Challenging the fate (KKB) Chapter 19

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Hi friends! I am back here with this.

In case u all have forgotten this,Here is the link to the previous episodes of challenging the fate.
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Upon reaching his house, Pragya still couldn’t believe how could her Ma allow her to stay at his house for a week. She was all the while thinking that Ma was an orthodox person and never allows this kind of thing.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Jaya who came and received her with a warm smile.

“Pragya, feel free to ask me anything u want. Robin come here and take her stuff!”

Abhi “No Ma I will go and keep her stuff in the room. Let Robin rest. He had been working from morning.”

He feels pathetic for the person works for him. That’s a great quality. What’s great in this? Even I will feel worried if a person works from morning.

She thought by looking at Jaya ma.

Abhi “You stay here Dodo. I will have your things in your room”.

Jaya ma chuckled hearing the word Dodo. Pragya looked flustered in response.

Jaya asked Pragya to come with her.

Abhi headed towards the room while Pragya was keep on looking at him as she went along with Jaya ma.

Jaya “There are some rules in our house. You have to follow them as he never follows any of it”.

Pragya, He never follows so I have to follow? Does she think I am here to compensate him?

As if reading my mind, she said “You are not like compensating for him it’s an adjustment that u need to do for him”.

I have nothing to say. What else I can say? Until now I don’t understand what’s happening around me!

Jaya “It’s nothing much Pragya dear. You no need to look worried for it. Basically like all houses you have to wake up at early in the morning. Then make sure come with me to cook lunch for all of us. Haan most importantly, every morning you have to pluck flowers from our garden for prayers”.

Pragya “But how can I do all this when I am working?”

Jaya “What are you saying? In our family, girls don’t work after marriage. That’s the top most rule!”

Abhi by then reaching where they were said “Ma…why are you telling all this as if she is already my wife. You know for what purpose she is here right? Be easy on this Jaya!”.

Jaya ma murmured something and left from there.

Abhi “Take it easy Dodo. My Ma is always like that. You don’t have to worry as I am here for you.”

Pragya nodded her head in response.

Pragya followed him and went to the room that she was assigned to.

She looked even more troubled and it bothered Abhi.

Abhi “You can ask me anything if u want. Here there is no one so…”

Pragya “Why do you want to marry me? Is it love or any other purpose behind?”

Abhi “ What do u expect me to say? What I can say is I want to marry you as I feel u are the right person. It doesn’t need love or liking that u think I need to have. I just need to know who u are as a person. That’s more than enough.”

Pragya asked “it’s the same here right? I don’t even know who u are as a person apart the fact that u are jobless.”

Abhi “Job doesn’t determine a person’s character. What determines a person’s character is his behavior and love towards others. Be here for a week to understand that.”

“But….I don’t want all this…” She said in a low tone.

“It’s not about your want but it’s all about my need!” He said that and slammed the door signifying the end of talk.

Pragya felt her head was spinning.

At his room,
Jaya who heard their conversation asked “ Abhi beta, Why are you so emotional towards her?”

Abhi “Ma…You know my reason for why I need her. Then how can u ask like this?”

Jaya “Do u know something? I still feel your reasons to be very different. It’s not everyone think of.”

“I know Ma…it’s different…but all I want is to create memories which will….”
He stopped seeing Pragya’s reflection in the mirror.

Abhi “I want to sleep Ma…”

Jaya “Ok, you don’t think too much and rest well now…”

Abhi saw Pragya leaving silently and he lied on the bed.

Pragya furiously “How dare you do like that??”
Abhi in a mocking tone “Why Dodo?? You want to do it ah?”

Pragya bracing herself pulled him towards her. Abhi looked excited but was shaking his head as no when he saw his dad approaching them from back.

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