Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 97

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Abhi: Thank you so much Dr Leena. I really don’t want her to be aware of it.

Leena: Teek hai. Where is she?
Abhi: She is over there with your nephew and my other two kids.

Leena smiled and said she will greet her.

Abhi looked at her with mixed feelings.
Leena: No worries I won’t tell her anything.
Abhi smiled in relief and Mona was now looking at Leena.

Mona never smiled. She was simply glaring at her.

Leena: Hey cutie. What are u looking at?

Mona was looking at her dangling earring. It was amazing to see how her earring moved as she talked.

Leena: I will be back in a while cutie. Tell your dad not to be worried too much.

Mona saw her walking towards Pragya and she again lied on Abhi’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Abhi was hoping the she would not reveal anything by chance to Pragya.

Pragya seeing Leena hugged her and asked: Where were you? It’s been such a long time we have seen each other.

Leena: Yes!! Glad to meet you at Ganu’s birthday. How is he?

Kiddos hearing her say Ganu corrected it as Gabu.

Gabu hearing it signalled to kiddos to be silent.

Leena: He have a nickname from kiddos and is not willing to share with me. Hmm…what’s going on guys?

Kiddos looked around and saw Gabu walking towards his other friends. Kiddos also followed him.

Pragya seeing it: Kiddos like Gabu as he is their first friend of their age.

Leena: I can see that but why this three speak in silent language too? Did u see how he silenced kiddos just now?

Pragya smiled by nodding her head and then both were talking about many things.

Pragya: It’s been a long time you visited our house. When Dadi was at our house, you used to regularly come and do check up. After that you never even come to our house.

Leena: I will surely drop by one day.

Pragya: Where is he?
She asked by looking around.

Leena: You mean Abhi? I saw him over there.
She said by pointing at a direction.

Abhi was now talking with Mona by making her sit on a couch there.

Pragya smiled at it and said: I will go and see him. Will talk to you later.

Pragya coming near them: Suniye…
Abhi: You are back! Do you know we were feeling very lonely without u?
Pragya sitting beside him asked: Really?

Abhi: Ya and what’s taking so long for that gabu to cut the cake?

Pragya chuckled in response and Abhi: What’s funny here?

Pragya: He already had cut the cake. How to cut a cake that had already been cut?

Abhi: Are u serious?
Pragya: Yes Boss we are slightly late.
Abhi: Thank God!
Pragya: Why thank God?
Abhi: If we were on time then he would have feed my girls. Now it didn’t happen!
He said happily.
Pragya giggled and asked him to see at where kiddos were.

Abhi was shocked to see Gabu feeding kiddos with cake and kiddos looking happy.

Abhi:Damn it! He always have ways to woo my girls. Lucky he is not here to disturb Monu.

Just then kiddos and Gabu ran towards them.

Abhi quickly carried Mona and kept closer to him to protect her from Gabu.

Pragya shook her head at his overprotective nature.

Pragya: Why are u all here?
Abhi: I am going there Pragya. You talk to them.

Pragya: You sit down here. Always thinking wrongly.
Abhi glared at her and she smiled in return.

Kiddos: Monu eat cake.
Pragya: That’s so sweet. Give me the plate Gabu, I will feed her. She can’t eat a lot. She can only taste the cream.
Gabu: I give Monu?
Pragya couldn’t say no when he asked innocently. After all he is the birthday boy.

Abhi: Pragya, don’t allow this. It’s dangerous.
Pragya: Shut up Boss, he is asking so politely. You give me Mona first.

She managed to take Mona from him and Gabu happily fed Mona a bit of the cream.

Mona smiled seeing him and he in return winked at her.

Mona was impressed of his wink. She blinked her eyes many times.

Gabu: Monu cute!
Pragya: Thank you Gabu. Where is your sister?

Gabu looked down in sadness.
Pragya: What happened?
Kiddos: Baby sick Mumma!
Pragya: Oh dear…no wonder your Mumma was seen keep on going upstairs to attend to her.

Abhi felt bad for Gabu. Although he is a playboy, it was touching to see him feeling sad for her sister.

Abhi: Come here Gabu.
Gabu was surprised as it was the first time he called him that way.

He went near him and Abhi made him sit on his lap.

Abhi: Don’t worry Gabu. Your sister will get well soon and play with u.
Gabu nodded his head and hoped she would be fine soon.

Gabu then leaned on his shoulder. Abhi patted his back and Pragya cleared her throat multiple times to get his attention.

Abhi: Pragya….can’t you see Gabu is sad? Please don’t make fun of us at this time.

Pragya gasped thinking of how did he changed now.

Abhi letting him down said: Gabu, just like your sister, kiddos and Mona are also your sister.

Pragya tried to control her smile at his words.

Gabu hearing it look shocked and he held Prabhi’s hand.

Seeing it, Abhigya held Gabu’s hand as well.

Abhi: What the hell is going here??
Pragya: Sssh. Watch your words Boss. Abhi: What’s this Pragya? He is really irritating me now.
Pragya: Boss…they are just small kids, let them have fun. Go kiddos, play with Gabu.

Abhi saw them running away happily.

Abhi: Did u see that he purposely hold Prabhoo’s hand and then Abhoo, I don’t know what was in her mind that she go and held his hand too.

Pragya: Take a chill pill. They are best friends!
Abhi: I hope so. It seems like he is in love with Prabhoo and Abhoo is in love with him. A love triangle…..
He said looking apprehensive.

Pragya: Don’t be so filmy Boss…
Abhi looked away and saw Kailash coming in.

Abhi, Why is he here?

Pragya: Boss…I need to change Mona’s diaper. Let me go to the washroom first.

Abhi: Oh…do u have the diaper?
Pragya: Yes in my handbag.
She said by standing up with Mona in her arms.

Abhi: Ok you go ahead and I will have an eye on kiddos and that Gabu.

Abhi quickly made his way through the crowd and asked why was here to Kailash.

Abhi hears to whatever he tell in private before he leaves.

Pragya coming back saw Kailash leaving and looks surprised.

Abhi: There you are. He is leaving today.

Pragya: Kailash? Why so soon?
Abhi: Some urgent work back at London.
Pragya: Oh…I shall call him later too.
Abhi nodded his head as yes. Then the family had fun by having food and leaving back to their home.

Later at night,

Abhi: I need to talk to u.
Pragya: Sure why not?
Abhi walking towards Pragya who was arranging her bookshelf asked: Why are you being secretive again? And what’s all this Pragya?

Pragya: What’s all this means?
Abhi: Is it true of what Kailash had mentioned in the letter? He says you want to work again!

Pragya looked away being unable to answer.
Abhi: You could have shared with me right? Why a third person like him should inform me?
Pragya: I was about to inform you…but…

Abhi pulls her closer to him. Pragya huffed and was about to tell him something when he hugged her saying: You don’t have the need to ask me too. If you want it to happen then do it yourself. I am not in anyway a hindrance to your wishes.

Pragya looks at him. He was in tears and she couldn’t bear seeing it.

Pragya breaking his hug cupped his face.

Pragya: Suniye…I really never want to hide my wishes to you. I was waiting for the right time to tell u. It’s true that I want to work. I want to work again. But having kids and taking care of them is not less than any work too.

Abhi: Then why did u tell him that your dream is to work and I am the hindrance for it?

Pragya: You are getting it wrong Boss. I would never say you are hindrance to me. Perhaps he got it wrong. All I said to him is I want to work.

Abhi: Are you serious?
Pragya: Yes. I am serious. And I know you are worried for our kids that what if they lose my motherly affection if I am away to work. I completely understand that and I have a idea for that too.

Abhi: Pragya, If you really want to work then by all means I am ok with it. We can have a baby sitter to take care of our kids.

Pragya: No Boss, a baby sitter will not be able to give the same joy as our kids expect from me.

Abhi look puzzled and she said: I will still work with you.

Abhi: How? Are u going to do some magic by being at two places?

Pragya: Nope! I will work from home. I guess you are not aware of what work I want to work now.

Abhi: I thought….
Pragya: Keep your thoughts aside, I want to work as a artist. I want to do drawings that express my feelings about life.

Abhi looked surprised as he wasn’t expecting that.

Pragya: I know you are surprised. It’s something I used to do before marriage. But after marriage I had lost touch in it. And when I was away from you for last one year, it was the time for me to restart my interest in my free time. I had only shared to Kailash that I wish to continue this even here too.

Abhi crushing the paper: Damn! He and his actions just made me feel u are feeling I was not supportive towards you.

Pragya smilingly: Boss….If it’s a big matter I would have shared with you na. I thought to take it easy for this and tell you when I need to.

Abhi hugging her: I am sorry. I got over emotional now.
Pragya: It seems like my disease had spread to u.
Abhi: Ya….should stop hugging you to avoid it.
Pragya hugging him tightly: That will never happen.

Abhi: Waise bhi…just don’t talk to him a lot.

Pragya: I know Boss, once he was a competition to you. He was my so called fiance but you know that u are always my husband.

Abhi smiled and let her off.

Abhi: Now you go and sleep. I need to leave now.
Pragya: Again?
Abhi walking to the door: At least now I inform you na.
Pragya: It’s you are being secretive now!
Abhi: Thank you!
He said giving a wink at her before leaving the room.

To be continued…..
Thank u everyone for reading. Trisha sis no need to be sorry. Even I am a lazy reader, commenter and many more nowadays haha.

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