Boss I love you! (Present to past) Part 1

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Part 1

Kiddos were walking in front with their army, Mona & Boyos walking behind them.

Kiddos are now 8 years old. Mona is 6 years old & Boyos are 4 years old.

They are walking & walking in their room. It’s so tough to think of an idea.

Kiddos stopped walking. Mona, Boyos also stopped walking.

They all looked at each other. They were in deep thoughts when Bulbul came in.

Bulbul: What’s up gang? Why all looking at each other??

All ran towards her by calling Bubu Bubu!!!!

Bulbul was taken aback & made them sit first before asking what’s wrong.

Prabhi explained that it’s their parents 10 year wedding anniversary & they still don’t know how they met each other, how they like each other & how they propose to each other!!!

Bulbul: Why u all never ask them?
Boyos: Mumma, Pappa no telling us!!!
Bulbul chuckled as Boyos made a sad face & asked her for a kiss to make them feel better.

Bulbul, It looks like Pragya di doesn’t want to tell all this to them at this age. Jiju may want to share with them but Pragya di might have warned him not to do so.

All the kids yelled her name which made her back to senses.

Bulbul: Ssssh!! It’s so loud!!!
She said by closing her ears with both hands.

Boyos came closer to her to take off her hands before that Mona moved them away.

Mona nowadays have to be cautious of their activities. She really can’t stand when they always want a kiss from her loved ones. That day Mimi was kissing them a lot. She felt like crying see it & now they two were targeting her bestie Bulbul. This time she had the guts. That’s why she pushed them away.

Bulbul: Mona, you shouldn’t be that harsh. Look now Boyos are in shock. Come here Boyos,let me hug you all.

They quickly crawled towards her. They know how to walk yet they still prefer to crawl as they find it fun.

Abhigya: Bubu…help us….
Bulbul: Okay but what will I get if I help you all?
Prabhi: We will take care of you always like this!!
Bulbul: Not a bad deal, but I have my son to take care of me too.
Abhigya: No Bubu, he always sleep. But we are not like that!!
Bulbul: Excuse me, he is a baby & babies always sleep.

Prabhi: Ok Bubu but please help us. We want to do something big this time. All of us are like your baby too. Please help us.

Bulbul looked amazed how days passes so fast. Kiddos are talking like big girls. They had really grown up well.

Bulbul: Alright, I can tell their love story.
Kiddos yelled: No!!!! No!!!
Bulbul: Why no?? I know their story well. Then why can’t I tell u all?

Oh Bubu, if We want to know from u we would have already asked u. We want them to tell us.

Why so stubborn? Wait let me tell u all.
She said by letting Boyos down from her lap. They looked disappointed but were happy when she caressed their heads.

Mona: Mimi Puppie act together!!!

Kiddos looked furiously at her as Mona disclose their secret plan.

What did u say? They act together?? What does that mean?

Kiddos: It’s nothing Bubu…
No there is something. If u all never tell then I will complain to your Mumma.

Kiddos: No! No!!!

Kiddos admitted defeat as they had really no choice. Now Bulbul was part of their team. Kiddos explained their plan to her & how difficult is it for them to think of an idea to carry out it.

Bulbul: Wow!! This is amazing!!! So u all want to see how Jiju & Pragya di were like, how they were together before u all born!!

All kids nodded their head as yes. That was their plan & they also want to film it secretly. It would be a gift to their parents for their 10th wedding anniversary.

Bulbul to herself, Hmm…except for Dadi & Mithra di parts, the rest of the scenes can be recreated. But how to even make Pragya di to work back in office? She is busy in taking care of kids. In free time she is doing paintings, drawings etc. She is too busy now. How will she agree to work back in office?

Kiddos: Any idea??
Mona was feeling left out now. Boyos were silently admiring Bulbul’s caressing as for kiddos they were thinking deeply by leaning on Bulbul’s back.

Mona silently stood up & that’s when Prabhi called: Monu come here.

Mona went near her. Prabhi gestured to lie on her lap. Mona smiled & couldn’t believe her sister knows that she was feeling sad. She likes to lie on either of her sisters lap to feel better.

Mona lies on her lap. She looks at her sisters apologetically for blurting out their secret plan. Kiddos in response hugged her & never gave a chance for her to feel sad.

Bulbul exclaimed: Eureka!!!
Kiddos: Kya??
Bulbul: I got an idea!!
All kids looked at her excitedly as she said her idea.

Mona & Boyos find it hard to understand but kiddos understood it & they were happy about her idea. From their sisters expression they knew the idea is good so Mona & Boyos were keep on smiling with a cheerful face.

Pragya: I don’t believe you. He will never cheat me.
Bulbul: I know Jiju will never cheat you but the girls over there can cheat na…
Pragya looks alarmed hearing it. Abhi was walking past them by humming & singing the tune of kya karoon oh ladies main hoon aadat se majboor
Bulbul whispered: Look di, what song he is humming now!!
Pragya: What song?
Bulbul: Di!!!!! Its aadat se majboor song the one where Ranveer Singh cheats on girls.
Pragya looks speechless while Bulbul smiled inwardly.

This is in response to my friends reading this story & feeling that ending have some missing points. So I thought of having a few updates. Not sure how many to tell some past events of Abhi & Pragya but hope u all will like it. If not sorry for the bad idea.

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