 38.the ff begin with simmi taunted priya infront of all…abishek can’t control his anger towards her…whole family hear some sound..whole family looks shocked including groom family,media person,abishek and his cousin all looks shocked…simmi hold her cheeks and looks angrily priya…priya slapped simmi infront of all..again simmi talk she dare u..priya slapped again..I said shut up your mouth…did u get that.. abishek extreme shock??whole family never expect she wil slap simmi infront of all..all understood priya was anger towards simmi..priya looks at simmi said many time I warned u…2day u crossed your all limit..

hereafter if u speak any word further..infront of everyone frankly I wil say this,
This is your last day…sure I will kill u…if u give respect only they wil give return back that respect..1st u should to learn how to speak with
others.. whole family astonished ? look at priya..simmi touched her cheeks…she was scared ?.she never expect priya will slap her..miss simmi just wait I wil come back with u.. she goes towards media..suddenly simmi family comes towards the dare you to slap my daughter..wait uncle and Aunty I wil answer your question..she moves to media..simmi parents held priya hand…priya furious??? look at them.. she just glared them.her one look simmi parents was scared..they never leave her hand..she just pulled them on stairs..whole people can’t understand and standing astonished..simmi parents said to abi..see beta!!

what she doing..infront of u she pushed us in floor and fake weep show in face??abishek said u slapper her…that is right she deserves that..but y u pulled them on floor ask them to sorry ?…priya said angrily I wil never ask sorry to them..what do u know about them…abishek stared her..said i am not requesting u.. I am just ordering u…priya said I am also ordered u don’t come between us…abishek looks shocked by her words…priya said just wait and watch u wil know the real truth of your family member.. just wait Mr.abhi…priya said I wil show something that make shock some of people.. especially bride family member…after that decide who is the one here villain…priya shows some video.. whole family looks shocked..actually that video is simmi was planned to kill 3times priya in MM..who gave this plan to simmi…it is her parents…simmi and simmi parents said this is also fake video…she shows lots of video..they planned to get abishek properties in simmi father name…they were planned in his room…whole family astonished…

she shows the still live event on that video…she can asked them how can it’s possible live event coming on this video…whole people looks shocked..she said dadi forgive me…when I came here that day also i fixed camera in all room..because 1st day did u remember right..babu and his friends was tried to kill me… this family was bribed money to kill me…purab said how do u know this…priya said I meet babu in prison…he said some one bribed my friends to killing u…I thought find out that person..that’s y i fixed camera all over room…nobody ones that…one day they speaking in phone. Wait I wil show u video…whole family was shattered…

Precap:new entry from priya life..

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