Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 99 & 100 (Final shots)

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Hello friends! Super long update today. Hope u all like it and there is my message to everyone at the end too. Pls read it.

Shooting back to shots

Bulbul: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the party of fun.

Everyone clapped hearing it while Abhi and Pragya were looking excited as they knew kiddos are performing something special for them.

Pragya was holding Mona on her lap. She remembered how the previous one was Dadi with them.

Pragya came back to sense when Mona called her Mimi.

Pragya: Kya hua Monu?
Mona smiled at her and said something in her gibberish language.
She was exhilarated to see so many people.

Pragya kissing her head: Watch the stage. Kiddos are going to perform.

Bulbul: I know all are going to have fun seeing the performance today as it’s a special dedication by kiddos to their parents. They have worked really hard for this. Without further delay we will now see the skit by kiddos. I will be the narrator. Here we go!!

The narration begins….
Bulbul: Once a upon a time, not very long ago just a couple of years ago. A beautiful and cute chasmish was sitting in her cabin.

Abhi and Pragya were surprised to see Abhigya dressed up like Pragya and wearing a chasma. She was reading a book by sitting on the chair and there was desk set up in front of her.

Bulbul: She was always thinking a lot.
Abhigya was seen looking up as if thinking.

Pragya grinned seeing it.

Bulbul: Then you have a cute boy who disturbs her thoughts.

She said by looking at Purab who was obviously annoyed of her saying Abhi as cute boy again.

On the stage, Prabhi dressed up like Abhi and was seen walking towards Abhigya by shouting Ms Pragya!!

Abhi widened his eyes seeing it.

Bulbul: This two cuties always fight for silly things.

Prabhi and Abhigya fight for a soft toy by pulling it’s end.

Everyone chuckled seeing it.

Bulbul: Then they stopped fighting.

Prabhi and Abhigya stopped fighting. Prabhi ran away leaving Abhigya alone.

Everyone wondered where did Prabhi aka Abhi run to.

To divert their thoughts, Ishq Hua from Aaja nachle was played and Abhigya was seen dancing to it. She looked lovely and danced smoothly to the soothing song.
Abhi whispered to Pragya: Did u ever dance like this?
Pragya: Just watch the show Boss.
She then smiled inwardly thinking of the days where she danced alone thinking of Abhi.

The song comes to an end.

Bulbul: One day, he fight for her. He fight with someone for her!!

Gabu walks onto the stage looking like a rowdy and he tries to hold Abhigya’s hand.
Abhigya looks scared and Abhi seeing it was about to stand up.

Pragya: Boss…It’s just a skit. She is safe.
Abhi: I know that but how dare he tries to touch my girl!

Just then Prabhi comes in a kids bike and make a terrific entry with dhoom music at the background. She gets down from the bike and walks up to the stage with a lot of cheers in the crowd.

Gabu looks with a challenging look.
Prabhi shouts: Don’t touch her!!!
Abhi, That’s like me. Come on give a punch to him.

He thought and just like he thought Prabhi did it.

Abhi smiled triumphantly. He clapped and whistled at Prabhi’s action. Gabu pretends to be hurt and runs away from there.

Abhigya looking nervous of all this hugs Prabhi.

Abhi and Pragya looks at each other thinking of their hugs.

They were lost in their own world of love.

Bulbul looking at Abhi and Pragya said: Sometimes they forgot that others are looking at them.

Pragya heard it and looked away while Abhi look disappointed.

Bulbul: The cute boy then called the cute chasmish now as Pragya.

Prabhi breaking the hug said: Pragya…
Abhigya scrunched her nose hearing it. She walked away in anger.

Abhi: Is there anything to be angry about? Why is she walking away?

Pragya shook her head at his involvement in the skit.

Bulbul: Now they never fight with each other but they avoid each other due to some problems. Every love story have a problem. As time passes this problems will pass away too.

Abhi and Pragya understood what she was referring to as. To them it was not a problem. It was a complete misunderstanding that they could have avoided.

Prabhi was looking sad at the direction at which Abhigya left her alone.

Bulbul: Oh dear now it’s getting sad. Let’s fast forward it to their present life.
Abhigya runs back to Prabhi by shouting: Boss I love you!!!

Prabhi smiles and give a rose that she was having it in her pocket.

Abhigya took it from her with shyness and smiled widely.

Abhi and Pragya looking at them can’t get enough of their cuteness.

Bulbul: Now kiddos will tell their wishes to their parents.

Abhi: Wait! Wait! I have a doubt!
Bulbul: Yes…u may ask…
Abhi: Why u never show our marriage life?
Pragya looked down flustered of his question.

The people around chuckled and were whispering among themselves.

Bulbul: Jiju, you are not celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. It’s just 5 years. When u are celebrating your 50 years of wedding then we will have an exclusive skit about your marriage life.

Abhi was annoyed of her reply and Pragya pulled him down to sit and not make them embarrassing by asking silly doubts.

Kiddos were given mic to them by Bulbul.

Kiddos were a bit nervous to speak but Mumma’s caring look gave them the confidence.

Prabhi: Mumma…
Abhigya: Puppa…
Abhi and Pragya looked at them caringly in response.

Kiddos: You like it?
They asked referring to their performance.

Abhi and Pragya loudly: We love it kiddos!!!

Kiddos: Thank u!
They then asked them to join them on stage. Abhi and Pragya with Mona walked up to the stage. Everyone clapped for the family. Pragya was feeling proud of kiddos.

Pragya standing beside kiddos: Good job kiddos.

Kiddos blushed and said: Puppa kiss Mumma!

Pragya gasped hearing it. Abhi winked seeing her.

The rest chuckled at this.

Abhi kissed her cheek as per kiddos wish and kiddos screamed: Happie Birthday!!!

Pragya: It’s not birthday kiddos! It’s anniversary.

Kiddos looked sad when they realized they told it wrongly. Some were laughing at them mockingly.

Abhi: What’s that funny laughter for? My kiddos know it’s our birthday!!

A man in the crowd: Are u trying to cover up your kids mistake. That’s fine. They are small na. But why do u get angry for it?

Abhi: Look sir, It’s not at all a mistake. This was the day that u all call as anniversary but to us is the birth of a lifelong relation between us. That means it’s a birthday like my kiddos said right?

The man was speechless and nodded his head as yes.

Kiddos looked at Abhi. He always knows how to handle things. Now everyone was smiling and kiddos ran towards their Puppa. He carried both and they kissed him on his cheeks.

Abhi whispered: No worries. Ok?
Kiddos: Happy Birthday Mumma Puppa.

Pragya was amazed seeing Abhi’s support towards kiddos. She smiled pleasantly and then thanked everyone for attending the party today. Soon there was a romantic dance of Abhi and Pragya for the song Bol do na Zaara. It made kiddos and Mona smiled seeing their parents dance lovingly and they clapped the loudest and continuously after their dance.

A while later in the party, Pragya saw Abhi’s close relative.

She pulled Pragya away when nobody was seeing her.

Pragya: Maasi, how are u? It’s been a long time I saw u.

She questioned her something and revealed to her the unbelievable thing to her.

Pragya was shell shocked. She saw her leaving and informed Bulbul that she was having headache and asked her to bring Mona as she need to sleep on time.

Bulbul found her weird but had no time to ask her in the midst of the party.

Bulbul carrying Mona from Purab: Di is being strange yaar. She sounds low.

Purab: Why?

Bulbul: How would I know? Have to check it out after party ends.

Purab: But u know right, we need to sent off Dasi in airport after this!

Bulbul: I totally forgot about it. By the way I also feel u are hiding something from me like Jiju.

Purab: Maybe u will know everything today as well. After seeing Abhi’s aunt, I feel all truth will be out today. (Abhi had already mentioned something he is hiding to Purab).

Abhi walking towards them asked where Pragya was.

Bulbul said: She is in room Jiju. I am bringing Mona to her.

Abhi: Oh ok…Purab,come with me I need to talk to u urgently.

He said and pulled Purab away from there and Bulbul was left to be shocked.

Bulbul headed towards the room where Pragya was. She crying silently in dark. Bulbul switched on the lights and asked what’s wrong. Pragya said It’s nothing and ask Abhi to return after the party ends.

Bulbul was completely confused. She felt it should be some misunderstanding and it’s better for them to solve it.

The party ended an hour later,

Abhi entered the guest room where now Pragya was alone.

Abhi: So many gifts!!! But I know our only special gift is from kiddos. Am I right?

He asked Pragya. She was not facing him. She was facing towards the balcony.

Abhi: Why no sound ah?
He asked by taking of his coat.

Pragya: What do I tell when the man I believe gave me an unexpected gift to me today?

Abhi sensing that her voice was breaking asked: Did u cried Pragya?

Pragya: Yes I did! So what??
She asked turning back. She was seen with her eyes swollen due to crying heavily and Abhi couldn’t stand it. He came near her and she looked away.

Abhi: What happened Pragya?
Pragya: What else should happen? I am not your loved one right to share about your loved ones to me?

Abhi: What do u mean?
Pragya: Don’t act Boss. I know I call u Boss as I feel you have the right attitude to keep everyone in the right place but u are taking it to your advantage by making me feel that I am not a right person.

Abhi: Will you come to the point straight? I am getting worried seeing u.
Pragya wiping her tears said: My point is I am not rightful enough to know anything that happens in your life right?

Abhi: Rubbish! Who said so? You are the most rightful person in my life to know everything related to me.

Pragya: Then why did u hide about Dadi?? Why you never tell all this to me? Am I that undeserving to know all this?

Abhi placing his finger on her lips said: Never say like that. You deserve to know everything about me. I was worried it will make you worried.

Pragya taking his finger away: Boss….getting worried, It’s normal in situations where your loved ones are not well. For this u hide that Dadi is critically ill.

Abhi: Pragya…It’s my fault not informing you. I am sorry but I really don’t want you to be sad. Enough of you being sad and worried for others. I want you to see your smile and be happy always. I want to see your laughter that makes my day.

Pragya: Let’s go Boss. We need to see her.

She walked passed him as he looked helpless.

Pragya: I said we means all of us.
Abhi: I know…
Both went to their room and carried kiddos and Mona who were sleeping.

Pragya remained silent after that which made Abhi to feel miserable.

Upon reaching the house where Dadi was, Pragya and the kids went to see Dadi who was lying unconsciously on bed.

Mithra was surprised to see Pragya here with kids and Abhi looking disturbed.

Mithra: Do you want to talk to her?
Pragya in tears nodded her head as yes.

Mithra went near Dadi and said to her that Pragya is here. She opened her eyes with difficulty.

Pragya in a shaky voice: Dadi….
Dadi gestured her to come closer.
Pragya together with kids came closer to her.

Dadi smiled faintly seeing kiddos and Mona.

Kiddos couldn’t recognize it was Dadi. She looked very frail and weak. They were little scared of her. Mona was asleep on Pragya’s shoulder.

Dadi: I want to talk to you alone.
She said with difficulty.

Mithra: Pass me Mona and I will bring kiddos out as well.

Pragya passed Mona to her and kiddos followed Mithra.

Pragya sitting beside Dadi looked extremely worried.

Dadi: How are you?
Pragya: Dadi…don’t strain yourself.
Dadi: Pragya…there is no strain in this. I need to tell you a lot of things. Firstly I am very sorry Pragya for misunderstanding you. After seeing how Abhi cared for me, I understood how much he loves you. He loves you to the extent that he doesn’t want his worries to affect you. I never realize all this until he took care of me at this situation. He never tells about you to me as he feels it might make me tensed. But I can see how much he worries whenever he sees your call and not attending it wantonly. All I want to say is never hate him. I know you won’t as u love him so much.

Pragya cried hearing to all this and Dadi hold her hand: Pragya…will you forgive me?
Pragya: I had never wronged you Dadi to forgive you.

Dadi smiled hearing that and was unconscious.

Pragya tried waking her up but was futile. She called Mithra who was outside.

Mithra: It’s normal Pragya. Her heartbeat is normal. She is gets too weak after talking.

She said by checking on Dadi.

Mithra: It’s good that you came now as she is counting her last days.

Pragya: How long she is like this?
Mithra: For the past few weeks. From the time you returned from London. After you returned from there, Jai and me also returned. Then we got to know of this.

Pragya, Even she know of her condition but why he never informed me?

Mithra looked on and realized Dadi was not breathing anymore.

She rushed out of the room and called Abhi.

Abhi rushing inside the room realized Dadi was no more.

Pragya was shocked and was unable to believe the turn of events. Just a while ago, she was talking to her and now she is no more.

She was standing there still while Abhi cried seeing Dadi.

Then the arrangements for funeral rites were done. Pragya was now with kids and avoided Abhi.

Abhi knew it’s his fault of not informing her earlier. He had his own reasons for that.

A few days later,

Mithra: How long are you going to be like this?
Abhi: I don’t know…Dadi’s demise is hurting me and Pragya’s silence is killing me.
Mithra: Shall I talk to her?
Abhi: No Mithra…I will talk to her soon. Just give her sometime. She might be taken aback of my actions.
Mithra: Okay…

Kiddos and Mona remained calm and silent. They realized the atmosphere here was not good. Nobody was loud. Everyone was silent if not some were crying. Today it was ok. They remained silent and played with each other silently. It was difficult for them not to be loud. But they were trying their best.

Pragya: Kiddos, take care of Mona. I will be back in a while.

She said by letting them play with some softballs on the floor.

Kiddos were surprised that they need to take care of Mona. Mona smiled at them as usual. They knew now it’s very important to look at Mona as she sometimes eat random things. Like that day they saw her trying to eat their dress. Luckily they warned Mumma and saved her. Kiddos sighed looking at each other and called Monu.

Mona looked at them and crawled towards them. She lied on Abhigya’s lap. Abhigya found it ticklish and was keep on laughing. Prabhi also laughed seeing it.

Pragya looked around in the house and Abhi was nowhere to be seen.

She came across Uncle.

Uncle: Pragya….It’s been a long time we talked with each other. Can we talk?
She couldn’t deny and she nodded her head as yes.
Uncle: At the dining area?
Pragya: Ok Uncle.
Uncle: I have to tell you that Abhi is very concerned about u. He finds you as his responsibility.
Pragya: I know Uncle…
Uncle: Yes. Then why are you not talking to him?
Pragya: It’s not like that Uncle. I am upset of how he could hide such a big thing to me? I consider his Dadi as mine and if he had told me earlier then I would have the opportunity to talk to her more. I would have spend more time with her.

Uncle: You are right. But did u think in his point of view?
Pragya looked perplexed.
Uncle: Let me explain. He might be scared of making you worried again. I have to tell you that she understood your value lately. Like just a few days back. She realized how much you have been in Abhi’s life. Yes he did felt informing you but seeing your happiness of living with him and now with both your children, it was very hard for him to tell you Pragya.

Pragya: At least one of you all could have informed me. Dadi would have missed kiddos a lot. I could have secretly brought them without his knowledge so that they spent time with Dadi in her last few days.

Uncle smiled hearing it which made Pragya confused.

Pragya: Why are u smiling Uncle?
Uncle: She did spent time with them.
Pragya in shock: How is that possible? I was with them all the while.
Uncle: Technology had improved Pragya. I think u had forgotten it. He had installed CCTV cameras in the place kiddos played with you and Mona. He had shown the footages to her. I would say it was one of her medicine that made her lived this long.

Pragya: You mean she had seen us? What did she say?
Uncle: Initially she only see kiddos and Mona. But slowly she saw you and how u cared for them. She was deeply touched when you tell about her to kiddos and Mona.

Pragya in tears: She is a very nice person. God shouldn’t have done like this.
Uncle: Pragya…whatever it is, I know you are a good person and Abhi too. Both of u only think good things for others even though they think bad for u. I had also done mistakes in both your issue. I am sorry for it too.

Pragya: What are you saying Uncle? It’s your opinion to dislike me. I respect your opinion. It’s normal to have difference of opinions. That’s what you taught me in work too.

Uncle: There you see. This is you Pragya. Always respecting others opinion and keeping your worries to yourself. This is what Abhi is worried of. As much as he adored this quality of yours that much he is worried for you. He is worried what if you respect others opinions blindly and at the same time worry for it. You tend to blame yourself for what others think of u or what others treat u. This is why he was very worried to tell u about Dadi. He was worried what if she again hurt you and then u accept it silently and keep your worries to yourself. He was not sure of Dadi’s intentions. Moreover, she also never shared anything with him. She was only keep on asking to show her kiddos and he did it by showing the footages.

Pragya: I will talk to him Uncle.
Uncle smiled in relief hearing to that.

Uncle: Please Pragya. I am not telling this as he is my nephew. I am telling this as I know how much u love him. You also did hide about Mona so that he would not be worried. Just try to understand his situation also. Will you?

Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Uncle: Now go and talk to him. He is always in the garden area not being able to see you.

Pragya walked from there and Uncle decided to take a look on the kids.

Pragya ran towards Abhi as she saw him standing alone.

Abhi turned and looked at Pragya who was breathing heavily.

Pragya trying to compose herself said: Boss….
She was still breathing heavily as she ran that fast.

Abhi: What happened? Are u ok? Wait let me get water for u.

Pragya hold his hand and gestured him to be here.

Abhi looked puzzled and that’s when she said: Boss I love you!!

Abhi: Okay and I do know that.
Pragya: No Boss…It’s not in the way you are thinking.
Abhi: What do you mean? There is only way to love right?
Pragya smiled and asked him to sit at the bench over there.

Abhi sat as she said and wondered why she was not sitting down with him
Pragya: I will stand. I need to tell you and for that I need to stand before you.
Pragya to herself, I need to stand before your love Boss.

Abhi: Okay…
Pragya: Firstly, I am really in awe of you. How could you hide such a thing from me just because I would feel worried? I know how much you would have gone through when Dadi is critically ill and now she is no more.But you were still able to play with our kids and be jovial with me. How’s this possible?

Abhi: It’s simple Pragya. I don’t want my worries to affect you and our kids in anyway. It’s difficult to have a simple thought like this. But with you even difficult things tend to be simple.

Pragya turned away to hide her tears and Abhi stood up seeing it.

Abhi: Why are you crying?
Pragya: No Boss…this is….
Abhi: This is?
He asked by trying to hug her from back to which she moved away.

Abhi: I can’t hug you?
Pragya: Listen na…
Abhi: I will but stop crying!
Pragya wiping her tears: You know Boss, I have already told you many times that having you as my life partner is the most precious asset in my life.

Abhi wanted to say something when she shook her head as no.

Abhi remained silent with a light smile.
Pragya: All the while I was blindly thinking the love between us was making us united whenever we had situations that make us far apart. But no Boss…it was your love for me that is so strong that never makes us weak and pull us apart. Yes you might say my love is also strong but not as yours. You might be scared that why was she not talking to you. I was stumbled for words Boss. How can a man hide his worries just for the sake of his love to not get any worries? I was thinking love is all about sharing emotions with each other. Sharing happiness and worries with each other is love. Am I right?

Abhi: Why are you now getting over emotional for this? You have also hide your worries when you got to know about Mona. You took an extra step by moving away from me.

Pragya: That’s different and this is different Boss.

Abhi: It’s not different Boss.
He said by holding her shoulder.

Pragya looked at him intently as he said: Both of us subconsciously know how worried we will be when our loved ones are not well. That’s why we keep on play this hide and seek game to keep our worries aside.

Pragya pleasantly: You are smarter in always explaining to me.
Abhi proudly: Yes but you never tell me in which way u love me now.
Pragya smiled and hugged him tightly.

Abhi: This is not the answer.
Pragya: I love you in everyway.
Abhi: Acha….in their way also?
He asked by breaking the hug and pointing at a direction.

Pragya looking at the direction smiled warmly.

Abhi: Do you love me in that way? Because if you love me in their way then I have to maintain distance with u.

Pragya slapped on his chest: Boss! I love you in only my way!!!

Abhi chuckled and saw kiddos walking together with Mithra carrying Mona and coming towards them.

Kiddos looked closely and could sense their parents are very lovey dovey. They might kiss at any moment.
Kiddos closed their eyes and walked to not see it.

Pragya seeing it said: Come let’s go and see kiddos before they fall.

Abhi walking in hand with Pragya smiled at Mithra.

Pragya took Mona from Mithra and carried her. Pragya and others chuckled at kiddos who were closing their eyes and smiling.
Abhi: What’s this kiddos?
Kiddos: Kiss finish?

Abhi and Pragya looked at each other in amusement.

Mithra smiled at them teasingly and whispered that they thought both of u going to kiss each other.

Abhi and Pragya blushed hearing it.

Abhi: No kiddos! Will finish it soon.
Pragya gasped hearing it and he winked at her.

Pragya signalled through her eyes that Mithra is around.

Abhi smiled mischievously before bending down to kiddos height.

Abhi kissed Abhigya’s cheek followed by Prabhi ’s cheek. Kiddos opened their eyes in shock.

Abhi: Kiss finished kiddos.
He said looking at them with an innocent look.

Mithra and Pragya giggled seeing all this.

Kiddos turned shy and even Mona was shy seeing him kiss kiddos.

Abhi: Oh dears, I really wonder how will your boyfriends handle u all!

Pragya: Boss…How many times do I have to tell u not to talk like this!

Abhi: Oops! Sorry I will talk to them in private about this. Is that ok?

Pragya frowned at him while kiddos now laughed.

Pragya: Why both of u laughing ah?
Mithra: It’s because Monu had wetted your dress and u are arguing with Abhi not even realising it.

Pragya looked at herself and Mona who was about to cry.

Pragya: I will go and change now.
She said hurriedly.

Abhi: Do you need my help? You can help Mona but what about u???

Pragya looked embarrassed of his words in front of Mithra.

She ignored him and walked ahead.

Abhi smiled widely by hugging kiddos.

Mithra: I am happy both of you are back to normal.

Abhi smiled at her and kiddos: Mithu….

Mithra: Yes kiddos. Do u want to talk to me as we all have been talking to each other?

Kiddos: Yes Mithu!
Mithra: Ok what do u all want to ask?
Kiddos touched their stomach and then pointed at hers.

Their stomach is also big but hers is super big. They wondered why is it like that from the moment they saw her.

Mithra blushed seeing their gestures.

Abhi: Kiddos nowadays, both your curiosity levels are high. Let me explain as Mithu will be shy to tell u all.
Mithra smiled in response. Kiddos were eager to know the answer.

Abhi: There is a baby inside her stomach. So her stomach is big.

Kiddos whispered to each other something and asked: Can see??
Abhi: Not now after a few months we can see. But the first to see is Jai Uncle. Both of u never see him yet right? He is the Puppa of the baby.

Kiddos: Jai Puppa…Mithu Mumma?
Abhi: Yes both of u are right!!
Kiddos smiled and looked at Mithra who in her own thoughts.

Abhi also saw it and said: Mithra…you go and take rest now. Call him before u sleep. He would be expecting your call too.

Mithra smiled again and left saying bye to them while the trio went to disturb their Mumma.

A year later,

Kiddos were looking tensed. They were sitting beside Mona.

Kiddos were never scared like this before. They could hear Mumma’s screams getting louder and louder.

Abhi: Kiddos!!
Kiddos ran towards him and were crying profusely.

Kiddos: Puppa, we play with Mumma..Mumma shout…

They were unable to say it clearly as they were very scared when Mumma screamed in pain while playing with them.

Abhi understood what would have happened and pacified them that it’s nothing to worry about.

Kiddos: Sorry Puppa…
Abhi: Arrey kiddos, there is no fault in both of u. Let’s see Mona.

Mona was sitting silently. She was also scared to the core. But she remembered Pragya’s words, If you are scared about something then pray to God. Her favourite God was Ganesha as he looked cute to her. That made Mona to hold her Ganesha keychain and looking at him. She was silently praying for Mimi to be fine.

Abhi: Monu…
Mona looked at him for a while then looked back at her keychain.
He carried her and said: Don’t worry she will be ok.

She instantly leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

At the very next moment Pragya screamed loudly and then a child’s cry was heard.

A nurse came out and asked Abhi to come in.

Abhi asked kiddos to take care of Mona and he rushed to see Pragya.

Doctor: Congratulations Abhi! You have boys. Look there. Now it’s two boys!

Abhi looked at his tiny twins. They were very small and he was quite scared looking at them.

Doctor: She is weak Abhi. I think she will take more time to recover as this is her third time delivery.

Abhi: Oh…This would be the last one too. I can see how weak she looks too. I don’t want her to go through this again.

Doctor smiled as he was looking worriedly at Pragya.

Doctor: You stay here and later nurse will come to monitor the mother and babies.

Abhi: Can my kids come in now?
Doctor: Sure Abhi. I will ask kiddos to come with Mona.

Abhi smiled and went beside Pragya.

Abhi gently caressing her head then kissed her forehead.

Pragya soon opened her eyes and smiled looking at him.

Abhi: This time was more difficult?
Pragya: Show me the babies first…
Abhi looked at how tiny they are and how will he be able to carry them.

Pragya: Boss…You won’t drop them so just carry…
Abhi: You know I was scared?
Pragya: It’s the same expression like u gave when kiddos were born…
Abhi: Okok. And u don’t talk a lot. Save your energy as doctor said u are weak.

Pragya smiled at his concern and was eager to see the twins.

Pragya had tears as well as Abhi seeing the babies.

Just then kiddos entered with Mona.

Kiddos and Mona were amazed to see the babies.

Pragya looking at them: These are your baby brothers…

Kiddos and Mona looked at each other.
Mona: Boyos?
Abhi and Pragya chuckled hearing it.
Abhi: Haan Monu they are Boyos!!!
Kiddos jumped in happiness saying: Boyos! Boyos!!!

Mona also followed her sisters making Abhi and Pragya to be filled with happiness.

That’s how Abhi and Pragya’s life filled with the joy and happiness of kiddos, Mona and Boyos. Purab, Bulbul, Mithra and Jai are the supporting characters in their lives to make Abhi and Pragya’s life even more happier and joyful.

This is a simple story of how a couple try to hide each other’s worries to seek happiness for each other. It’s a hide and seek game but they slowly realized instead of hide and seeking, it would be better to be open with each other and share their worries. They now knew happiness would vanish their worries.


Thank u so much for all the support friends. Never expected that I would write so far. I am very humbled of all those of u shared your opinions and liking towards this ff. Even silent readers have been a great source of support to this. Thank u so much. Some of u all asked about new ff. Right now I am unwell and busy in certain things. Let me try to settle all that first. I guess most probably I would continue one of my pending ffs (Most likely it is challenging the fate) I hope u all will be ok with it. If not do tell me whether u all want a new ff.

I do feel sad now, Will miss all your love towards this ff esp towards kiddos. I never expected so much of liking towards characters that I imagined of. Kiddos will also miss all your love. Thanking u all is just a small word and a very big sorry if I have disappointed any of u all with my updates. I tried my best as far as I know. Unknowingly there could be mistakes. I am sorry about it. That’s all already it’s a long update and then my baks baks. Hope u all don’t hate me for it. See u all again and bye bye for now.

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