Boss I love you! (Present to past) Part 3

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Bulbul “I don’t know what’s happening inside.” Kiddos “Fighting fighting?” Bulbul “Not so fast. Your Mumma will first feel worried she will only fight if matters are beyond her limit.” Kiddos agreed to Bulbul by nodding their head. That’s when Mona & Boyos cried loudly realizing their Mumma was not around.

Kiddos “Bubu, let’s go go see them.” Bulbul followed them. They pretended to be there for very long when Pragya came there.

Pragya as usual pacified her kids. Then she noticed Abhi walking past the room they were in still humming to the song aadat se majboor.

Bulbul & kiddos noticed Pragya’s tensed reaction. They were getting hopes that now their plan is going in the right track.

Abhi loudly called “Kiddos!!!” Kiddos wondered why suddenly he calls them so loudly. Pragya signalled them to go.

Kiddos went out of the room. Bulbul also shortly went out of the room.

Pragya, This Bulbul na still acts like a child even though she have a child on her own. Always teaming up with kiddos & playing with them.

Abhi looked at kiddos with his arms crossed. Kiddos knew that this position of his means he expects an answer from them.

Abhi “What are you all planning ah?”
Kiddos were feeling nervous whether he knows their plan already.

They looked away in fear. Just like their saviour Bulbul came and asked “ Jiju why are you making my friends stand like this. Sit down & talk with them”
Abhi “Ya I know all that but tell me one thing. Who is this Dia?”

Bulbul “You heard it?” Abhi “I did & I had played with Pragya using this unknown girl called Dia.” Kiddos were panicking. What would happen now?? That was the thought running in their minds.

Bulbul “Wo… it’s nothing. She is a good friend of kiddos. She would like to be a good friend of you too.” Abhi raising his eyebrows “Acha…this sounds very very very….” Bulbul “Very very very sweet right? Isn’t it kiddos?” Kiddos hearing it don’t know what to say.

Abhi “Both of u tell me. Mumma had said na those who lie will end up lying on the floor forever. Do u all want that to happen kiddos?” Bulbul signalled kiddos not to tell. But kiddos blurted out the truth.

Abhi “Kya idea is this? U all want to see how we were together in the past.” Kiddos “Please please Puppa…” They pleaded to him looking innocently. He can’t say no for such a sweet idea of theirs. He smiled in response making kiddos to smile too.

Bulbul whispered “Jiju…don’t tell this to Pragya di. She won’t agree to it.” Abhi “What makes you think I will agree?” Kiddos “Please please Puppa…” The trio looked as sadly as possible to make him agree.

Abhi “I will help you all as I also have some surprises for your Mumma. But we have to use this jealousy track in a josh way!!”

Kiddos jumped & squealed in joy. They were so happy. Bulbul “ Control yourself kiddos. Mumma will hear us.” Kiddos calmed down.

Abhi “So both of u want to see how were before right? That means we must make your Mumma angry on me. Then she should stay away from me.”

Bulbul “Jiju, what are u saying? How can she stay away from u?”

Abhi “Stay away means not far from this house. It’s just a room away from me.” Bulbul & kiddos were clueless of how would this happen.

Abhi “Ya & about her working with me. It needs sometime. I need this imaginary Dia to be around especially come over here to make Pragya feel jealous.”

Kiddos “Dia??” Abhi “That’s not an issue. I got my friend coming over to India for vacation. I can ask her to act for us.” Bulbul “You sure? Won’t she feel bothered?” Abhi “Not at all Bulbul. She likes to play pranks so this is such a small matter to her.”

Kiddos looked bothered. They were simply listening & were unable to contribute that much.

Abhi sensing their silence understood what they were thinking.

Abhi kneeling in front of him “My dear smartie kiddos, why sad when both of u have come up with an awesome idea? Now it’s my turn to do it for both of u.” Kiddos hugged him in response. Abhi “Not only that, Puppa knows how to handle Mumma better…” Bulbul “I agree to this.”

Kiddos “Puppa…Puppa…” Abhi “Tell kiddos…” Abhigya “Any help help tell us. Ok?” Prabhi also looked at Abhi in agreement with her sister’s words.

Bulbul “Ok everyone now it’s time to end this. We need to disperse before Pragya di comes here.”
Abhi kissed kiddos on their cheeks before saying bye to them. As usual kiddos blushed. Now they even asked their Puppa not to kiss them in front of other girls. They were referring to Bubu.

Abhi “You know Dia right? She is trying to be very cute nowadays. You should meet her someday & convey to her that cuteness is from within yourself.”
Pragya hearing it asked “Why should I tell that?” Abhi “Arrey she works for me…so she needs to be corrected na…” Pragya “You are not a teacher to correct her as if she is your student!!” Abhi “Oh Pragya, Bosses like me are teachers too. Remember how I taught you before to handle yourself when you were not able to deal with the Arabic speaking client of us.” Pragya “Does that means I am not the only one u teach?” Abhi laughed hysterically hearing her question which made Pragya to feel bad.

Updated in a stressed mode. Please bear with the mistakes. This present to past thing will in part 10. Thank u for reading.

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