Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-35

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Hi guys this is sowji..thank u for your comments..thank u for your love..I commented everyone in my 33,34th ff just check it in my previous ff..thank u silent readers..lets move to dream ff..the ff no. is 35..the ff begin with now time is 6pm whole family waiting for groom
family arrival..suddenly 3car come inside the mm..that is groom family..groom is none other than our nikhil..his father name is rathore his wife name is rikshini they have 2 sons..1st son name is basu his wife name is latha.2nd son name is nikhil…he is our groom here…his whole family come to mm…nikhil,his family,his uncle,Aunty,his cousin and his friends are come to our mm..whole family ? welcome them..screen shift to alu room all girls prepared our purvi..she looks very pretty…the priest called bride…suddenly whole light is off.. whole family’s shocked..they called robin..y light is off..suddenly all heard priya voice from mile priya speak in mike.. hi everyone I know that u all can’t understand y light is off now..v never see our bride so easily. Our bride is precious gift to groom family..just wait and watch bride
family surprises…we dedicated this performance to all man in bride family and whole groom family.. bride family all woman wil

give surprise for u….I hope all ready to watch us our surprise..suddenly spot light is appear on three woman(they are standing in stairs)left side is alia center sarala Aunty right side bulbul…some of group boys standing with them..suddenly songs plays ladki beautiful kar gayi chull,ladio beautiful ladio…these three dancing with group boys..whole family looks shocked…there rocking the floor..suddenly spot light appear on Abi mom,dadi,reema,rockstar dadi background song plays ghani bawri,idicha pacharisi…they are dancing..whole bride family boys look shocked…all the enjoying the performance..suddenly spot light appear on
simmi,khushi background plays nachde ne saare(hindi),kummiyadi pennae kummiyadi(tamil)..they both gave spontaneous rock performance..after spot light on purvi face background playing chhalka chhalka re(hindi),yaro yarodi unnoda purushan whole woman bride family dancing in stairs…purvi looks pretty…she is blushing continuously..whole family did rocking performance… they are dancing well in the floor&group boys also followed them…its like sangeet function..they are all dropped the purvi at the stage…groom and bride also dance with them…finally end they burst paper crackers..bride family all man and groom family clapped &shocked see them like this way..after they said spotless performance after

continuously blowing whistle… whole crowd we totally impressed…suddenly dadi speaks this all credit goes to priya…she is planned this…she was the one properly executed this idea…its all credit goes our priya…nikhil asked dadi who is she??where is she now…dadi called priya in mike..priya screamed dadi I am here…she wore beautiful baby pink career with light make up…she looks like Miss.universal…all boys looks shocked to see..they are ogling at priya…abishek mesmerized her beauty…abishek lost her sense…her hair is long hair…her eating dancing in the air…her hair is flying in the air…all boys eyes are only on priya…she comes to stage…all knows her head is injured and she has pain in her hand &leg..her slipper blackslipper..her feet ? like small kid fleet..very soft and looks too good ? she get the joke speak..1st I want to congrats this jodi…next I want to say dadi I never did anything… bride family whole woman did spotless performance…and back boys also rocked the floor thank u boys…she thanked lot of people…all credit goes to whole bride family woman…with u permission I want to whistle in front of all…all said permission granted…all boys looks shocked…she gave kiss ? to whole bride family woman…after she gave mike to dadi…bride &groom family all boys looking and ogling on priya…priya is embarassed..

Abiya jealousy…purab realize his love towards to bulbul…. simmi create some misunderstanding between alia and priya..

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