Can life exist after love failure?? Episode~2

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Haii friends…Bfre gng to d episode,, i just want to share few things regarding my life with u,, actually am a love failure,, Srryyy Nt love its a life failure… during my clg days my destiny decided to entr a guy in my life,, bfe dat guy entry,, my life was awesum with my darlus(my parnts, nd bro) nd my friends,, they r my world…
Aftr he came….!!!!!!!!! i dnt know wen he became my world, my life, my futre, My soulmate, evrythng to me…he made me complete… my world is asum wit him, my family nd my frnds(asusal priority has changed bt not neglecting my studies nd my family)..
hez d frst persn to whom i want to share evrythng in my life.. one day he propesd me… i took sum tym,, too check myself nd accepted aftr few days…. days passed happily… my world is sooo beautiful wit hm,,, My family also aceptd hm,, he too said dat his mom acceptd me( bt he didn’t said to hs father abt me)…
v wer in a realtn fr 3 nd half yrs … Donoo wat hapnd last 1 nd half yr back…. he said dat he doesn’t love me.. he didn’t say dat he never loves me,, he only said dat he don’t love me nw… i wnt believe his wrds bcz i know hm frm 4 yrs,,
i also know dat he still loves me bt i dnt know d reasn y hezz behaving sooo strnge suddenly,, iaftr his decisn am not in a positin to accept d truth at dat tym,, he went far frm me.. i was soo totally shuttered with his behavior.. am totally last in his thoughts fr 1 yr nt even intrestd in my carrer r futre bcz i taught hez my evrythng,, nt at all responded to anyone.. just my body is alive nt my soul,, i know without him i cant survive even a day in my life, suffered a lot( a lot is a asmall word).. my parents also disappointed with my behaviour( bcz dey knew am strongest persn,, they cant c me in dat pain),, 4 months back i came to know dat,,my frnd said to me,,then only i came to know abt reality bcz of his parents he betrayed me… his father was money minded,,, he wants his son to b married with his patner daughtr … fr dat reasn he went away frm me(i dnt know its true r not bt i was shuttered wit his decisn)…, soo i decided to move on,, fr my family sake,, they r very encouranging… Nd my bro also said to me dat life exist after love failure.. nd to distact frm his taughts,, i enterd into ua wrld,, nd was inspired by all ua ff,, bcz of u all only m decided to write dis ff…
Without any delay lets enter into.. D Episode…………….

Tanu asking pragya wr u lost jaanu?? Wt ua thnkng abt?? .. am calng u since 5mins…. Pragya:: Nothing dr….
Bulbul::: mmmmm… OOkkk .. enough of ua discussns..Cum lets go…
Meanwhile abhi phone rings and he says 2mins frndz i vil b back… abhi exits and pragya entry happens at d same time….
Tanu::: mrng guys… all r luking awesum(says seeing purab bcz she doesn’t know abt purbul love story,, she likes purab since 1 yr,, bcz dey r clg frndz nd shez nt sure abt love bt likes purab a lot) Wats up…. Nd b way shez pragya new joined,, same department…..
all d 4 boys(pur, nik,vij,viswa)Continuosly staring at our pragya… they cant evn take their eyes frm her,, bcz asusal v know shez soo pretty….
bulbul:: Pragya .. meet our besties purab,riya, alia, Nikhil, vijay,nd viswa … hey wr is our herooo…. no response frm any boys… they r lost in pragya beauty..Pragya feels embarresed nd sits calm,, bt her eyes are searching fr dat familiar voice…. bulbul noticed purab(as he was continuosly staring pragya by opening his mouth nd lost sum wr).. she cam near purab and asked wether shez dat much beautiful than me..

Pur:::yeahhh.. she luks like an angel.. wat a smile… shez soo simple nd sooo cutieee…. immediately she pinched hm…
purab:: Ooochhh…. he came to his sense nd luking evywr nd says watsss gng on….he saw bulbul sitting left to hm with anger nd staring hm.. omg.. purab ua out 2day… no one will save u..
bulbul:: wat d hell purab… how dare u to luk at her bfre me??(with an anger face)…..but suddenly her expesn changes and says i know she luks pretty,,bt u shud nt luk at her(in a low chidish voice)…. purab:: yyyy…yy I shud nt luk at her bulbul??? Wats ua prob in dat???(in a teasing tone)
Bulbul::: bczzz… uaaa myyy….??(suddenly stops ) Purab:: myyy??? Watt?? Bul:: Nthng….(by making pout reactn)
Riya:: purbul… enough of ua fights… lets order sumthing.. am hungry.. i evn didn’t had anything frm mrng,,
Vj nd viswa:: Wait wil brng sumthng to eat… Meanwhile Nikhil:: Tanu.. u luks gorgeous 2day…
Tanu:: Tq soo much nikhil.. bt she was staring at purab only… Nikhil::: blushess
suddenly purab phone rings…. he goes outside and speaks
purab::: Haaa bolo abhi…. wr u went.. we r waitng fr u here..
abhi:: pur,.. am nt in d campus,, actually my cousin met wit an accident soo i imedeiately rushed to hosipital…
pur:: hooo… is He ook??? Shall i cum dher..??..
Abhi:: nooo Pur.. nthng serious.. hez alright nw…actually.. i cant meet u nw.. soo aftr clg all of u cum to our meetng point.. i vil cum dher…(meetng point is nthng but dher is aplace near by dher clg… no one knows till.. expect dis gang… daily aftr clg dhey used to go dher nd will b talking fr 1-2 hrs nd will return to dheir homes ,, if any gud news r any issues r dher means,, they used too solve dheir only…its their luky nd lovely place)
Pur:: Mmm… Sure abhiiii… its our daily routine naaa… we wil b dher… abhi:: ookkk….. call ends
Purab conveys d msg to remaining ppl (witout mentioning his name)…. all said oookk nd had sum chit chat nd went to dheir classes… aftr clg hrs..
tanu und bul:::Hey pragya… cum lets go to our meetng point… our hero is waitng fr us their… Purab::: Yeahhh Pragya.. actually u still didn’t meet hm…. Cum lets go…
Pragya::: vooo…Purab actually… i need to go home,,, maa will b waitng fr me… sum other tm… plzz dnt mind guys…bt u know wat i had a grt tyn wit u…. frm 2marw i vil cum… sry frndz…
Alia:::: Sure….???

Pragya:::Pakka Sure…. pragya leaves and all remaining(except Vj nd viswa) also leaves to ther MP(meetng point)…
Abhi Reachd Their… Abhi:::hiii everyone… is their any issues hapnd 2day???? Riya::: Hii Abhi… U know wat i missed u soo much… Abhi::: ha ha ha…. me too riya… missed all our frndzz(till childhood abhi called her with her name only… nt even called with any pet name)
Tanu:: Yaaa… abhiii…v had a new entry in our gang… befre completing her sentence… Purab:: Yaaa… abhi… shezz sooo pretty nd sweet.. v cant even take our eyes frm her(by luking at bulbul romantically)…
Bulbul was disappointed wit his words(abhi noticed dat)….nd sits sad…
Nikhil::: yess… abhii… shezz sooo simple nd awesum…
abhi:: hoooo…. really(with an excitng tone)??? Dhen wr is she?? Yy she didn’t cum wit u??
Alia:: vooo…. actually… she said she need to go to her home,, her maa will b waitng fr her… soo she said she vil cum frm 2marw….
abhi::: mmmm(wit little disappointment noticed by purab)…..abhi cam near purab and said go nd meet ua jaanu she luks upset wit ua wrds,,, otherwise ua out man….
pur::went near bul nd he further went near her ear nd whispered…. she didn’t get dat nd says wat????
Purab:: with smiling face… says nthng…Bul::: u said sumthng now??(in a confused voice)… purab::: nthng..cum lets goo.. getting late…. bul:::mmm…okk(bt shez thinking…wat he wisperd…wat it means??) aftrsum few mins… they completd their chat… nd left to their home….
Aftr dinner:::
Abhi went to his rum and thinking abt pur nd Nikhil discriptn abt pragya(he didn’t know her name)…. is she dat beautiful ???yyy am dis much disturbed by their wrds??….anyways abhi dnt think abt her… ua gonna meet hr 2mrw,,right…enough of thinking… nd just sleep man… bt he cant listen wat his mind is sayng nd continuously thinking abt her… here our pragya also lost in her toughts in finding dat familiar voice….????whoz he???did i met him bfre???y my heart says,, i know hm bfre very well…. den who is he??? here screen freezes with both d faces
Episode ends…………..

Next Episode::: did pragya know abhi???did they met bfre??? Abhigya meetng… if dhey meet wat would b d reactn btwn them…. beginning of purbul love story…. will b ceen in next episode…. am sooo sryyy guysss… 2day their is noo abigya meetng r scenes…

Frndzzz… tq sooo much fr ua comments… am really soo blessed fr ua supprtng… nd one mre thng if ur borng wit my ff… plzzz u can directly say to me…. sooo dat i can rectify my mistake… plzzz drop ua valuable comments…

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