Boss I love you! (KKB) Teaser

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What if the past events were not true? What if the present events are false? Which would you believe? Which would you have your liking towards?

Those were the words ringing in his ears. Unable to bear the torture of contemplating why this is happening to him, he decides to take action that is filled with danger.

The screen shifts to Abhi, Purab and Jai standing at different places looking blank of what’s happening around them.

Is this a combined effort of the girls in their lives to test them? Or is it separate events that is happening where life is teaching them?

This is the teaser to the upcoming updates which would address all the unsolved past matters too (Flashback).

Ok guys! I am again sick and busy with projects too. So I will be back after 2 days. I guess I need to rest my hand which have pain nowadays. So sorry and hope u all can wait. Thank u for reading!!! Love u all!!!!

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