Can life exist after love failure?? Episode~6

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Episode starts with tanu shocking face….
Tanu receives an image of purab kissing bulbul(sent by alia)…she was hell shocked by seeing dat picture….she don’t wat she wants to do… aftr calses during brk,, without infrming to anyone she goes outside… she cals alia nd asks abt d picture… tanu:: wat u sent alia… wer did u get dat???
Alia:: sryy swtheart…i kow u love hm??? I saw them in dat positin… so i thought to imfrm u abt them…
Tanu:: who said… i luv hm….i dnt love hm….okkk Nd cuts d call…. tanu sits upset in auditorium
Meanwhile pragya cumes there nd sees tanu sitting slone… asks tanu wat hapng… y u came here soo sudn witout sayng me….
Tanu doesn’t respond….. pra:: is anything wrng..???
Tanu shows image….. pra is also shocked….
Tanu:: i dnt know wat to do nw??? Nd hugs her
Pra:: shal i ask u onethng???
Tanu:: mmm…. tell me wat??
Pra::: do u really love hm???
Tanu:: donoo pra.. am nt sure in dat case whether it is crush r love…
Pra:: soo ua in dilemma… ryt??
Pra:: love is difnt frm crush… crush is just a temporary one,,,its a physical attraction on a persn,,it is infactuatn fr a very short period…. bt love is completely difrntt frm it… i cant define wat exactly love is,, bt i know sumthng,, love is abt soul bonding,, life tym commitement,, it is believed to be unconditional nd if u really love sumone ,, juz thnk abt d happiness of dat persn(tears flows over her cheeks)… bczz we need two hearts fr completing d love emotion,,like we need two hands fr clapping, two lips fr spelling a word,, soo we cant do anything with one heart ryt…nw decide youself,, whether it is love r crush…. i know crush is a startng point of love dat only we say love at first sight,,, if its true in ua case,,. then decisn is in ua hands whether to move on r elz its upto u….
tanu::frankly speaking….my heart doesn’t feel anything abt it…. just my mind couldn’t accept d truth infrnt of my eyes…
pra:: soo it is nt love dear,, u just like hm…. soo dnt thnk nd dnt over react abt it…. i hope u vil understand d situation nd accept d truth…..
tanu:: thank u pra… am really confused abt it… thanks fr ua suggestion,, ua my bestiee..and hugs her…
pra:: its okk dear…No regrets ok,,b happy dear…. nd main thng noo thanks betwn frndzz….nw smileee….
tanu::: okkk,, nd smiles
pra:: cum lets goo fr lunch…
on d way….Pra thinks why abhi didn’t cum to clas,,??? wr he went???
In canteen….
Abhi,Bul, alia, Nikhil, vijay are talking to eachother……mean while pr and tanu reaches their…abhi notices pra cuming their and acts as ignoring her…pra sees abhi chitchatng with bulbul nd thinks why he doesn’t care abt me like bfre,, i thnk he must b frget abt me…tanu sees bul nd smiles at her…. all start eatng their lunch….
Screen shifts to a Room::
Pur:: waitng fr sumone…
Sumone came… pura:: why u called me here(with an uninterested voice)??tell me fast..
Face is shown its Riya..
Riya:: Wat d hell is gng btwn abhi nd pra??(with anger)
Pur was shocked to here dat nd says wat ua sayng riya???
Riya:: dnt act smart… i heared evrythng
Fb starts….
Abhi didn’t cum to clas to check whether pra misses hm r nt… abhi nd pur sitting on terrace(where pur confess his love to bul) nd chitchatng….Riya goes to abhi class bt she doesn’t find hm their… nd thinks to call hm,, Riya is calling abhi continuosly,,bt he didn’t pick her call…. nd starts of searching hm while she passes the way where he was,, she hears his phone ringtone nd stops their….listening their convo…..
Abhi:: did she loves me buddhu???
Pur:: hope soo,, to get true love we need to wait fr sumtym…
Abhi:: i know it…bt i cant stay away frm her….. u know wat… wen am around her nd to act as am ignoring her is killing me frm inside,, i cant ignore her anymre…
Pur:: i can understand ua feelng abhi… pragya di was soo simple,, to be loved by her,, u need to wait fr few days.. dnt loose ua hope…
Riya was shocked to hear dat nd thinks,, wat abhi is in love with pragya??then wat abt his sweety???…..
Abhi::mmmm,,yess bhuddhu shezz simple, sweet nd unique…. no one can replace her… i cant see into her eyes… it attracts me alot….
Pur:: smiles nd says enough of discussns,, cum lets goo all r waitng fr us in canteen..
Abhi:: No one will wait fr u,,, except ua bul…..nd smiles
Start to leave…. Riya notices it nd nd goes frm their…
Aftr they reached canteen…purab gets a msg,,, <>>>
He thinks fr a while,, why she wants to talk to me?? Nd thinks to go…he says to bul nd left frm their
Fb ends…
Pur stands silently..
Riya:: just break ua silence purab nd speak sumthng plzz…. u know dat i love hm ryt… pra,,, who d hell is she,, she came just few days back nd attracted my abhi towards her,, wat shez thinking abt her….. i know how to separate her frm hm…. nd i will do dat
Pur(thinks,,, u don’t know abt his past riya… nd its tym to reveal dat)…. while hez tryng to speak,,, Riya continuosly shouting at hm…pur:: will u stop ua Newsens… let me allow to speak frst(shouted at her)..
Riya stopped her blaberng,,, stood silently
Pur:: wat u think…. u can separate her frm him,,, its impossible…. they r not two to separate them,, they may be two persons to outside bt their heart is one,, they r made fr each other at heaven itself… dnt u dare to speak abt her like dat… U want to know abt their relatn ryt… then listen….
Screen frezzess with Riya confused face nd purab angry face

Precap:: Flashback of abhigya……..

Haii evry one… i know its small bt next one will b big episde….. thanks fr all ua comments…. nd sryy if am wrng at anypoint in my episode…. lopez dear,, thanks fr ua suggest, i will surely thnk abt it… nd plzz continue of givng ua suggestns to me… i need mre nd mre ua suggestions.. nd thanks to each evry reader…….

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