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Story continues from MITHRAJ (INTRO)



Since I met Pragya 6 months ago, well a lot has happened, she has turned into a wolf a very white wolf whose paws are white as well. Hell on top of nicknaming her Chashmish and Fuggi I gave her a new nickname which she hates even more than Fuggi just to show how shockingly white her wolf is.… I call her SP, which stands fooorrr… SAPHED PANJE commonly translated to White Paws!! Hahah as I speak right now I have brand new claw scars healing on the side of my face simply because on a particularly bad morning I called her SP when she had just woken up, I tell you I laughed and bled so hard. But that’s not even the worst part, get this, after she claws in half my face, she stands up tiny as she is, sticks her nose in the air humphhs and walks off with her tiny big steps with not so much as a sorry!! Who ever said mating was glorious!! BUT I still laugh soo hard when I think about it and I swear she will be the death of me!!

Speaking of being the death of me that one, tiny as she is, she is the s*xiest woman I have ever laid eyes on, the pack thinks Tanu is s*xy but Tanu compared to my Pragya is nothing. I find her sooo s*xy when she talks when she stands up to bully pack members twice her height and size and faces them down until they bow to her dominance! When she is training and learning how to fight then she manages to outsmart her trainers, mostly Purab, Akash and Raj…s*xY. When she looks after her sister and becomes an example to all the she-wolves in the pack…s*xY. But s*xiest of them all is when she turns her eyes and looks at me from across a crowded room like am the only man in the room, or even in the world, then her lips curl up in a s*xy little smile and then she shyly looks down, looks back up at me with the s*xiest eyes I have ever seen and all I want to do I grab ahold of her and pit a baby in her! MY GOOD!! s*xy! s*xy! s*xy! s*xY!

Anyways I speak right now am looking down at the pack training grounds, as part of my new policies, with this demon threat and new evidence that Tanu is working with the demon, as a rule all pack members of age 8 and above should know how to fight not because when war comes which I know is coming I need them to fight but because I need them to know how to protect themselves. Its been 5 months since the demon last attacked, the last time was when it attacked Bulbul and Purab had to mate bite her to save her, they survived but not completely unscathed. On top of a touch of darkness to their souls you can feel when they get angry, Bulbul was left with a gift of bright orange hair instead of her brown one, with an urge to be turned into a wolf that even till now, Purab has refused to fulfill!

See the children between ages 8-13 or even 15 depending on their size(small) are trained at distant combat, basically how to throw daggers, archery and using a cross bow and how to dodge one if it was thrown or shot at you, or how to save a pack mate if they were shot at. This is to ensure that they can protect themselves without coming in direct contact with the enemy. Some of the children’s parents insist that they learn hand to hand combat as well, few tricks that when used can give them an escaping chance. But I limited this to 12 years and above. The advantage they have is as children, supernatural children at that they are more agile and faster than the mature ones. No child below eighteen should even think of having to protect themselves, that’s responsibility for the elders but desperate times call for desperate means.

So am currently standing at the helm of the practice grounds in the den watching children, women, men and teens learn to fight, protect and defend themselves and am proud of my pack, I am actually more proud of Raj, my enforcer for the way he has handled all this training.

Am still looking down and around and that’s when I see my SP! She is amazing and am proud! Her limited size and height is a disadvantage but she turns it into an advantage, she uses it to move very fast. I know that even in her wolf form she is faster than average but seeing her now, DAYUM!! She is currently training with Akash and to my shock she is just as good as him. She really learns fast!

She is fighting/training against Akash with a staff and her with 2 short clubs in both hands and man she swings those things like a pro! I might be biased but in all truth, I have never seen a woman move like that and I have seen Tanu fight! I mean she ducks, jumps, rotates and dodges that thing so fast you can’t even keep up! I am a very very proud mate! I am actually sure Akash is benefiting more from training with her than her with him, I now understand why all want to train with her.

Anyway am standing here ogling my mate and then she turns around and looks at me, I swear to God I erect immediately and its funny because if you look at her, she is just soo uns*xy right now, she is sweating…dripping actually, her hair is stuck in her face, soil patches stuck on her skin in all places from rolling around in the dirt. Honestly anyone else will tell you she is disgusting but me nooo all she has to do is look at me with those big s*xy eyes and just like that little Abhi is ready to goo!


To tell you the truth I love training soo much, I just love Abhi more but I really really really love training and today I have mastered the double clubs. I know this how? Well after Raj, Akash is the next best Person fighting with a staff and yet I held up against him! I have seen seasoned fighters being taken down by Akash and his staff but I never fell down once and I got hit by it like 4 times in the 10 minutes we were at it.

I am using the back of my hand to wipe sweat off my forehead and that’s when I feel it, the tingling on my spine the one that only means one thing, Abhi is here, he is close or he is watching me but either way he is here. So I immediately turn around to look for him and my eyes land on him, he is standing at the raised helm of the training grounds and he is watching me! Honestly I am shocked, Abhi, ever since I very loudly, with claws involved explained to him that rain or shine I will train and fight had never been to the training grounds when I was training. At first I was soo angry with him and him with me that we spent 3 days not saying a word to each other. We slept in the same bed, ate together sometimes even held hands and hugged but no talking to each other, it was stupid but we were angry and since I cannot go far away from him especially when am angry or he is angry, we had to settle for not talking.

Then one morning on day 4 of my silent strike the idiot decides he is tired of the silence he decides that the first thing I should hear when I wake up is my darned nickname “SP” I swear to the goddess the man has a death wish. He knows I hate that nickname with a passion just as much as I hate the impracticability of my paws. Look I know I have white paws okay, don’t rub it in my face the first thing I wake up especially when I am angry at you unless u want your face to be scratched off!! And that is exactly what he got!! 4 months down the road and he still has scars the prove it!

You see wolves heal…fast. But wounds caused by mates are quite different, they take longer to heal, Radha’s way of reminding the couple not to push each other that far and when angry not to hurt each other. Trust me, every time I see my claw marks on his face, now that my anger is no more (though I still hate that stupid nick name) I die a little inside of shame, guilt and regret and Abhi says he will still call me SP (the idiot) but he just won’t do it first thing in the morning especially when am angry at him.

Anyway I understand why Abhi refused to train me or even watch me train, as his mate, he just cannot see me get hurt, no matter how unintended and he definitely cannot hurt me himself.
That is why six months later despite her prodding and insults and all kinds of insolence like staying with the seers for a month, Purab has still refused to turn Bulbul because of the pain associated with the ceremony. Bulbul turned to Abhi but he is Purab’s best friend and so cannot over look is friend and Beta’s decision and now knowing what having a mate feels like I cannot turn her either because the decision will not only enormously hurt Purab but her as well.

That why the 2 months of my training were worse, I always showed up beat up especially since I asked Raj to train me because I depended on his rationality and ability to put feelings aside and do what needs to be done. See when I told the man don’t go soft on me he didn’t and boooyyy I almost asked him again to go soft on me for once. Trust me I now fully understand why he is the pack’s enforcer, his force of will is amazing. Anyway. Those first months were horrible and what made it worse was in the first two weeks when it was all bad, I used to show up beaten and bruised and the Abhi would show up beaten and more tired than usual, I used to see him train and he always came back bright and happy because he is a darn good fighter, maybe, just maybe only Raj can beat him but other than that he is un beatable! And yet he began showing up tired and bruised and silent and solemn and brooding. Then he would carry me to the bath tab and he soak us naked in warm water after which he would dress any wounds I had and he always seemed to know where they were without me telling him.

I began to worry and so when I asked Dadi she said “Child you are his mate, when you hurt he feels it, physical emotional all of it, he feels it all, when Raj hits you, he hits him as well and that’s why he knows where your wounds are and also why he shows up wounded and tired, they are not his wounds they are yours Beti”
Ohh I almost died, I couldn’t believe due to my stubbornness I had intentionally hurt him. I was so disappointed in myself but just when I felt I could drown in the sorrow and lack of selfworth and self-disappointment, there he was, consoling me and telling me it would be ok… I remember the words till now

AB; Look SP, I know you have to train, I know I cannot protect you and the pack at the same time, I might be an Alpha but am not a god, I cannot do it all, so when I cannot protect you, I need to know that you can protect yourself, that’s why I endure the pain, I don’t like it, but if it’s the price I have to pay for your safety, I will gladly pay it, and it also helps to know that its Raj training you, he is my Bhai, he will protect you with his life and can never cause you unnecessary harm or pain. So am ok don’t hurt, I really harm so you don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed. I love you fuggi.

I honestly understood what he was saying but I was still so angry with myself I refused to train for the next 4 days. But you see men are complicated, on the 5th day this idiot wakes up, grabs and carries me to the training grounds drops me in the middle, walks out and closes the gate. Only for me to turn around and face a very angry Raj who simply said, protect yourself and he started swinging a sword…and that’s how I started training again.

Anyway seeing Abhi here today is just sooo amazing, he is standing on the raise platform bordering the training grounds and am extremely glad he can see me now, and see how great I have become at this, anyway using my wolf gaze I zoom in on him and ohhh my God…Has? has he erected?
Jesus am sooo disgusting why would he be turned on right now. I don’t even have time to think, all I can think of is Abhi and his…umm umm. I look up at him coyly and am sure he is zooming in on me with his wolf gaze, so I smile, turn around and walk towards the house swaying my tiny butt. I don’t need to look to know he is following so I break into a run for the house…


Like I said… s*xiest woman alive!! I am currently running after my mate ohh the things am going to do with and to her, I catch up with her just as she steps past the threshold of our house, I don’t even lose a step as I bend down and scoop her up in my arms and run with her up the stairs, she is dying in fits of laughter and am laughing too. Happy. When I get to our suite in the house, I just kick in the main door and drop her on the first surface I see, a table. I immediately reach for her mouth as she reaches for mine and soon we are kissing passionately, tongues playing in each others mouths and soon I want more. I start to kiss down her neck but she protests saying she is dirty and sweaty sooo I scoop her off the table and we head for the bathroom


Am naked even before we get to the bathroom and so is he, he is soo big and am sooo tiny down there but also soo wet because he really is sooooo big. I swear if I didn’t know better id say he wouldn’t fit, but I know he will fit because he has fit soo many times before. Seeing him naked in all his glory makes me sooo aroused my eyes even cross from the pleasure of looking at him being aroused for me. Then I don’t need him to drag me to the bathroom because I grab hold of his hand and drag him inside myself! He turns on the shower and before the water even starts to flow, he is kissing me again! And playing with my boobs with his hands ohh it feels soo good. The water running on us from the shower is cold but none of us even cares, we are too lost in s*xual bliss and arousal! Hell before I know it, he presses me against the shower wall and grabs hold of my thighs and lifts me up, I automatically wrap my legs around his pelvis which causes him to nestle right between my thighs….i almost die from the pleasure…it feels soo good and as if that’s not hard enough he puts one of my nip*les into his mouth and I lose it! I climax there and then!


Ohh my God, if I don’t get inside her right now, I am afraid I will lose it because right now I am sucking on body everywhere, he neck, her nip*les, he shoulders and all the time my fangs are elongated and I want to bite her. and she is ridding and gyrating on me and OH GOD I swear I have had enough!! I grab her thighs and use them raise her abit higher and then….. She lets out a high pitched moan but I don’t even have time to wait, I make love to her fast and hard and soon all you hear is Yeass Abhi, ohh God oh yasss….moree please don’t stop. Ohhh dear….and soon I feel her climax she looks sooo beautiful and s*xy in that moment I follow her with my own climax

Ohh Radha I thank you for my mate this one because he is just the best, I am satisfied and soo sated and Abhi washes me quickly, problem is it involves him washing my body which reacts soo fast to his touch and he just loves to touch me and so soon we are ready to go again, we rush out of the shower but never make it to the bed, the flow rag witnesses our second third and fourth love makings and the pack never sees us again till the next morning.

Precap: Situation forces Purab to turn Bulbul….

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