bubbly’s puppy love- kkb (one shot)

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bubbly’s puppy love:

Hiii my dear sisieeees& lovable frnds…!!this is nivethaa!!..& this OS dedicated to my most lovable person..!! her smile brings smile on my face.. !! I love to admire her.. & 26th feb is her birthday…!! I thought to posted it yesterday.. but I can’t.. so now am posting this..The most wonderful person & dedicated person… !! & I proud to say I’m her fan, admirer.. I love to love her…!! the person I’m talking about is none other than our sweet smiling cutie Pragya… I vsh her happiee happiee happiee happiee birthday& hav a prosperous year ahead.. though it won’t reach her I want to dedicate this OS to this smiling beauty!!! Love u loads SRITI JHA !! u r such a pretty gal I hav ever seen..!! be sweet always like this..!! I wish u could do more works like #chashmish#fuggy#hawahawai#nikku..I hav no words to say wat I feel for her… love her more & more… !! so.. let’s get into the one shot for our pretty sweet heart…!!
A bubbly little gal wearing chashma asked her parents”will u visit us every weekend?” while sobbing.. her parents nodded their head & kissed her..” don’t be scared.. purab is here na.. ” her ma told & turning to purab”take care of ur little sister purab..” they waved bye to them leaving crying pragya & worried purab in the school hostel… purab is in his 8th std & pragya is in her 6th std.. their parents are busy in business .. so they joined in boarding school.. for pragya & purab this is the first time in hostel.. purab consoled pragya & then leaving her in hostel .. then he went to boys hostel.. that day pragya hav to stay alone because her roommate is yet to come.. next morning pragya woke up& getting ready.. she heard the door knocking sound.. she opened the door to look a gal with smile.. she also smiled back..” u ? “the gal asked.. “pragya.. & u?..” pragya asked back..“I’m bulbul& in 6th std A sec..”the gal said..hearing that pragya dropped her face..

Bulbul:any problem?..
Pragya:no.. I’m 6th std B sec..
pragya said with a sad face..
bulbul:y r u so dull for this?.
Pragya:I don’t know anyone here.. warden mam said tat u r not new to this school ..
pragya said with a hesitation..
bulbul:wat is tat in ur face?..
pragya:wat?..( pragya asked in confusion..)

bulbul:that tension.. it doesn’t suits u.. smile suits u better bubbly..
bulbul said with a smile.. hearing that pragya smiled a bit & asked:bubbly?..
bulbul: hmm… bubbly… don’t worry .. we will catch up in hostel & in class I will give intro to rachu..she is a nice gal..!!
pragya:than q bulbul..
bulbul:with frnds no thanx&??..
pragya:& no sorry
bulbul: tat’s gud…okay, be ready , we gotta go..
During interval bulbul introduced rachu to pragya
& asked rachu to tak care of her..at evening in hostel.. many gals came & talked with bulbul.. bulbul pays rare attention to their talks..even they forced her to sing songs.. & bulbul sung some songs bad as much as she could.. but that gals praised her voice & all..
Pragya:hey cuckoo.. it seems u hav lots of frnds in senior sets also..( pragya asked mockingly.).

Bulbul:come on bubbly.. I don’t hav any..
Pragya:then am also not ur frnd?( pragya asked as her face dropped her smile..)
Bulbul:u r my frnd .. & mine only.. I don’t share u with any one… ! okay?..
pragya nodded her head & smiled happily..” be with me forever..”pragya said as she hugged bulbul..
bulbul:I will bubbly..
bulbul hugged her back..
pragya:now tel me.. from wen u were in hostel.?

Bulbul:from my 4th std..
pragya:from 4th std?!! OMG..
bulbul : u know wat.. my bro is staying in hostel from his 2nd std itself..
pragya:u have brother?..
bulbul:s!he is in his 10th std.. & he is such a dramaking.. pragya:drama king?..
bulbul:ya.. u know bubbly he used to call me as imsa(torcherer.)
hearing that pragya laughed..
bulbul :don’t laugh.. he is an idiot .. always used to fight with me.. & because of him.. this gals r irritating me like hell..he is a problem for me..he is this gal’s chocolate boy.. so only they try to be frndly with me.. ufff!!.. pragya:so u don’t like ur brother?!(pragya asked in a concern.)
bulbul:no way! I love him! he is my savior in all my acts which ends in disasters!.. he is such a cute naughty bro a gal can ever get..but v r like tom & jerry.. can’t live without fights!!

cute brother& sister they are.. although purab & pragya used to do silly things together but purab is such a responsible brother.. he used to protect her & do whatever she needs.. pragya liked this tom& jerry bro sis also!!
Pragya:even I have a sweet bro..
Bulbul:my bro also sweet..

Pragya:okay meri ma..by the way.. u literally scared me by ur song& that song is my fav too& that gals r praising u for that also…
bulbul:come on.. bubbly.. they are mad.. & that song is my bro’s fav too..
bulbul smiled at her.. pragya smiled sheepishly.. they bonded in such a wonderful way .. as they said.. they became best of frnds in that one week itself.. at Sunday pragya’s parents visited to their school & pragya happily introduced her new best buddy bulbul to her parents.. wen purab came to meet their parents bulbul waved bye to them as she has to look after her brother.. pragya”u just missed my cuckkooo..” purab”cuckkoo?..” in a confused tone.. pragya”haan bhai.. my bestie.. my roomiee..” purab”will meet her later..” then they spent some good tym with their parents.. after that pragya went to room with some snacks..
pragya:ur parents won’t come in weekends..? bulbul:they will visit us monthly once or once in two months.. wat to do.. they r busy with their business.. but I miss them unlike my bro..
pragya:ur bro won’t miss them?
bulbul:not like that.. but he used to it.. & he feels more freedom in hostel than our home..
pragya:oo.. peculiar character..
bulbul:waste character..
hearing tat pragya made faces ..but she liked that unknown guy for these known reasons.. & then she started to study.. the one thing bulbul can’t & don’t accompanied her.. days passed like this.. wenever pragya parents visited hostel they bring some gifts for pragya ,purab& bulbul also.. purab & bulbul too met & they started to fight for silly things.. because mostly bulbul likes purab gifts.. but, he won’t give it to her even for a look.. but, wen pragya asked for it he will give without a second thinking.. & then pragya will give it to bulbul.. & purab made faces for that.. like wise their fights going on with out any endings… one day bulbul got sick .. pragya informed their warden & then she informed bulbul parent’s about her health.. so they came & took her to home..

pragya became all alone.. she missed her frnd badly.. in hostel other than bulbul she knew tanu.. she is pragya’s cousin but, she don’t like pragya .. bulbul don’t like tanu..so she avoided her as much as possible.. but tanu willingly come forward to talk with bulbul .. & the reason is tanu have a crush on bulbul’s brother.. wen pragya is alone tanu came & asked for bulbul & then knew that bulbul is suffered by fever.. wen pragya asked her how to contact bulbul.. whether warden will permit her or not.. tanu went out without answering her question..pragya asked some others & they said no.. warden won’t allow to call anyone.. but pragya can’t hold her urge to know about her lovable cuckoo’s health.. so, she went to warden room without others knowledge.. & mak a call to bulbul & spoke to her.. bulbul said that she is suffered by typhoid & will tak days to come.. pragya asked her to take care.. this was noticed by aliah a frnd of tanu.. so she informed tanu about this.. tanu seems to be uninterested about pragya.. but, her frndship with bulbul makes her jealous of pragya… like other Sundays one Sunday saralama made some cakes gave it along with her fav home made chocolates for pragya… on the way to her hostel..he saw a boy.. he is like senior to her.. he is in sports dress& kicking his football short distance by tucking his hands in his phant pockets… looks like some hot hero .. she walked towards him while he is playing with the ball… without noticing her he came towards her & saw her with a questioning look.. by looking at the cake& chocolates he asked”birthday?” how can she speak when she sunk in her prince charm thoughts… she just nodded her head up & down..” happiee birthday” he said.. (& yes u guys guessed it right.. it’s our hero abhiiiiii!!)pragya”huh??”abhi”happieeee birthday..” pragya without her sense”same to u..” abhi smiled & waved his hand infront of her face.. & pragya came to her sense…abhi”god! I said happiee birthday..& u r saying same to u.. nice.. keep it up gal..won’t u give some chocos?” pragya smiled sheepishly… & then give some chocolates to him .. abhi”I want that cake also..”pragya gave him a piece of cake.. abhi”keep that piece with urself ” he literally pulled that cake box from her & said “this is enough for me..thanx for the chocos & cake dreamyyy!!..” he said & started to kick his foot ball..
pragya:oiii playboy…
abhi turned to look at her..

pragya:like to tell ur name??..
abhi smiled & told : u can call me play boy..
then he went from there.. pragya couldn’t control herself that she likes him & his antics..she started to think about him a lot. & she searched for him in prayer & playground & in other classes .. but she could not find him.. after 2 days bulbul came .. now bulbul is perfectly alright.. pragya told wat all happened in those days & told about her crush ..
bulbul: oo.. god.. u like him soo much??..
pragya:yes.. he is cute.. sweet.. hot.. like him soo much bulbul..
bulbul:madam.. hold on..u don’t know his name also.. pragya”u r here to find out that na?.
bulbul:nice gal..! I’m sick u know..
pragya: u r better now..& if u not help me then who will help me?..
bulbul: okay meri bubbly..! we will search ur prince.. pragya:that’s like a gud gal..
the next week bulbul ma visited to the hostel & bulbul introduced pragya as her bestiiee.. that’s wen abhi came there..
abhi : imsa… always troubling ma & pa.. see because of u they r looking soo tired.. that travel & all..
pragya jaws opened to see abhi there & then abhi noticed pragya..: hey dreamy!! Like wat r u looking at?.. asked abhi..
pragya nodded her head in no..
bulbul:don’t scare her.. she is not ur type idiot..
abhi:is it dreamy.. ?”
again pragya nodded her head in no..
abhi:then wat type u r?..
bulbul:she is my type.. my bestie..
abhi:imsa.. shut up.. I’m talking to her.. & dreamy.. u don’t have any other gal to be frnd with.. she is no.1 imsa(torcherer).. looks like u r gud gal..”
pragya smiled sheepishly & then looked at bulbul she dropped her head down..
abhi’s ma:u two started urr fight ah? Then shall I take my leave..
abhi: no ma.. imsa.. go .. I have to talk to my mom..
bulbul:she is my mom too..
abhi: no my pyari mom..
bulbul:no my sweet mom..
abhi: I’m elder to u.. so, she is my mom first.. hey na ma?!..
bulbul: younger ones are prefferred by mom.. hey na ma?.
pragya rolled her eyes in disbelief while their mom smiled at their cute fight..
pragya:cuckoo.. come.. I hav to talk to u..
bulbul:ma.. I’l back in 5 mins until then njoy with this idiot..
abhi:don’t create scene.. dreamy keep her with urself.. we don’t want her.. ”
pragya:I’l keep her.. because I like her”
pragya told in an angry tone.. hearing that bulbul make tongue out at abhi.. !
bulbul:y r u pulling me like this?..
pragya:is he ur brother?..
bulbul: is he ur prince charm..
pragya nodded her head up & down..
bulbul: oo.. god.. u too !! I can’t tak it any more..!!
pragya started to cry : I don’t know he is ur brother.. now onwards I won’t look at him.. please bulbul.. don’t leave me for this.. don’t think I’m one of those silly gals..I never ever look at him.. please.. don’t break our frndsip for this..( pragya pleading her.)
bulbul:hey silly.. wat r u blabbering.. how come I avoid u.. u r my best frnd ,sweet heart come bhabhi ..

pragya nodded her head:u r my best frnd that’s y I was afraid .. hey stop wat u said ? sweet heart come bhabhi?..( pragya asked in a confused tone..) bulbul:god.. want to clear this also.. I won’t get such a crying baby bhaabhi..!
pragya smiled at her& hugged her…. pragya’s crush towards abhi changed into love day by day.. she used to admire him in all ways.. & he used to fought with bulbul .. & pragya have to turn as a refree between them..sometimes she supports abhi but most of the time she supports bulbul because pragya loves to see that pouting abhi.. abhi used to say like this…”my dreamy is always my side.. hey na!!” if he told it she supports him without a second thought.. if pragya didn’t support abhi then he will ruffle her hair& made face&say”u too dreamy..!!

One day eve.. pragya & bulbul were in principal room ..
Principal: pragya.. u had spoken with bulbul through phone in hostel without warden mam’s knowledge.. isn’t it?…
Bulbul: no mam.. she didn’t..
Principal: stop it bulbul.. I asked her & not u..
Pragya nodded her head in agreement..
Principal: u have broken the rules.. & bulbul u tried to tell lie & save her..
Pragya& bulbul: sry mam..
Pragya started to cry & bulbul is in verge of cry..
Principal: don’t cry.. u have to write an apology & get signed from ur parents by next week.. & don’t do this again .. punishment will be severe.. got it gals?..
They nodded their head ..
Principal: okay now.. u can go..
Abhi came on their way .. by seeing him bulbul ran to him & hugged him&cried.. abhi can’t see her in tears wen others make her to cry… he caressed her back& saw crying pragya near.. he wiped her tears..& said “don’t cry.. I’m hear na.. tell me wat happened..” pragya told him everything & said we don’t know who complained about tat now.. as it was happened long ago.. abhi the angry bird went to office room & called peon uncle.. abhi being in hostel for 8 years.., knew all the staffs & he asked about the complain letter & peon uncle said the complaint letter was from aliyah of 8th std b sec.. abhi went to look for tat gal.. bulbul & pragya saw him going angrily.. they followed him.. & abhi heard tanu telling “am sooo happiee.. aliyah.. soo happie.. “
Aliyah: wat happened sweet heart..
Tanu: i gave a complaint about pragya & bulbul in ur name..
Aliyah: wat.. hw can u do this..? U know na?.. pragya is purab’s sister.. & i love him.. but.. u… !!
Tanu: u know .. tat pragya how tat behanji drool over my abhi.. i can’t take tat anymore.. she is such a..
Abhi: stop it tanu.. one more word about my gal.. i will kill u.. i don’t care about anything.. u blo*dy witch..

Tanu: abhi.. u r taking it in wrong..
Abhi: shut up & get lost.. !! If u try to hurt my gal one more tym i won’t tolerate it.. & aliyah.. better u can avoid her frndsip.. orelse she will make u prey for her deeds.. !!
Pragya & bulbul hearing that gave a murderous glare to tanu..
Aliyah: sry bhai.. i didn’t do tat… & sry pragya.. & bulbul..
They nodded their head & went from there..
Abhi: hey imsa.. because of u she is crying.. stop ur drama..

Bulbul:idiot.. its not drama..
Abhi :okay meri crying babe.. now all got solved na.. ! Go & tak rest..
Bulbul:than x bhai..
Abhi: give me one shock per day.. first my rocking imsa cried… then.. saying than x to me.. on top of it u r calling me bhai.. !! I can’t take it anymore..
Abhi patted his chest & made faces..bulbul beats him..
Bulbul: u only knew how to make us laugh wen we don’t want to smile..
Abhi: don’t laugh.. else my dreamy will ran from here..

Bulbul: u…. !!
She started to chase him.. while abhi ran from there..
pragya admiring Abhi & recollects all those lovely memories & how abhi stood for her & told my gal to tanu.. as days passed her love towards abhi increased.. bulbul teased pragya to the core.. & wenever either of their parents visits the four will be with them.. by tat purab also just stick with abhi because he accompained him wenever purab fought with bulbul &

pragya will tak bulbul side.. they grew older at hand in hand.. after 12th abhi joined in an engineering college..followed by purab.. these two gals were growing crazy as much as they can.. wenever they get leav pragya used to come bulbul’s home because she is missing abhi badly… though he went to college he used to treat her as he treated her before.. pragya & bulbul have one work & that is to spy abhii.. they used roam around him.. taking his mobile & searching for gals name & logs.. abhi used to admire wat they are doing.. & njoys their cute childish antics..years rolled.. & abhi took over his father’s business.. purab also joined in an MNC .. pragya & bulbul also finished their studies & looking forward to do their masters in degree.. on one valentine’s day pragya gave a msg to abhi from an unknown number.. msg convo:

Pragya:hi!! Want to speak to u .. can u spent some time..?
Abhi: sry! Who is dis?.
Pragya: I’l tell u.. come to XYZ hall at evening 6..
Abhi: I want to know.. then only I can come..
Pragya: u knew me & I’m ur to be wife..
Abhi: wat ?.. r u joking.. I don’t have any..
Pragya:I’m here.. longing to see u..
Abhi make a call to tat number.. pragya answered his cal..

Abhi: who r u? & wat u want?..i have no tym to this hide & seek game..
Pragya: come there .. I will wait for u.. till u come..
& then she disconnected the call..abhi was confused as his heart says tat she is his closed one.. but, he can’t figured out who is tat.. so, he decided to go..
Evening at XYZ hall..
Abhi came there .. seeing him pragya came towards him by tying her hands in back..
Abhi: hey dreamy.. wat r u doing here.. ? came with ur boyfrnd..??

He asked with a wink..& pragya nodded her head in yes..
Abhi: then where is he?.. u know wat.. some one called me & said tat she is my to be wife..
Pragya: so, u r here to see her?..
Abhi: ofcourse..
Pragya: (with a nervous tone):then come with me.. I’l show u who is that..
Abhi:so, this is bulbul & ur game.. cheater cocks.. i thought If I came here I can see my lady love.. but here .. I was seeing the same dreamy & imsa..

Pragya: come with me..
Pragya hold his hand & marched towards a room.. she opened it & pushed him inside..
Abhi :wat r u doing.. hey dreamy this room is full of mirror..
Pragya:&mirror is full of?..
Abhi: wat question is it?.. u & me..
Pragya:like this mirror, my heart is full of u& me abhiii.. I’m the one who called u here..

Abhi: (with a smile) : u r playing right..
Pragya nodded her head in noo…
Abhi: (with a serious tone): r u serious?…
Tears started to fell from her eyes..
Pragya: u r my love in my past.. present & in future also.. the day I met u I started to like u.. day by day my crush became strong & it laid a strong basement for my love..

I don’t know whether u noticed me or not.. but, my only work is to think about u.. I feel jealous wenever u talk to other gals.. I feel blessed wen I hav u in my side.. I feel naughty wen we tease u.. I feel lonely wen u r not in my eyesight.. I’m wonder .. there is no seconds passed without ur thoughts.. I love to tease u.. I love to make u to care me.. I love ur care towards me.. I love to be with u.. each & every beats of my heart saying ur name.. & I’m really blessed to hav u in my side.. I love u abhiii.. & I mean it..

Abhi without knowing how to handle it.. for the first time he is stumble to get words..
Abhi: I’m … I’m .. sry…. Dreamy.. I didn’t saw u in that way.. I’m sry.. I thought u r a kid.. till now.. u r that same 11 yrs old gal who said same to u for happiee birthday wish.. (smiled slighty..) I do like u… but, not in the way u r expecting.. with bulbul u disturbed me a lot.. I like ur childish activities& used to admired u both. .. but not even knew tat I hav guided u wrongly.. I was like very elder to u.. u know na.. 4 years difference.. yes.. I do like u.. but, wen I thought u r my little sis ‘s frnd I used to tak care of u.. & u r my responsibility too.. I’m sry dreamy.. u will blessed with the best..
Pragya :am sry.. don’t tak me serious..& don’t feel for me.. I’l b allright..
Saying this she ran away from there with tears flowing from her eyes…. abhi stood there like a statue.. after that pragya didn’t came to see bulbul.. wen bulbul called her pragya said she is out of town will back in 2 weeks..bulbul was not satisfied by her answer but she left that thing ..

Bulbul: ma.. I’m 24 now.. wen will u send me to my sasurals?..
Ma: looks like some one has selected her to be husband?..
Bulbul:not bad ma.. !u guessed it right..purab.. (with a slight blush!!)
Abhi heard the name purab & asked : y purab?. wat happened to him?.

Bulbul: wat purab?.. no ..nothing..
Abhi:hey imsa.. I’m asking ma..tell me ma..
Ma: she wants to get married to purab..
Abhi:wat?..r u in love?..
Bulbul: y r u so shock.. I didn’t proposed him yet.. but, I have interest in him.. so, am telling.. tat’s it..
Abhi: u r a kid..& asking for marriage.. imsa..
Bulbul: who? Me?.. am 24 ..don’t treat me as a kid.. okay..!

Abhi nodded his head in agreement & then he started to think about pragya.. he don’t know.. for the past three days his thoughts were full of pragya.. why her tears makes pain in his heart.. until she proposing him, he didn’t thought her as his ladylove.. after she proposed him, he could not take her as a child .. the words echoed in his ears.. her eyes shows her pure love.. her tears showed him how much she has controlled herself these many years.. he started to thing whether he is worth for her love!! & yes.. he started to feel for her.. she is not a kid anymore.. & recollected all those memories that spent with her.. a smile formed in his face.. he came to bulbul..

” y my dreamy didn’t came to meet u?.” abhi asked bulbul.. & my dreamy is not a surprised thing to both of them .. because always abhi used to say my dreamy.. but this time abhi felt different in it.. & the reason he knows was always he has consider her as his love.. but failed to realize it..
Bulbul: looks like someone is interested in her..?
Abhi smiled ..
Bulbul: some one is blushing now…!
Abhi: imsa.. don’t pull my legs.. shall I drop u in her home..
Bulbul: she is not in her home..

Abhi : then?.
Bulbul: I don’t know.. but, out of town..
Abhi: wat a frnd u r.. not even know where she is..
Abhi called purab & talked to him.. while talking he asked about pragya.. & he said she is not feeling well.. abhi: come bulbul…
Bulbul: where?..
Abhi: ur bhabhi is not feeling well.. so, we are going to take care of her..
Bulbul: bhabhi?(rolled her eyes..)

Abhi: yes .. pragya!!
Bulbul: pragya?..
Abhi: noo.. for me.. she is pragya.. for u.. she is ur bhabhi.. give respect to ur sisterin law..
Bulbul: I won’t even give respect to my brother! Then how come I respect my bhabhiii?..
Bulbul asked with a wink..
Abhi: hey imsa(by holding her ears..) we will talk about this later .. now can we move..
Bulbul: leav me bhai.. it’s paining..

Abhi: then come with me like a good gal..
They reached pragya’s home.. abhi & bulbul entered into pragya’s room & pragya looks pale.. & her eyes are soo tired.. purab was taking care of her..
By seeing them pragya tried to got up.. but,she can’t.. abhi rushed to her & make her sit properly
Bulbul scolded her for not informing her about her health..
Abhi: purab.. I want to tell u something..
Purab: wat bhai?

Abhi: bulbul wants to speak with u.. but, she is feeling shy..
Purab gave a puzzled look.. bulbul eyes popped out wen abhi told this..
Purab: tell me bulbul..
Abhi: no .. she wants to be talk with u alone..
Purab nodded his head ..
Purab: bulbul..I want to make medicinal juice for pragya.. shall u accompany me?..
Bulbul nodded her head & gave I will kill u idiot look to abhi…abhi smiled at her..
Purab: say me.. wat is it?..

Purab: then y bhai said like that..
Bulbul:actually he wants to talk with pragya alone.. he can’t tell tat na.. tat’s y tat idiot trapped me..

Purab: (confused look) wat they are going to speak? Anything important..
Bulbul: yes! Pragya & bhai loves each other.. pragya confessed her love but bhai didn’t accepted it.. now, bhai is here to propose her..
Bulbul said it in a breath..
amp; purab smiled at her..

Bulbul: every brother should get anger .. if their sister is in love with a guy.. but u stupid.. u r smiling..
Purab: because.. I know bhai is the best pair to pragya & I know long back that pragya loves bhai & I tried to ask bhai.. & knew tat he also love her but didn’t realized it..
Bulbul: u knew everything?.. & asking me as if u didn’t know anything.. by the way u know I’m in love with u..?(murmuring)
Purab: wat?..

Bulbul:I asked tat.. u know to make medicinal juice also?..
Purab: I know both..
Bulbul: both?(with her eyes popped out..)
Purab: ya both.. I know how to make this juice & I know..
Bulbul: u know?..

Purab: I know that the gal I love the most is also in love with me..
Bulbul: who is that so called gal..
Purab:here .. infront of me..
Hearing that bulbul blushed.. & purab smiled at her…
Now.. in room..

Abhi: how r u feeling now?.
Pragya: fine..
Abhi: really..?
Pragya: ya.. u both came na!! ur care is my boost..
Abhi: then my love..?
Pragya: wat..
Abhi: my love..

Pragya: ur love..!!
pragya started to feel nervous.. her heart beats raised & abhi came close to her..
abhi: I’m sorry for hurt u.. I’m sry for make u feel bad..
I’m sr…
Pragya closed his mouth .. don’t say sry to me..
Abhi: I thought u were a kid like bulbul.. but.. am wrong..
Pragya: now who am I to u?..

Abhi: u… u r my valentine pragya… I realized it little bit late..
Pragya: late is better than never abhi.. no words to say my happiness..

Abhi: I didn’t realized my love wen u r near to me.. but, wen I rejected ur proposal the fear of losing u became my full thoughts.. I don’t want to miss u in my life dreamy.. & u r my dream gal..(smiled!) that’s y I call u as dreamy!! .. but I was in dark these many days without realizing it.. no more regrets in my life.. I want to enjoy the fullest with u.. will u be mine forever?..

Pragya nodded her head & tears started to fall from her eyes.. this time happiee tears…
Pragya: as long as I’m alive .. I’l be urs…
Pragya hugged abhi & abhi hugged her back..

As for as their family .. they are happy about their childrens decision & gave green signal to this love marriage journey!!!…
Very sry for this long update.. u dears know that I’m kind of vala vala thola thola.. I thought to write a small os.. but, I can’t.. sry sry sry.. if I bored u by this silly OS.. I want to dedicate to SRITI.. that’s y am writing this.. I don’t know whether u people will like it or not.. just a try to giv a OS.. so, try to give ur comments to me.. than q for reading it… & keep smiling.. love u guys… forgive me for my mistakes..

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