Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 98

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Bulbul: Di, I think I wasted time in searching your room.
Pragya: My room? As in our bedroom?
Bulbul sadly: Haan di, I searched the room to find anything about Jiju and his mysterious outings. I found nothing. Pragya: I told you not to interfere in this na.
Bulbul: Sorry…I just thought of helping u.
Pragya smiled and then said: No wonder I saw certain things not in place. It’s okay if he really wants to tell me then he will.
Bulbul: You are not upset right?
Pragya shook her head as no.

Bulbul with full of excitement :Then I am happy. Today is your wedding anniversary and there is party tonight. I can’t wait for it di!!! I have planned something special for both of u.

Pragya: What’s that?
Bulbul: Surprise!!
By saying that she ran away to see kiddos and Mona.

Abhi was playing with the kids.

Bulbul: Jiju, you look very tired and sleepy. Why don’t you sleep first as later today it’s the party.

Abhi: No Bulbul. I love to play with them

Bulbul: Jiju, Please…. all of us know u were away in the night. If u never go and sleep then I will tell Pragya di.

Abhi: This looks like a black mail
Bulbul smiled confidently and was about to call Di.

Abhi: Okok I am going and take care of kiddos and Mona.

Bulbul smiled victoriously seeing Abhi leaving the room.

Bulbul sitting together with kiddos said: Okay kiddos, let’s practice. Let me close the door before that.

Kiddos nodded their head. They know today is going to be a fun day and they had practised what Bulbul had taught them.

But Mona don’t understand what’s going on. She was silently watching them and sometimes being in her own thoughts when she sees the curtain flies in force of wind. Once again she was amazed to see things like that.

Meanwhile, Pragya went to bedroom and saw Abhi sleeping peacefully.

Pragya with a pleasant smile came closer to him and covered him with a duvet.

Pragya kisses his forehead and a smile formed on Abhi’s face.

Abhi lazily murmurs some meaningless words to which Pragya silently giggles.

Pragya moved away from him and she heard him saying I’m sorry Pragya….

Pragya startled hearing that. She definitely knows he is sleeping. But why is he saying sorry to her? He sounded truthful.

Pragya, I think I shouldn’t ask him about this today. Let this day passes first then I will ask him about this.

She thought that and closed the door gently before leaving.

Hours passed and Pragya came back to wake him up but he was already in the closet.

Pragya: Are you getting ready?
She asked knocking the closet door.
Abhi in his husky tone: Yes do you want to help me?
Pragya: Chee!
Abhi: What Chee in this? You can help to get ready kiddos but not your Boss? This is completely unfair.
Pragya: You are not a kiddo
Abhi: I am not?
Pragya: Acha baba, you are my first kiddo and will you come faster as I
I need to get something from the closet for kiddos.

Abhi smiled and said: Thank you Mumma!
He said sounding like a small kid.

Pragya laughed hearing it.

Abhi soon came out of the room with a dazzling black dapper suit.

Abhi was stunned to see Pragya already in a white saree with minimal makeup and very big smile on her face that he adores.

Abhi: Looking hot!
Pragya: Hot?? It’s the same saree you bought for me after our wedding. Then u said I was looking serene in white. Now hot?

Abhi pulling her to him: That time I was shy to tell the truth. It’s was the beginning so I had sound decent.

Pragya blushed as he was touching her waist and back.

Pragya: Ok ok! I need to go. Let me go!
Abhi: Sure baby but give me a hot kiss. Hot kiss by a hot girl!
Pragya: I will do that later. Kiddos are already shouting at me for not dressing them up. They even said they themselves can wear clothes. That’s a good thing but you know both will wear it ulta (reverse) na.

Abhi: I know…for this I let you off.
Pragya smiled and went to the closet to take kiddos clothes.

Kiddos couldn’t wait and ran to the room.

Abhi looking at them: Slow! Slow why running so fast?

Kiddos unanimously screamed: Mumma! Mumma!!

Abhi: You all don’t know? Mumma had gone out.

He said by walking towards the dressing table.

Kiddos in shock: Mumma go go?
Abhi: Haan kiddos, Mumma cheat u all by going out.

Kiddos frowned in anger as Abhi smiled inwardly.

Pragya coming out of the closet looked at kiddos.

Kiddos were fuming in anger.

Pragya: What happened? Why so much of anger?

Abhi looked away and Kiddos yelled: Puppa naughty!!!

Pragya: Calm down kiddos. I also know that. Now let’s go and change.

Kiddos: Puppa!!
Abhi: Yes kiddos!
Kiddos find him laughing at them as irritating. They marched towards him and looked up furiously.

Pragya: You surely had done something very bad. If not kiddos wouldn’t be so angry.

Abhi kneeling down looked at kiddos.
Kiddos crossed their arms and looked away.

Abhi: I am sorry.
He said by holding both his ears.

Kiddos: Mumma punish Puppa.
Pragya: We will punish him later now let’s go.

Kiddos left with Pragya and Abhi had a sad face that Kiddos are angry at him.

Pragya reaching the room beside looked at kiddos being sad.

Pragya: Now both of u are sad?
Kiddos: No!No Punish Puppa….
Pragya: Really? Then why u all say punish him?
Kiddos looked at each other. They didn’t like Puppa lied to them. That’s why they said like that. But when they saw Puppa sad when they leave, they couldn’t stand it. They don’t like him to be sad.

Pragya smiled and looked at Abhi near the doorstep.

Abhi: Glad that u never closed the door. I came to ask sorry again to kiddos.

Kiddos ran towards Puppa and he instantly kneeled to their height to hug them.

Abhi hugging both: Sorry kiddos. I was just being funny. I know I shouldn’t have lied that Mumma went out when both of u were expecting for her.

Pragya: Oh…That’s the matter.
Abhi nodded his head sheepishly and gestured through his face as sorry to her.

Pragya smiled in return that it was ok.
Kiddos: Puppa….
Abhi: Hmm tell kiddos.
Kiddos: Kiddos love Puppa. No punish you.
Abhi sighed in relief and said: Thank you so much kiddos. I was so scared of punishment.
Pragya teasingly: Really? I thought you love punishments.
Abhi frowned at her while kiddos asked: You love punish?
Abhi: No kiddos, Now Mumma is making fun of me.

Kiddos: Mumma no no fun. Ok?
Pragya: Both of u are not fun at all. Always want to be serious. It’s all because of schooling. They have become matured Boss.

Abhi chuckled hearing it and asked her to carry on in dressing them up.

Kiddos surprise to Abhi and Pragya. Pragya gets to know something that Abhi is hiding.

Thank you everyone and the next will be the last two updates combined as a very long one. Pls wait for it until Wed as I am busy tmrw. Thank u for the support so far.

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