Boss I love you (KKB) Teaser!

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Mithra overhears Jai talking to Abhi and felt cheated of all this being a plan by Abhi so that Mithra can have a companion.

In another situation,

Purab: We are nearing the crucial point now in the story. Do u remember the scene where Abhi sits on Pragya’s lap that I told in the beginning?
New staff: Haan blue glass on top of red glass na…
Purab with a smile: Yes that scene is coming soon and after that there is a twist!
New staff looks with a shocked expression hearing the word twist.

Pragya “I know….” Abhi “ What you know? How can u easily give away this position to me? Do u think I deserve this?” Pragya pleasantly “ Boss….” Abhi “ Boss?” He asked in a confused look. Pragya “ Haan Boss!” Abhi smiled hearing that as he liked to be her boss. Pragya “ Why are u smiling Boss?” Abhi “ No Pragya….when u call me Boss I feel I have achieved something!” Pragya “ You did achieve something but when will you archive that in your…..” Abhi “ Archive?” Pragya smiled pleasantly and asked him to get back to work. Abhi “ I want to know what u mean! What do u mean I need to archive in my…..” Pragya “ You don’t know or are u acting as if u don’t know?” Abhi was about to hold her hand when Uncle came inside the room to congratulate Abhi.

Kiddos can’t bear to see Robin doing a lot of work as they feel he is a good person and friend to play with. However, Abhi doesn’t like Robin playing with kiddos! What is the reason? To know that pls wait for the next update.

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Ok guys! I will be busy this week due to practical tests, not sure how will I be able to update. So that’s why this a teaser for the upcoming updates. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will be back on Friday. Initially, I thought of updating after college but then I felt my timings from Tue to Fri are quite late so it might affect what I type too. For safer side, I shall just update it on Friday night. (But my decision might change as well if I have sufficient energy?) So fingers crossed and sorry for this confusion too. Nasima! Did u ask for deceptive love updated in wattpad? If so it’s Prabhi updating as we both write together for that. I update here in TU and she update it in Wattpad as I don’t have an account there. Prabhigya aka Anu! I guess u are very busy, missing your cheerful comment and sorry for not commenting in ur ff. I still haven’t read the past few updates. So sorry. But I know u would be rocking it for sure!
Ramzan Mubarak to all muslim friends too!!(Sorry for the late wishes)

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