Boss I love you! (Present to past) Part 2

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Part 2
Bulbul “Listen kiddos, both of u are eldest here. It’s very risky of what I am going to do now. Please make sure Boyos & Mona never interfere in what I am going to do now.”

Kiddos nodded their head in response.

Kiddos were bothered about something. Prabhi raised her hand to ask about it.

Bulbul “Haan what is it?” She asked & looked around to make sure nobody was coming in.

Prabhi “Tinku is easier to manage but Chinku very naughty.”

Abhigya also felt the same way. She was glad that her sister had mentioned it to Bulbul.

Bulbul “Dekho kiddos, already I am risking myself to do this. If Pragya di knows I am doing like this then she will kick me out of the house!! Both of u manage your siblings.”

Saying that she made the arrangements & signalled to kiddos that we can leave.

Meanwhile kiddos were in thoughts of how to manage Chinku. He is very affectionate towards Ma. If he sees her angry or emotional then he will whine as if the whole world had been destroyed.

As time passes, Bulbul was getting anxious. She was hoping everything will happen as per their plan.

Bulbul carrying her baby,(His name is Gopu) came down the stairs. She saw Pragya looking towards the doorstep.

Bulbul “Di, is everything alright? Why are u keep on staring at the doorstep?”

Pragya remained silent in worry.

Bulbul “If you don’t want to tell me then its ok di.”

Pragya “Nothing like that. I was taking his shirts to wash them. Then I saw this in the shirt pocket.” She said by showing a ring.

Bulbul “What di? You are worried for this? Maybe Jiju wants to surprise u with a ring na…”

Pragya “No Bulbul…look here carefully, it have letter D etched on it. If it’s for me then there should be P if not at least A representing his name.”
She said sadly.

Bulbul “Maybe it’s a gift for someone else.”
Pragya “But he always tell me first if he buys for others…”

Bulbul “Oh…” She responded by patting Gopu’s back who wants to sleep.

Kiddos ran over there.
Prabhi shouted “No way Puppa likes Mumma only.”

Abhigya “Nanny nanny poo poo. PUPPA LIKES DIA Aunty too!!!”

Pragya hearing to it looked shock. What do they mean by he likes Dia aunty too? Then this D letter ring?

Pragya “Kiddos stop it. Mona & Boyos are sleeping. How can both of u shout like this??”

Kiddos silenced themselves & looked innocently at her.

Pragya demanded “Come here!!!”

Kiddos shook their head as no.

Pragya “If both of u never come near me then I will not bake your favourite chocolate cake!!”

Kiddos reluctantly came closer to her.

Pragya “First,Say sorry to each other.” Kiddos said sorry to each other in a low tone.

Pragya “Not in this way….”

Kiddos shake hands with each other by looking down.

Pragya “That’s better. Now tell me who is this Dia aunty?”

Kiddos looked at Bulbul for a while. She in return signalled them to look at Pragya.

Kiddos with hesitancy “Dia aunty picked us up from school.”

Pragya shrieked “Kya?? When did this happen??”

Kiddos explained everything. Pragya looked bothered hearing to them.

Bulbul “Di…is she his friend?”
Pragya “No Bulbul, I never heard of such name or person before.”

Bulbul “Oh then by chance she is working for Jiju & would have helped him to pick up kiddos from school. “

Pragya “That should be the way. But this ring?? Maybe its hers & she carelessly left it in office. He could have kept it to return & had forgotten about it.”

Bulbul, Oh no…this is wrong track. Now what to do??

Bulbul “But di….why he never mention about this Dia to u? I hope he is not cheating on you!!”

Pragya “I will surely not believe you in this. He will never cheat me.”

Bulbul “ I know Jiju will never cheat you but the girls over there can cheat na…I heard all the girls working for him are young & pretty.”
Pragya looks alarmed hearing it. Abhi was walking in. He passed them by humming & singing the tune of kya karoon oh ladies main hoon aadat se majboor

Bulbul whispered “ Look di, what song he is humming now!!”
Pragya “What song?”
Bulbul “ Di!!!!! Its aadat se majboor song the one where Ranveer Singh cheats on girls.”
Pragya looks speechless while Bulbul smiled inwardly.

Abhi loudly “Pragya!!! Can you come here?? Why my room is in a mess!!!”

Pragya “I will go now Bulbul if not his loud voice might wake Mona & Boyos from sleep.”

Bulbul nodded her head in response. She then looked at kiddos. They were looking as if whether they did what she said properly or not. In response Bulbul gave a wink.

Inside the room,

Pragya “Boss….are you ok? As in ok after work?”
Abhi trying to search for something “Not ok Boss. You know it’s such a long day & this newly joined people are driving me mad. Especially that girl who keeps on says sorry after doing a lot of mistakes!!!”

Pragya “Oh…”

Abhi “Here it is!!!!” He exclaimed by picking his shades.

Pragya “Boss…who is that girl?” She asked worriedly.

Abhi “I told you na…a newbie…” He said by placing his shades on the dressing table. He managed to see Pragya’s worried face through the mirror.

Abhi “Her name is Dia…” He said giving a teasing smile.

Pragya hearing it was alarmed & felt like crying.

Abhi “She is messy but classy too.”

Pragya, What’s this?? He is complimenting her as classy!!!!

Abhi “Ok dear, let me have my shower. I have a dinner outside. It’s very important to attend!!!” He said hurriedly & rushed to the bathroom.

Pragya standing there was getting tensed.

Abhi “I will help you all as I also have some surprises for your Mumma. But we have to use this jealousy track in a josh way!!”

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