Challenging the fate (not sure of what is this yet)

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Never did I believed life would turn like a roller coaster with an unexpected entry of a person.

I was not in my senses as I looked at the love of my life marrying someone else. I was keep on looking at him with all those promises that he made me when we were together.

He always said his promises are permanent but now every single promise of his is like some glass breaking sound to me.

I thought it was some glass breaking sound that only I could hear but no! it was from a distance to where I was sitting. Some of them turned back to look and so did I.

He was a tall and dusky colored man who apologised for accidentally dropping the glasses that he was carrying.

He doesn’t looked like a waiter to me with his attire but still he was serving the guests there.

I turned back and again looked despondently at the love of my life on stage whereas he seemed to be in full of joy and eager to be married which made me to be in verge of tears.

The same guy who dropped the glasses now sat beside me as the seat next to me was empty. He glanced at me once and asked “ Glass broken?”

I gave him a confused look as he was the one who broke the glasses just now.

He emphasized “ I mean heart like glasses..”

I nodded my head still looking straight.

He “ My heart is also kind of broken…” I looked at him curiously as he had no signs of sadness on his face as he said that.

He “ I felt there is no point in being sad now when she herself is happy about getting married!”

That means he is also like me! I am sad here that love of my life is getting married but he is taking it lightly of his love getting married to someone else.

He “ Do u mind coming out for a while?”

I was hesitant at first but then I felt I really need some air to breathe as over here I was feeling sadness will suffocate me to death!!!

I walked side by side with him and we came around to the garden area.

He asked “ Your pretty name?” I with hesitation “ Pragya…” He “ Your name is as pretty as u…” I smiled a little but sadness engulfed me again when I noticed the sign board Suresh weds Tanu.

Without telling any introduction of himself he said “ Tanu was my girlfriend..” I looked shocked even though I knew that is what he meant just now.

He by chuckling asked “ Why do u have to be so shocked?”

“ I just didn’t expect u to tell this so fast!” I said.

He smiled a little and said “ Just felt like coming to the point as quick as possible!”

I nodded my head in response not understanding why he should be quick to tell this.

“ How about u? Suresh was your boyfriend?”

“ No..” I said blatantly earning an eyebrow raise from him.

“ Then what husband?” He said that mockingly which made me angry.

“ No!! He was my fiance!” I blurted out in anger.

“ Okok! No need to be so fierce…now I understand why your glass is broken into pieces…” He said that in a softer voice.

I looked away not understanding why did I even came out with him now.

I was about to leave when he held my hands and I looked at him with a deadly stare.

“ I am sorry…” He said that nervously.
“ I just go in as I have nothing to do here…” I said that by not looking at him.

“ Even when u go in there is nothing for u to do except for blankly staring at the wedding couple…”

He got a point, If I stayed in I would be sad but over here at least I could show my anger towards this man!!!

I remained there and walked passed him towards a bench there.

He too followed me.

“What’s for lunch tomorrow?” He asked excitedly and I gave a glare towards him.

What was he thinking?? I haven’t had my dinner now and he was talking about my lunch tomorrow ignoring about my breakfast!!!

“ I know tonight u wouldn’t have the mood to eat and tomorrow u may end up waking late which would be your lunch time!” He said by winking at me.

He is kind of right as nowadays this was my eating pattern. Dinners are usually skipped or eaten lightly than usual.

Morning breakfast was something that had becoming lesser nowadays as I wake up late. Mostly not having the urge to wake up in the mornings thinking about losing my love to someone else.

Thinking about that I let a deep sigh.

“ Same here!” He said that and I looked at him for a while before looking at the green bushes in front of us.

“ You want to play bash the bush game??” He asked with a witty smile.

“ Huh??” I asked that with confusion.

“ I mean we can bash the bushes thinking that they our ex lovers!! It would be a fun game! Trust me!!” He said that with full of excitement in his eyes and I gave him an unbelievable look in return.

Without waiting for my response he pulled me by holding my hand and got me near the bush.

I was about to leave and that’s when he did the demo.

“ You torturous Tanu!! U left me na…now u see how u ended up!!” By saying that he kicked the bush and punched it although it seems very fake and childish to me.

I couldn’t control myself and was keep on laughing seeing him continuing to scold Tanu.

“ Now it’s your turn! “ He said that by pointing towards the bush. I shook my head as no. As I knew this was purely childishness.

“ No problem! I will scold for u then!” He said that by starting again his punches and beatings to the poor bush.

Stupid Suresh! Shameless Suresh! Senseless Suresh!

That was all the names that he scolded Suresh with. Now I couldn’t think Suresh as the love of my life as indeed what this man used to described him matched perfectly.

I was having a laughing riot and tears too welled up in my eyes seeing this cute man’s antics.

I asked him to stop it while holding onto my stomach as I laughed out that much.

He stopped and now smiled out of tiredness.

“ I am tired…all because of u!” He said that by stretching his hands in sideways.

“ Me? Why?” I asked by raising my eyebrows.

“ If I had just scolded my ex it wouldn’t have been this much tired…scolding that shark headed Suresh made it worse…”

With a light giggle I asked “ Shark head?”

“ Haan didn’t u notice that? I feel his head is not humanly…it’s of shark species….” He said that in a serious tone which made me giggled further.

“ I am serious…” He said that in a stern tone and I stopped giggling.

I looked at the time in my watch and realized it was almost time that the wedding could have happened.

“ Finally they are married!” He sighed.

“ You don’t have any feeling of sadness that your love is gone…” I asked in curiosity.

His reply is what made me surprised like never before.

“ If our loved ones move on in their life it doesn’t mean our love moves on too…my love is still there somewhere in my heart…maybe later or some other day my love will be revived with someone else who truly understands my love…”

“Very thoughtful…” I said looking at him.

“Nah…Once in awhile I would blabber in this way…” He said that by shrugging his shoulder.

“Your handsome name?” I asked with a smile.

“ Not that easy to get handsome’s name…try to find out!” He said that with a smirk.

“ Do u think it’s difficult for me to do so?” I asked him in a challenging tone.

“ Not really…but knowing my name together with my identity is of a challenge…even Tanu doesn’t knows that…”

“ What? She doesn’t even know your name and what u are doing! How the hell then u two fall in love?”

“ I never mentioned she loved me…” He smirked.

I felt a bit of dizziness hearing his words of confusion.

He asked me to sit on the bench and I walked back together with him.

“ Let’s make it fun! I know u are Pragya! And u don’t know my name and my identity. Only thing u know is I loved Tanu. Isn’t it?” He said.

I nodded my head in response.

“ Now the date is 10 Jan 2016! Let’s meet at this same place, same date next year! A year should be enough to find about me! I am not that popular so I guess this much time would be more than sufficient.” He replied with a wide smile.

“ But why should I do this?” I asked frowning at him.

“ I said it’s for fun! Don’t be uncool by rejecting to be fun!” He said that with a pout.

“ Like seriously? For fun? It’s so easy nowadays to track people with facebook and other social media!” I said that cheekily.

“ Yes but I am not in any of them…I told u na I am not that popular…” He said that by nodding his head.

“ So what? Wait!” I moved to my left side to take my phone from the wallet.

“ This is cheating! You want to take a pic of me!!” He screeched.

“ Yes! With this I will be able to find who u are!” I said proudly.

“ Ok then but if the picture didn’t comes out well then don’t blame me…only one pic and then I am going off…” He said that hurriedly.

I was ignorant of his words and adjusted my settings in phone to take a picture of him when he made a sulky face.

“ Done!” I said and looked at him and he was quite close to me now where our eyes met at each other.

Damn! His eyes is so mesmerizing as if it’s making me feel lots of meanings in my life.

The next moment made me back to my senses when he snapped his finger and said “ Bye! I have to leave now!”

He stood up and walked towards the entrance giving a lasting smile to me and then he disappeared out of my sight.

To be continued as……(not sure as what right now….)

Thank u everyone for reading.

I had actually asked Saranya sis to inform everyone that I won’t be able to post my ffs for few weeks but then I realized I shouldn’t bother her too. So Saranya sis thanks for helping and about this not sure guys…just a random thought that came in my mind. Will miss everyone, see u all few weeks later or at random timings if possible….

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