BY THE MOON (RABUL 6) Story continues from Abhigya POV

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Hellos. Hi Didis and Sissys and Chotis. Hope you are doing great. I have decided to mix the stories up from different couples but keep the story flowing, I think it makes more sense and will be good for the story so..lets continue.
This is long I know but read through all of it please…

Story continues from ABHIGYA POV


It’s been six months, six months since I met Purab and promptly fell in love with him to the point that if he died I’d follow immediately after because I cannot imagine a life without him. Six months of experiencing shit I would never have dreamt of. Honestly, if 7 months ago someone told me I’d be captured by a demon and have orange hair and that werewolves and seers exist… HA! I would have laughed in their faces and called them stupid. And yet here we are, not only do wolves exist but foolish me is hopelessly in love with one!!! Not only that, I am mated to him, A ferocious and growly but at the same time kind wolf who just happens to be the beta of the strongest wolf pack in this region!! OHH AM SOO SCREWED!!
Right now am headed to the seers residences, I need to see Rachna, ever since that incidence at the lake 2 days ago (with the red haired woman who no one has seen since Raj rushed her off to his house) Rachna hasn’t been the same since, she keeps saying she feels something horrible is going to happen very soon and she keeps going in and out of consciousness. You see I stayed with the seers for a month because stupid Purab refused to turn me into a wolf and in that period, Rachna and I became friends good friends ad so I have to see her because you know, that what friends do.

Look I am a wee little human being, not as little as my Di Pragya but still little. So, little as I am, I am living in a den of wolves and seers and if all the rumors are to be believed about the Red haired lady, witches too!!!…Like people SERIOULY? The f**k is this shit? Witches!! f**kING WITCHES??!! Like seriously??

Speaking of which, you guys should now seriously get why am pisced at Purab right? Seriously, look around me, with all these threats of demons and rogue wolves east right and center, my stupid mate, s*xy Purab that is, has STILL adamantly refused to turn me into a wolf! And not due to lack of trying, Oh nooo! I have tried. I have tried soo hard I stopped trying, or atleast he thinks I stopped! We have argued about this for months… starting five months ago when I almost became demon food and lived through night mares for weeks. I begged, pleaded, explained, argued, abused and even fought him over this and at some point I had had enough, so I left and went to the seers and Subadhara as usual saw it coming and had taken me in for a month. Here is the catch though. See the reason why I will always believe that the male species, whether human or wolf or dog or cat or insect, just the male species in general are foolish confused creatures is because, instead of my s*x s*xy stupid mate just giving me what I wanted and turn me in to a wolf, the foolish idiot decided to sleep outside of Subadhara’s house for a month!
Like he would come in the night turn into a wolf and lay down on the veranda and sleep there for the night and on top of that, he never left in the morning until I came out of the house and showed him my face!!! I cannot tell you how many times I was tempted to go back with him, but my proud self refused to until I got what I want. But tell you what, someone please give Purab a medal for greatest pig headed person/wolf who ever lived because even as I rant on now….I AM STILL HUMAN!!! With gloriously bright orange hair to show for all my efforts!!

Anyway back to the present. I finally get to the seers’ and as soon as I am in hearing distance, I ran to the house without even removing my shoes. What makes me ran and panic? Well when I get close to the house, I hear a deafening and keening cry and later agitated cries and so I run as fast as my human legs can carry me, lucky for me it’s not too far…ALLELUJAH! Because I tell you, I am not a runner!! PHEW! Even the 200 meters I have run feel like a marathon arey!!

Breathing and panting as I am, I rush to the living room and I stop dead in my tracks, or lehangas as that is what I am wearing right now. Rachna is lying on the floor in the sitting room, her hair is as silver as it was the other day on the lake, but this time, her eyes have turned a glassy silver too, Subadhara’s when she is “seeing” or “creeping me out” like I like to call it turn a plain white but Rachna’s at the moment are worse. On top of it all, Rachna is fighting on the floor she is wiggling and turning about all sides like someone is pocking her in the ribs. The house its self has turned to a scary supernatural chill that just freaks me out more and all Rachna, keeps saying is, it’s coming, I can feel it, something bad, and big and dark. I can fell it…each word comes out like she is going through utter pain to speak it and her voice tone has an eerie out of this world quality to it. Subadhara 1500 years old as she is, is surprisingly holding her down but all I can manage to do at the moment is stand there and look on frozen in place.

Sub: (in a chiding voice) Child instead of standing there like a lost cat how about you make yourself useful
Me: (still looking at Rachna in shock)Huh!
Me: (Snapping out of it) Haa
Sub: (while holding Rachna down to reduce her fighting) I said make yourself useful?
Me: (Still rooted to my spot and fidgeting with my fingers. Also scared shitless) What should I do?
Sub: (shaking her head like she is exasperated) Go call the Alphas… Now!!
Me: (Still Standing) Ok
Sub: (Shouting) Now!!
Me: (Looking around like am confused, because I swear to god this whole thing has turned my brain to mush) huhh
Sub: I said NOW!!
Subadhara shouting at me like that snaps me out of my fear induced mush brain stupor and I turn and run, and once I start, all I can think is… “Get the Alpha’s to the seers’ house, Rachna in danger”


I am walking in from the woods, also known as the place we like to go and hunt in our wolf forms and that’s when I fell the agitation, I stop dead in my tracks because i tell you calling what I feel agitation is the understatement of the year, agitation doesn’t describe what I am feeling, it’s more of a gut wrenching and deep boned chills down your back kind of fear and worry and…Tiredness? I turn and look at Akash coz I came with him from the woods, he looks at me worried and I look away trying to concentrate on what it is I am feeling. Ok this is weird, 5 seconds ago I was happy and blissfully sated from all those bunnies I had hunted but…hold on…thats not…that’s when I realize it’s not from me, that fear, that fear is … it’s from, its from.. Bulbul? OH MY GOD BULBUL…I start running immediately… this feeling was soo sudden and so extreme it actually took me some time to realize it’s from my mate, and that’s why the moment I realize where it’s from, I set off into a run soo fast I don’t even have time for Akash.

We run for a bit me following the direction I can feel the feeling coming from, coz I know that’s where I find will Bulbul. We run for approximately a minute and thats when I notice it, or rather her. An orange blast of something moving fast, I swear I cannot believe it but that is my Bulbul!! If it wasn’t for the fear and determination I can see on her face, I would have laughed soo hard because seriously Flamy as I like to call her is the worst runner there is, when it comes to running, ohh God she is soo hopless, but seeing her running now, Usain bolt has got nothing on her!! (This deduction could be biased since she is my mate and I love her like crazy and I think she looks beautiful but maan!!)

My mind had wondered off looking at her, I know but what promptly brings me back forward and center is the fact that Bulbul had almost run past me and Akash like she hadn’t seen us, if it were not for my quick reflexes she would have gone past us, hell even after i get grab a hold of her, she fights me off and I have to hold her more strongly to stop the struggling


I was running toward one goal the Alpha house that I didn’t see whoever is holding me now coming, I realize too late after I have been held and am struggling for them to let go so I can get on to the Alpha house,
Me: (Struggling to get free from the hands holding me) Let me go, I need to get to the Alpha. Let me goo

When I set off to run I had one phrase going through my head “Get the Alphas to the seers’ house, Rachna is in danger” I don’t even know how far I have run or for how long, all I know is haven’t gotten to where I need to go and whoever is holding me down is hindering me!!

I shout again and again for them to let me go. Seeing what I had seen and knowing that Subadhara depended on me to get the Alphas I don’t have time for someone thinking now is the time to hold me down and stop me from doing what I gatta do, and so when I shout at them again to let me go and the don’t I use the one weapon I have, my teeth! I grab onto my captors hand which is nearest to me with my teeth and I sink them down as hard as possible, I hear him swear and feel his grip slacken, I use it to my advantage and wiggle free then immediately set off running again all the time thinking, TAKE Alphas to Subadhara’s house..


If it were not for the sheer look of fear on Bulbul’s face and the fact that she didn’t even recognize that it was her ate holding her, something that has never even been heard of between mates, I would have been rolling with laughter at this whole scenario. First Bulbul is running, and she is running fast, people Bulbul is the worst runner I have seen in my life, and trust me if Purab ever turn her into a wolf, she will still be a horrible runner. She is just bad at running but seeing her run like Kali has released all her demons after her is funny as hell, or atleast it should be. As if her running isn’t bad enough, she went and bit Purab, HARD!! He was actually startled and the initial look of shock on his face is actually quite funny.
What takes all the fun out of the situation though is the look on Bulbul’s face and the feeling coming off of her, sheer fear and between that a kind of determination I have never felt off her before, even when she was hell bent on having Purab turn her into a wolf, she had never been this determined, whatever she had seen had scared her shitless to the point that she couldn’t even notice her own mate when he held her.

Anyway after she bites Purab, his hold slackens and she used it to her advantage, she quickly twists out of his hold and she runs off again, however what she says almost to herself while running off is what grabs a hold of my heart and squeezes like it will never let go, see as she runs off in her fear induced stupor, she repeats the words over and over again..
“Get Alpha’s to Seers’ house, Rachna in danger”
I cannot explain what it is but hearing her whisper the words Rachna is in danger, twists something inside of me so so sooo hard I feel my heart could burst from it and that’s when I realize why that is…… RACHNA IS MY MATE!!


Saying am shocked my mate didn’t recognize who is was cannot begin to describe how I feel when Bulbul fails to recognize me and even goes on ahead to bite me and run off, when she repeats to her self those words like a chant I know, whatever it is is more serious than I initially thought, I half pay attention to Akash as he runs off in the direction of the seers house because then I decide to go after Bulbul.

Even at her fastest she is no match for me I catch up to her in like 15 seconds and instead of stopping her, this time I just scoop her up in my arms and continue running in the direction of the Alpha house. Good thing though this time, she doesn’t protest, she just wraps her hands around my neck closes her eyes and continues to chant her words, over and over again
“Get Alpha’s to seers’ house, Rachna in danger, Get Alpha’s to Seers’ house. Rachna in danger”

The more she chants the faster the words blurr into each other. I stop paying attention to her chant because I have now fully realized that whatever it is, it is bad so I run soo fast and within a minute I have run the 3 remaining miles to the Alpha house, Abhi must have heard us coming because as we get into the house, he and Pragya run down the stairs soo fast to meet us down in the living room, Pragya immediately rushes to Bulbul and holds her hand..

Pr: (worriedly holding her sister’s hand) Bulbul, Bulbul.
Bul: (eyes open but she isn’t really looking at anyone, she is just staring off into space) Get Alphas to Seers’ House Rachna in danger
Ab; (worriedly looks to me then to Bulbul, then to me again) Purab what’s going on
Me; hell I don’t know, found her running towards this side and has been saying those darn words ever since
Pr; (holding onto her sister and shaking her over and over again as if to wake her up) Bulbul. Bulbul. Bulbul…please tell us what’s going on (slaps slaps on her face)
Bul: (still staring off into space and not seeing anyone) Get Alpha’s to seers’ house, Rachna in danger
After soo many attempts of trying to get Bulbul to “wakeup” and nothing has worked, which included me calling out to her in our bonded voice, I am beginning to worry.
Dadi: (coming down stairs after watching and realizing what’s going on) Purab beta, whatever Bulbul saw at the seers’ must have scared her, only you can reach her
Me: (To exasperated to even believe her) But how Dadi, she didn’t even recognize me and I am her mate
Dadi: (kindly holds my hand) look I have a theory and it’s the better than nothing. Are you willing to try, it’s pretty simple actually. Sometimes the answers are in the simple things.
Me: (impatiently) Dadi just tell what to do.
Dadi: turn her head and expose your mating where you bit her the very first time you mated.
Me; what?
Dadi; just do it, you want her back you have to do it here, I know mating marks and bonds are a private thing but do as I say
Me: Fine

I turn Bulbul’s neck and Radha bless Abhi and Pragya, they turn their backs on us to give us privacy. Anyway I turn her neck and pull down her top to expose her mating mark then I look to Dadi for more instructions
Dadi: Elongate your wolf fangs and gently, bite down on the mark, not so hard to break the skin but hard enough and then when doing that, reach across the mating bonds and call her from there.
Me; (I look at Dadi exasperatedly)
Dadi: don’t worry, I will turn around as well.

After Dadi turns around, I do as she instructed, I elongate my fangs and press down hard on Bulbul’s mating mark, hard but not hard enough to draw blood. (A mating mark is basically the scar left on the body after a wolf bites another during their first mating, in this case, it was the scar I left on Bulbul when I bit her to save her from the demon. And the bond can only be described and a series of invisible life like lines connecting a mated couple. Life like because a mated pair can feel them even imaginarily touch them, they are pretty much living breathing things that can be cut and can die and even tear. )

Anyway the moment I bite down I feel our mating bond come to life, (Anyway I reach across the bond lines as I bite down on her and I gently and softly whisper her name in my head and project it across our bonds. Immediately like someone had poured a bucket of ice water on her, she awakes… screaming Very very! loudly!! And at the same time, she immediately jumps out of my arms and looks quickly around and around like a cornered scared dog. Everyone in the room gasps, shocked that Dai’s theory actually worked! Anyways she confusedly looks around for a bit and then like as if a cloud is being lifted, she calms down, stands very still, looks to the floor, closes her eyes for a bit looks up…and then her eyes focus on me.

Bulbul: OH SHIT!! OOOOH SHIIT!! CRP CRAP CRAP how long was I out did I faint..noo noo noo. (Walks around madly then focuses on Abhi and Pragya, looks at them for a bit then runs to them and grabs both their hands) we need to get to the Seers house NOW!! Rachna is going through some creepy stuff, her hair is all silver like at the lake, he eyes as well are silver as in pure glassy shining, no black seen anywhere in them. Hell Subadhara has nothing on her!! Its chilly in that house like a grave yard. Soo chilly (as she says this, it’s like she remembers it and she shivers a bit) Also she keeps shouting its coming, something bad is coming and Subadhara says I call you… (a shiver runs through her again and I know it’s not from the cold but from the fear of what she saw and is remembering)

As soon as she says “Subadhara says I call you”, Abhi and Pragya look at each other, grab each-other’s hand and run off to the direction of the Seers’ house. I scoop Bulbul up again, she looks at me worriedly and I run off with her in my arms after Abhi and Pragya. WHAT EVER THIS IS, IT IS BAD.


I am sleeping on the floor, in the room the really s*xy guy (whose name I don’t know because I never asked and I have refused to live this room for 2 days now) gave me in his house. I am on the floor and that’s when I feel it, the stirring I felt at the Lake the other day, the stirring like something asleep or dead is awakening, more like dead because whatever is awakening is huge!! But unlike at the lake where it felt like a real awakening, painful as it was but also simple, this, this time it feels dangerous. Not dangerous to me, but to something, something like an enemy. Something that is not here yet but something that is coming. It’s like whatever has decided to awaken at this time, is awakening to protect!! The sheer force of it, is alarming but its also safe because its making me feel like I can depend on it!! From the urgency and force of what I inside me, I don’t have time to analyse or think about what it is, like I am on auto pilot, I just stand up and walk out of the room shouting, Mister. Mister, Mister. (ok I really should have asked what’s his name was.)

The s*xy man runs to me only wearing his shorts, (I swear if it weren’t for the urgency I was feeling I would have jumped him there and then and rape him. He is just sooo s*xy his abs …wait are those eight…eight packs…this man has eight packs ohhh goddess me!! ) anyways I don’t have time for all that so when I meet him in the middle of his sitting room I just look at him and I think it’s the fighter and soldier inside of him that recognizes what I don’t say, what I cannot explain. He just holds my hand and we walk out the door, we stand infront of the door holding hands and wait for whatever it is. I don’t know what is coming, but from the stirring inside me, I know it’s a battle… and like as though I have done this a million times before, I stand there holding his hand, ready, ready for it to come.


When he touches me, I don’t have to look to know its Akash, but the moment he does, all the energy that has been swirling around me suffocating me and threatening to drown me, clears, it’s still present and heavy but it’s more settled now, settled and calm enough for me to see through it and immediately I manage to see whatever it was that has been eluding me for 2 days, since that day at the lake when I met her and when I see it, it chills me to my bone!!!
Ak: Rachna what is it.
Sub: Tell Child
Me: (my eyes clear and I sit up, I look straight at Akash and a tear runs down my cheek) Ohh Akash. It too late, We are too late. TOO LATE. IT IS HERE.


We are running to the seers’ house and before we can reach the tree path on the right, a dead scream stops us all, I turn around and what I see makes me wish I was never alive to have to face it….

Precap: Lucky for you Purab I have been training how to fight!!
Dadi, Dasi, Tayaji, round off all the submissive wolves, the women who cannot fight and the children and take them as fast as possible to Radha’s cave.

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