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Hellos , first of all am sorry for all those I promised to write and never did, I really tried but I just didn’t have time, so I wrote this in bits till it got done today and now am posting it, I cannot promise anything else but I will try my best to continue the story. I know some people want Abhigya love story but a story is never developed well if the supporting characters are not developed as well, so sorry to disappoint you guys but I will develop this story and do it justice. Failure to develop all characters well is what took Mrunal Thakul outta KKB and since she is my Bulbul well…we don’t want her to leave us too.
But don’t worry, Abhigya has a lot coming up, precap says alot

But I MISSED YOU GUYS LIKE HELL MISSES FIRE!! Hahah love you guys enjoy. Off to start another story as I have some time today.


My name is Mithali, Like my family’s Bahu calls me Mithali Bhabi. Funny how the stupid title stuck to the point that even my own Maa calls me Mithali Bhabi! What’s worse am not married!! So technically am her Nanad. I told her this and she said she was prophesying that I would marry, may be even her Bhai. I am a rounded size eight on the plus size a mole on the side of my lip, big round eyes and to top it all off a head full of red hair, so red it’s the color of blood!!

Anyway speaking of my family, we live in a small village in the forest of Punjabi, the Village has about 100 people living in it. I knooow you are going ask why a village of 100 live hidden away in a forest but before you ask, I will answer. When all 100 of you, well 99 really excluding me, have a massive gift and secret to hide, well you hide!!
See my family and the Villagers EXCLUDING ME, are a group of extremely gifted healers and practice elementary magic, by that I mean on top of their healing abilities, they can as well manipulate the elements that is, water, Fire Air and Earth. My mother, Abitha is the strongest earth witch and here is the best (or worst of it if you are looking at it from my side) mili Papa Jatasya like is name is the strongest water wizard you will ever cross paths with. And me Mithali their first born daughter am the strongest Nothing witch!!

I have no powers, zilch! Nara! Zero! Nahi! Just nothing! And well shame to say I am an embarrassment to my family, don’t get me wrong, my parents love me, my mother encourages me and she keeps telling me “never under estimate the depth of an empty well” I understand depth but no matter how deep, I am still an empty well.

Because I have no magic, I cannot even perform the simplest of healing spells so when I hurt, I need to go to my mother because she atleast has learned to hide the pity in her eyes. My father looks at me with love but I can see the pain there not for him or the shame he has faced because of me but pain for me, for what I have to be going through. My brother hides his pain for me behind mockery but I can see it too and my Bhayo well she is a kind young woman but she is not old enough to hide the pity behind the kindness.

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See in Akhila (name of our forest hidden village of 100 population) every child undergoes a right of passing ceremony. At the age of 3 years, children begin to depict their power, a child is playing and suddenly the earth moves around them, EARTH WITCH, a ghast of wind blows them and they float in the air without crying or screaming…. AIR WITCH! Steps in a lake and the water parts.. WATER WITCH or accidentally touches fire and doesn’t get burnt…FIRE WITCH!
Then at age sixteen the children or teens perform a ceremony where they offer their power to the service of the goddess who then blesses them and with the blessings their power increases and then you are a full grown witch/Wizard.

But then there was me Mithali, at age 3, nothing, at age 5, nop, 10 nothing 14 nothing 15 my parents had lost hope and at the age of sixteen, well no ceremony was held for me because there was no power to bless the goddess with. I was the laughing stock of my pears and I remember the pain and shame of it all. I remember the hidden laughter, the way my age mates looked down their noses at me and the shame my parents got from the elders “how can two of the strongest witches have an empty and incomplete daughter” for a village whose name translates to wholesome/with no gap, I was the gap, I was empty to the others fulfilledness and at age 28 I am done.

You think it’s just about the shame, I am 28 and unmarried, my parents are one of the most powerful families in Akhila and yet no man was willing to marry the empty shame. My 25 yr old brother Kairav, a rather strong water witch is married to Aarunya a 21 year old fire witch with their first son on the way. So at 28, no magic, unmarried and with the shame, pity and pain looks to sustain me seven lifetimes I have had enough.

I am thinking all this making my way through the forest, few cloths in my luggage on my back, chunri wrapped around my head and am going somewhere, anywhere as long as it’s far from here. No one in my family knows I have left as it’s in the middle of the night and they are all sleeping, my family will hurt but it will be lesser than what I have already caused them or will cause them if I stay! I lift my eyes to the sky and ask the goddess to guide my footsteps and then I walk on to an uncertain future…


I look down in the darkness at my desolate child making her way from her village, from the life she knows, a hard life yes but she had love but because of me or Fate she has to live it all behind. One day may be she will return but for now the power resting inside her has to awaken and her destiny she must meet.
She prayed that I may guide her footsteps and all a mother has to do is guide her child’s feet to her path of destiny and so Mithali my child on your way please go.
I look up to see Radha and Ganga looking at me with wonder and confusion but also with understanding. I turn and look at my child walking alone in the darkness and all I can think is


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So my name is Raj, Raj Mehra enforcer of the great Mehra pack I am big I am tall not so bright in the head like Akash my kid brother but I can fight. Truthfully if I felt up to it, I could beat Abhi in one on one combat but that’s not my deal, I love him and he is a great alpha and I would kill and die for him. I have killed for him sooo many times to count. I have fought so many wars and battles for him in my 600 years and I have the scars to prove it, one of the is lined on the side of my face deep and ferocious makes the pups fear me, the brave ones want to touch it and the women, well cannot be seen with an ugly beast like me but still fantasize about sleeping with me. I am not a virgin, because unlike she-wolves the human women are very adventurous they love to say I slept with a very big man with a huge scar!!

Anyway am sitting in my house about 500m away from the Alpha house where Abhi stays with his mate Pragya and all the Oldies of the family when one of my men knocks hardly on my door.
Me: (shouting) what is it Jaivant!
Jai: Raj ji there is some commotion at the lake something about Rachna and a stranger who no one knows how she got into the compound to go as far as the lake.
Though I gatta hand it to this kid, he is like what 60yrs, but he doesn’t flinch when I shout and I know with the scar I can be scary, but not Jai, he looks me straight in the face no flinching no nothing and says
Me: How did a stranger get past the goddess walls? How???
Jai: I don’t know boss, it isn’t supposed to happen and we are not prepared for someone to simply walk in past the goddess fences I cannot say it’s an oversight on us because you know
Me; (Calmly) yea it’s supposed to be impossible. Is every one alright?
Jai: As far as I know, I say the Alphas headed that way.
Me; When?
Jai; About 2 minutes ago, I ran here.
Me: okay if it’s not life and death let me wear some points and ill join you.

Jai runs off in the direction of the lake and I quickly change pants and run off too. However when I get there I am in shock, Jai said it’s not a life and death situation but when I get there it’s more a death than life situation. There is Rachna lying half in half out of the lake, her normally very black hair has turned silver not just any silver but a pure silver and she is holding a certain lady, (the stranger I guess) she is holding onto her hand like it’s a life line! I cannot see the lady’s face but all I can see is long long volumes of blood red hair. The first thing I can think of is WOW!! I wanna run my hands through it but then Rachna make a strangled noise and I snap back to reality

The first thing I notice is the static charged air, like the air in conducting electricity then I notice Rachna like this holding on to her, my enforcer brain quickly comes forward and I run to them as fast as possible. It feels like someone is playing with charged electric wires on my skin its irritating and eerie at the same time, that feeling immediately alerts me that whatever is going on, its definitely super natural.

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Abhi and Purab are trying to pull them apart but nothing. When I get there I quickly push Abhi and Purab away, it’s like a voice is whispering in my ear to do just that!! I pull Abhi away and push Purab in the lake. His orange haired girlfriend snarls at me but I don’t care!
I take a hold of the Red woman’s hand and pull her away with all my might, she passes out in my arms immediately. Just then one of my enforcers runs and tries to grab her from me, maybe to lock her up. I really don’t care coz all I know is if that wolf had touched her he would have lost his hand or his head!! But lucky for him before he touches her I snarl ant him soo hard the orange in my eyes showing and my claws and fangs elongating, he backs off immediately to his shock and everyone else’s there I cradle the red lady deeper into my arms.
In my side vision I see Akash getting Rachna out of the water and I briefly notice that her hair has turned back to its normal Jet back colour.
A few minutes later I feel the shift in the environment, I look around and from the looks on everyone’s face and how they keep looking around to see what’s going on, I guess they feel it too.

It starts as a simple coldness in the air, than later turns warm then cold again, soon the earth starts to vibrate like an earth quake is moving through it, then the water of the lake start to rise up of their own like they are being manipulates and just then the dry patches of grass by the tree line start to catch fire. I am confused but not scared and shockingly none of the present pack members shouts or runs they instead all just keep soo silent it’s like a grave yard and they watch.

The lady in my arms moves in my arms and wriggles her body hardly and harshly all the while rubbing her face and sticking her fingers in it. While all this happens, the earth tremors, the water dancing in space, the ghasts of wind and the fire intensify and that’s when I realize they are connected, I sit upright and watch the lady in my arms wriggle harder and scratch harder and the harder the more she wriggles the more the elements get out of hand, soon her hand is grabbing my shirt and she doubles over in pain and immediately the wind ghashes harder that some people fall to the ground and the water in the lake explodes to a new high, the fire burns as high as the trees and the Earth quake intensifies that pack members have to lay on the ground to avoid from falling to the ground.

I don’t know what it is but I just know what to do I hold stand up quickly and carry the woman in my arms and run with her to the lake, I walk into the water ragging as it is but am not scared, I walk in and as soon as the water touches her she immediately starts to calm down and so does the elemental storm, I hold her in the water until everything dies down and then…she open her eyes!!!

Precap: How do you know my name? ……. Also somewhere else Abhi, Ohh Abhi, that feels soo good yeas do it again OHH Abhi… ABBHIIIIII.

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