Broken Hearts – Episode 1 – Painful flashbacks and happy plans

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Hi friends, this is episode 1 of my new FF, broken hearts, with actors of Yeh Hai Chahatein. Hope you enjoy it! Also, there are problems on this account, so I will no longer be writing on this. My friend, Ishika will continue my FFs.

Episode starts

Khurana’s house

Preesha: Ruhi! Ruhi stop running!

Ruhi bumps into Rudraksh

Rudraksh: Yeh kya kar rahi ho Preesha, meri beti ko pareshan kyu?

Preesha: Rudra, she is not letting me do her hair! School keliye late ho rahi hai!

Rudra: Yeh to galat hai na Ruhi, you have to go to school!

Ruhi: Papa..

Saransh comes

Saransh: Chalo Ruhiiii!!!!

Ruhi: Tikhe tikhe..

Ruhi and Saransh leave for school.

Preesha: Why don’t we plan Ruhi’s surprise party at Happy Planet in Mumbai. Ruhi  wanted to go to Mumbai anyway!

Rudra: Ok.. we will go!

Preesha: Ok, we will go on Saturday!!  This Saturday!

Preesha gets a phone call

Preesha: Hello?

Man: Preesha, do you remember school days?

Preesha: Yeah?

Man: I, you, Sumit and Trisha planned a reunion party! Lets do it this Saturday!

Preesha: Is Shanivaar??!?!? Ohhh actually-

Man: You planned family trip. Now watch it. I will get my serious revenge.

Preesha: Jay don’t do this! And- and how dare you call me after what you did!

Jay: Well, maybe cancel your plan! And you are my true love, so I will phone you!

Call is cut by Preesha

Scene Freezes

Jay’s house:

Jay: You cancelled my plan. Now your kids will suffer, but Preesha, you will get blamed. By your own, Rudraksh Khurana.

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Jay’s mother, Kavita comes

Kavita: Jay… why are you doing this to Preesha.. she was one of your best friends na?

Jay: Maa.. if you don’t know then don’t speak.. her kids will suffer.. Ruhi and Saransh.. because of her and Rudraksh I was suspended

Jay’s father,  Amish, comes

Amish: Kavita is right, don’t do this..

Jay: Dad, you don’t know either..


(Preesha and Jay’s university):

Library (only them three are there)

Sumit and Trisha are with Jay

Trisha: Jay you need to tell her now.. school aur college aur uni bhi khatm ho gayi.. when will you propose??

Sumit: Yeah… or she will marry that Rudraksh Khurana.. ?

Jay: Fine.. fine I will propose todayyyy! Happyyy?

Preesha comes

Preesha: Hi..

Trisha: Sumit, we need to speak to Manisha ma’am about reading challenge thing na, come we will ask then tell you.

Preesha: Ok thanks!

Jay is standing behind her with a rose, on his knees.

Preesha turns around and sees him.

Preesha: Jay?

Jay: Will you marry me?

He stands up and pulls her closer

Preesha, who is shocked manages to release herself after sometime and runs away and crashes into Rudraksh

Jay runs after her

Rudraksh: Preesha are you okay?

Preesha: Jay…. Jay.. he- p-

Rudraksh understands what Jay did by her scared face

Jay comes

Rudraksh stands in front of Preesha

Jay: Preesha.. yahan ho tum

Rudraksh: What were you doing??

Jay: We were playing a childish game.. dude chill

Rudraksh: Library me use apne pas khich kar?

Jay: Dude it’s nothing like that.. she will have to go through that if she won’t accept my proposal..

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Jay tries to grab Preesha’s hand, but Rudra stops him. Jay’s other friends come and try and beat Rudra. Rudra beats them up, until the Indian National Anthem plays. He stops fighting.

Jay: Maro sale ko, he stopped for the Anthem!

Jay and his other friends get things to beat Rudra up with, but nothing stops him from looking at the Indian Flag.

Preesha realises her love for Rudraksh has been true, because even though she liked Jay, he wasn’t like her Rudraksh.

Jay: Maro sale ko!

Rudraksh: Tann Mann Dhann se barkaar Jann Gann Mann (from Satyameva Jayate 2).. agar agli baar Preesha ke as paas bhi nazar aya, mujhse bura koi nahi hoga..

Dean Anika comes

Anika: What is going on?

Jay: Mam good thing you came-

Anika: Your suspended,

Rudra: Mam…?

Anika: Jay you are suspended.

FB ends

Jay: Maa.. when I was leaving I saw him propose to Preesha.. and-

Scene Freezes

Recap: Jay’s plan.  Khurana’s plan Ruhi’s surprise party.

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