Cherry Blossom – Ft Stars (Epi 1)

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Hey all, hope you liked the character sketch. Let’s go for the story.

Episode 1

Anupama is shown singing Ganapathi bajan. She does the puja and gives arti to Dadi and GK.

Dadi: Anu, the day doesn’t get completed without your bhajan.

Anu: Thanks ma.

GK: If your puja is over, let’s go for breakfast. I’m very hungry.

Anu laughs and takes them to the dining table.

She serves Dadi with Salad and GK with Parathas.

Dadi: Anu, this is wrong. Every day I get to eat salad, oats, and millets. But this man eats tasty food.

Anuj: That’s because your bp levels are very bad and GK’s are good.

Anuj and GK give hi-fi.

Dadi: Anu, support me.

Anu: Ma, one minute. I’ll give you kheer.

GK sees that longingly.

Anu: This is only for you and not for GK as his sugar levels are more than the whole sugar present in the world.

Dadi smiles.

Anuj: Ma, eat-in limit else you won’t get kheer also.

Dadi: Shut up.

Anu: Anuj, don’t pull her legs.

Anuj: Ok fine, what is the breakfast?

Anu: First, you bath and come. See you are full of sweat from jogging. Take your protein shake.

Anuj: Thank you wifey. Where are the kids?

Shivaay: Good morning dad.

Anuj: Morning beta.

He seeks blessings from Anu.

Anuj: You always fall on her feet but never fall on my feet.

Shivaay: You pray to God and seek his blessing. But for me, everything is my ma. So, I just need her blessings to conquer this world.

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Anu gets emotional.

Dadi: Even your dadi is here.

He goes and hugs Dadi and GK.

Anuj: Anu, I feel jealous and happy.

Anu: Why?

Anuj: Jealous is because there is someone other than me who loves you more and is happy is he will take care of you after my death.

Anu: Shut up. Don’t speak of anything like that in the morning. First, go and bathe.

He leaves.

Anu serves breakfast to Shivaay.

While going to his room, he sees Om’s painting.

Anuj: Om.

Om: Good morning dad.

Anuj: Wow, beautiful painting.

Om has painted Anu’s picture.

Om: This is my gift for ma’s 50th birthday. How is this?

Anuj: Brilliant, it’s so real. Definitely, your mom will be proud of you.

Om: Please don’t tell her or anybody. It’s a surprise.

Anuj: Sure beta, ok you continue. I’ll go and get ready for the office.

Om: Dad, one minute. Are you proud of me?

Anuj gets nervous.

Anuj: Yes, why are you asking like this?

Om: Because I couldn’t be like you and Bhai.

Anuj: You are on your beta. When I told you just business is the best. I was not the kind of dad who suppresses the children’s passion. I’m just worried only for Rudra. You, Shivaay, and Riddhi are working towards your goals and passion but he is still childish and never considers his career.

Om: Dad, he will get to learn everything. Don’t worry.

Anuj: Ok beta, go to breakfast.

Om nods and Anuj leaves.

Anuj comes and gets hit by Rudra who comes backward with headphones and dancing. He turns and sees Anuj. He gets scared.

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Rudra: Dad….

Anuj: Dance with loud music. Do something which is useful. I don’t want to scold you morning itself. Go and have breakfast.

Rudra nods yes and goes down. Om too joins.

Shivaay: Good morning both.

Rudra: Good morning Bhai.

Anu: Rudra, beta here is your hot parathas.

Om and Shivaay look into each other.

Shivaay: Ma, I’m going to the office now. Om is leaving for his work, but you shower all your love only on Rudra.

Anu: Shivaay, he is a kid.

Rudra makes an innocent face.

Dadi: You are one who is spoiling him.

Rudra: Why should I need to work when I have my siblings who earn well. You’ll take care of me, right?

Shivaay and Om: Haan, haan buddhu. We love you.

Rudra smiles and everyone enjoys breakfast. Anuj comes down and sees them and feels elated.

Anuj: It’s so nice to see, but where is my sweetest daughter?

Anu: She went to the temple.

Anuj: Temple?

Dadi: Yes, she left in the early morning itself. She’ll go to the temple only when she needs anything. But what does she need now?

Anuj: Anu, do you know the matter?

Anu: I think…

She tells him in his ears.

Om: Oh hello, what is your secret?

Anuj: That’s between daughter and parents. She’ll let you know when the time comes.

Shivaay: Om, whatever it is, their first choice is Riddhi.

Riddhi: Yes of course.

Everyone sees her and smiles. She comes in with Vansh.

Anu and Anuj look at each other.

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Vansh greets everyone and hi-fi’s Shivaay.

Riddhi: Gk, this is for you.

She gives prasad ladoo to him.

Anu: Riddhi…

Riddhi: Ma, his levels are saturated. I’m a doctor.

GK: That’s my girl.

Anu: Fine, fine. Come and have breakfast. Vansh, you too sit and have breakfast.

Everyone enjoys breakfast. In the end…

Riddhi: Dad, Shivaay Bhai, Om everyone come home soon. I need to tell you all something.

Vansh looks at her and smiles.

Shivaay: What?

Riddhi: You come home soon in eve. I’ll tell you. Ma and dad, I’m leaving now.

She tells bye to all and leaves.

Shivaay and Vansh leave for the office together. Om goes out for his work. Anuj gives Rudra some work to do. GK and Dadi go to their rooms. Anu has her breakfast and leaves for her dance studio.

……..Cherry will blossom in Epi 2………

Precap: Shivaay-Anika meets….Om-Gauri meets……Raghav-Pallavi’s romance…….Rudra-Bauvya’s meet………Vansh-Riddhi’s hug……Anu-Anuj’s romance…..

Hope you all liked the episode. Comments are welcome!!!

Have a happy week ahead!!!!!!!

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