Boss I love you! (Present to past) Part 4

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It was a Sunday morning, Mona was asked by Pragya to take care of Boyos for a while. She made sure Boyos sit beside her. They were looking at the sky in deep thoughts. They were at the garden.

Tinku “Monu, sky boy?” Mona “Sky no boy Tinku.” Chinku in support of his brother said “Sky boy boy!” Mona knew sky is not a boy. Boyos then started to say sky boy boy continuously. Mona didn’t know how to stop them.

Pragya by then came there. Pragya “What’s the noise here?” Mona sighed out of relief that Pragya was finally here.

Mona ran towards her. She hugged her. Pragya “What happened Monu?” Boyos also came behind her.

She moved Mona away gently & hugged Boyos.
Mona seeing it looked down. It always happens this way. Sometimes Mona feels Pragya loves Boyos more than her. Pragya “Mona come here too…” Mona coming closer to her was still looking down.

Pragya “Mimi always love you too.” Mona “Hmm…” Pragya kissed her cheek which made her blush. Boyos “Mumma kiss kiss!!” Pragya “You two are boys na later I will kiss both of u. See your sister is feeling low now. What did u all do to her just now?”

Boyos looked lost. They never do anything.
Mona “Mimi…Boyos say sky boy. I say sky is not boy. They scold me…” Boyos looked at different directions.

Pragya “Naughty Boyos…What made u all to think sky is boy?” Boyos “ Sky blue!! blue!!” Pragya “Blue means boy ah?” Boyos loudly said “Yessie!” Pragya “Who told u all this?” Boyos looked at each other. Mona also asked the same question. Boyos frowned at her. They don’t mind their Mumma asking them but when Mona asks them, they don’t like it.

Mona got scared seeing their reaction. She hid behind Pragya.

Pragya “What’s that? Scaring my Monu. I think all this is your Pappa’s work. I will deal with him.” Boyos “Papa no wrong! Mona wrong!” Pragya in a stern voice “Boyos, what’s this bad habit? Both of u call kiddos as Didi but when it comes to Mona u call her by name. This is very wrong Boyos.”

Mona felt happy inside as this is the first time that Pragya is talking in support of her. Pragya was always favourable towards Boyos. Today she was not & also pinpointing their mistakes.

Boyos seeing this side of Pragya started to cry. Pragya “Always being dramatic like him!! Monu let’s go in. If they want they can follow us.”

Boyos followed them with tears.

Abhi who was coming down the stairs saw Mona being carried by Pragya while Boyos walking.

Abhi “What happened? Why u never carry Boyos?” Pragya “They are getting naughty nowadays. Just like you!” Abhi “So what? Kids are meant to be naughty.” Pragya “But shouldn’t be like you. They are also thinking like u.” Abhi “Like seriously Boss? Aren’t they supposed to think like their Papa?” Pragya never said anything. She walked with Mona to the kitchen.

Abhi, What’s wrong with her? Why is she being like this?

Abhi “It’s ok Boyos. Papa here na. Let’s play football”. Boyos got happy hearing it. They opened their arms for him to carry. Abhi carried them to their playroom to get the football.

Meanwhile kiddos who were with Bulbul were planning of how to film Abhi & Pragya secretly. They were at her room with the door locked.

Pragya knocking the door “Kiddos…Bulbul…what are u all doing with the door locked?” Bulbul signalled to kiddos not to talk.

Bulbul “Di…we are watching movie. It’s reaching the climax. We will come out soon.” Pragya shook her head & thought, She is still like this. Not sure whether is Gopu’s sleep is being disturbed.

Pragya “At least pass Gopu to me. I will take care of him.” Bulbul “It’s okay di…he is sleeping only…” Pragya “Okay….all of u faster come out…” Bulbul “Okay di…” Bulbul looked back at kiddos. She then saw Gopu opening his eyes.

Bulbul “My boy is awake, let’s continue our plan ater.”
Kiddos “ Make him sleep again!” Bulbul “Oye kiddos, I want to play with him too. His dad left me alone here. I make up for it by playing with Gopu.” Kiddos “You feel alone?” Bulbul “Not like what u all mean…I am missing your Purab uncle…” Kiddos “Don’t worry worry….He will come soon soon!!” Bulbul smiled hearing it.

Later in the day,

Abhi “That was so rude Pragya…you had been rude to my Boyos. Luckily, I am here for them. Did u talk to them?” Pragya never replied. She was busy in arranging the things in their room.

Abhi “I am talking to you Boss!!” Pragya “I am listening…” Abhi “ I am not singing for u to listen!” Pragya “Keep your voice level low.” Abhi “What’s wrong with u?” Pragya “Boyos were wrong so I am upset with them.” Abhi “What did they do?” Pragya explained whatever happened.

Abhi laughed loudly hearing it. Pragya frowned in anger.

Abhi “For this u were upset? U could have advised them na…they always listen to u. In fact, they love to be hugged by u. Your hug will do magic to 1 change them. Just like the way u are doing to me..”

Pragya “I don’t like that. I don’t want them to be like u.” Abhi “ What do u mean not like me? I am their Dad. They will be like me.” Pragya “I am scared Boss, they are already thinking highly of themselves. It’s exactly like u. What if they grow up in this way.”

Abhi “You are getting worried for unnecessary things. If u think like that then they will get girls like u to change them!!” He winked at her after saying it.

Pragya “You will never change Boss! I hate you for that.”

Abhi “I did change in the way u want. Don’t u remember?”

Pragya “Not completely….”

Abhi “Ok I will try baby, anyways You know Dia right? She is trying to be very cute nowadays. You should meet her someday & convey to her that cuteness is from within yourself.”

Pragya hearing it asked “Why should I tell that?” Abhi “Arrey she works for me…so she needs to be corrected na…” Pragya “You are not a teacher to correct her!” Abhi “Oh Pragya, Bosses like me are teachers too. Remember how I taught you before to handle yourself when you were not able to deal with the Arabic speaking client of us.” Pragya “Does that means I am not the only one u teach?” Abhi laughed hysterically hearing her question which made Pragya to feel bad.

Abhi said he needs to take a shower. Pragya nods her head as ok. She was feeling tensed of him again mentioning Dia’s name.

Pragya, Who is this Dia??

Pragya follows Abhi. She is shocked to see him hugging a lady. She now sees him asking her for a dance.

Pragya, This is ridiculous. Had he forgotten me or what!! It had been ages since he danced with me but he is willing to dance with some chudail!!!

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