Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-36

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Hi guys this is sowji…thank u for your love..thank u for your comments..I commented everyone in my previous ff…just check it in my previous ff…lots of spelling mistakes are occurred in my previous ff..actually I typed properly but it was not updated properly it changed into some other word.. anyway I wil try reduce this mistake..hereafter it wil not shunning..thank u silent readers.. lets move to dream ff..the ff no. is 36.the ff begin with priya was embarrassed…she immediately get down from the stage…she moves towards college mate standing direction..she stands with them..all boys looks at priya…she feels shy…she doesn’t understand how to manage this situation..suddenly Abi holds priya hand…I thought u thinking about something..if u need any help…priya looks at Abi thinks in her mind how can he understands my mind voice..both look eachother eyes(background plays humsafar toh hai magar,unnale mei maranthu nindraen movie from raja rani(tamil)).

simmi is fuming in jealousy…she thinking in her mind I wil never leave u miss.priya..wait and watch what game I wil play with u..when purab and veer called Abi..both came back to sense…Abi feels in her eyes…she needed some help..purab and veer talked with priya hey priya u look awesome…all boys are looking at u only abishek…thank u priya because of u…we can saw this kind of daze performance..we were shocked…thank u for coming in my life…thank u for everything..purab praised priya…priya said guys just stop it…this is also my family…no needed thanks and all…I did this all for my selfish sake..because I love your whole family member…just take ur thanks by need to say thanks and all..ranveer comes to priya flirting with her…abishek fumes in jealous??????.

he thinks this idiot ranveer always talk foolish specimen..the priest clepe bride and groom to exchange the rings.. whole bride and groom family gathered in front of stage..they did some rituals after nikkil take ring from his hand wear it to purvi hand(background plays mangalyam song from alaipayuthey,saathiya )purvi take ring from her hand wear it to nikkil hand..actually when nikkil takes the ring simultaneously aboo look at priya…when purvi take the ring ? simultaneously priya looks at abishek…both look at eachother eyes…bulbul looks her purab…alia looks her ranveer..arshi look at eachother eyes.. whole groom&bride family member and friends are clapped…suddenly priya gets call from her college staff..she come out from the crowd talked with her mam…she informed about costume…after while minute after she hang off her phone look at behind…she shocked to see in front of person…she wil try to move from that person but that person never allow her move from there…actually that person is related to groom family…his name is harish..

he talked to priya said hi I am harish…I am nikhil friend…he give his hands toward to like hand shake manner…priya said namastey….harish seductive manner talked with priya…actually she is trying move from his clutches..actually he is flirting with her…he is standing too near by priya…priya thinks in her mind Plze god Ji save me..I don’t like his presence…simmi saw from this distance…this is best chance to create some misunderstanding between u and abhi…she goes to abhi..suddenly purab get a call from his manager..he is also come there where priya is standing that place..actually priya said Mr.harish can I move from here..I have some work…suddenly purab looks at priya.he thought she is some problem…purab comes to priya…screenshift to simmi..claimed abi come along with me.. just see her what is she doing with that guy..abishek asked who??!simmi said priya….abishek asked priya where is she.. u never trust me come along with me…screenshift to purab,harish,priya…hey priya what are u doing here.. he looks at harish asked who is he… purab understood look at priya eyes…she has some problem..suddenly purab said sorry man…she has some work here..actually alu is calling u continuously…I was searching u only…priya said k purab I leave from here…excuse me..abi come along with simmi see???? there actually purab and harish talking with each other.. abishek said look at there…miss.simmi…simmi looks shocked thinks in her mind where she went??said abishek just trust me..I saw her with him..abishek said just stop ur talk simmi..

I know simmi u don’t like her…simmi just learn from her…she is pure heart ❤ girl..hereafter if u do like this way…I wil never talk with u forever???abishek left ? angrily from there..simmi irked????? think in her mind how it’s possible.. I saw with can she left from him..purab come to priya asked who is he..what he is doing with u.. priya explained what happened in there…purab Plze stay with me…actually I was scared ?purab and priya are sitting together…talks with eachother..abishek see this scene from long distance he feels extreme jealous..he comes sit along with them..purab asked abishek what happened y mood is off..nothing purab I am k…priya looks abi smiled silently..she understood y his mood is off…priya sarcastically said purab I think something is
burning here…purab can’t understand asked burning???what r u saying priya…abishek looks at priya raised his eyebrows..priya smirked her lips..thinks in her mind u looks too cute ? abi..whenever u looks angry
my swt cutiepie abi?purab can’t understand

priya words..purab said I can’t understand priya…priya said nothing purab…she said excuse from there…priya goes to stage…mike in her hand. Speak in mike…hello ladies and gentlemen attention please..all looks at priya..priya speak in mike I hope u all enjoyed

the party…I want to make this party littlebit spicy and more sweeten..this thing happen we neee to call our bride and groom on stage…our handsome nikhil and beautiful gorgeous woman my sweet purvi come on stage..bride and groom hold eachother hand come on stage..guys we want to see some romantic performance from this stage..are you ready to watch this couple performance..whole people said sssssssssss!???RJ sir song please priya told nikhil and purvi all the best do well performance this stage is yours make it rock…song plays aye udi udi udi,kadhal sadugudu movie from alaipayuthae(tamil)).nikhil holds purvi hand..purvi nikhil look at eachother eyes…they dancing romantically…somebody comes there shut priya mouth..priya and that person left from there the party hall..priya and that person comes to some other room..priya looks shocked to see that person..

Precap:alia shouted priya continuously…priya never speak any word..all girls try to calm priya..abishek looks shocked…

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