Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 96

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Pragya ignores Abhi when he winks at her.

Abhi: Oh dear, are u still upset with me?

Pragya: You go and bring kiddos first. We girls are going out now.

Abhi: To where? Why you never inform me?

Pragya: Why should I inform you? Did u inform me where u are going? No right?

Abhi: That’s a very valid point Boss.
Pragya: Now you go and bring kiddos. I also have to dress up Monu.

She said by looking at Mona on the bed who was investigating the pillows.

Abhi loudly: Yes Boss! Will do as per your command.

Pragya smiled inwardly and shook her head at his behaviour.

Abhi returned with kiddos who were doing coloring at their playroom. They were happy to leave what they were doing and join with Puppa to wherever he brings them.

Kiddos were shocked at the sight in front of them when they stepped inside the room.

Mona was seen just wearing diapers and Pragya was confused on which dress should Mona wear.

Kiddos felt awkward of how to enter the room when she is dress changing.

Pragya: Boss, I don’t know which dress will suit Mona. Can you help me choose? Meanwhile I will pick something for kiddos.

Abhi: Yes Boss!
He said by saluting which made her chuckled.

Kiddos felt like running away but they couldn’t as Abhi had made them sit on the bed.

They looked away while Mona smiled at them. She didn’t mind being without a dress. She was more amused to look at kiddos.

Kiddos smiled faintly and hoped they can leave from there soon.

Pragya coming from closet: Kiddos! I have decided all of you wear the same color! It’s sisters time!

Abhi: Then for what u asked me to choose ah?

Pragya: Err…sorry boss….I didn’t get the idea just now.

Abhi: It’s okay. You dress up Mona and I will do it for kiddos.

Pragya nodded her head and now kiddos gasped as Abhi was about to take off their clothes and that too in front of Mona!!!

They yelled: No!!!! NO!!!!

Abhi and Pragya were taken aback and asked: What happened kiddos?

Kiddos don’t know how to answer now. They looked down.

Abhi: All of a sudden they feel I can’t change their dress? So fast they had grown up??

Pragya looked at kiddos closely and realized they are looking at Mona who was smiling at them. They were feeling shy of Mona being around.

Pragya: Oye kiddos…She is your choti. No need to be shy of this.

Kiddos in a low tone: No Mumma….
Pragya coming near kiddos: Look at me.

Kiddos looked at her and she asked: Don’t you all like Monu?

Kiddos remained silent as it was not like they never like her. It’s just that they feel different by her sudden presence.

Pragya looked worriedly at Abhi.

Abhi: Kiddos, even that gabu have baby sister. So what’s wrong in you all having a baby sister??

Kiddos knew that and even gabu had irritated them by playing with his baby sister and they did yearn for a baby sister or brother to play with.

Mona: Kiddos!!! Humma!!!
She said loudly and made an action of flying kiss.

Abhi and Pragya were amazed to see this and Mona now crawled fastly towards kiddos.

Kiddos were taken aback and they smiled at her enthusiasm.

Abhi: See kiddos, your baby sister is super duper excited and wants you all to smile and not have a sad face.

Kiddos looked at Mona. Yes it was correct. She always smiled at them. Even today during breakfast, she wanted to sit beside them. Then she was smiling looking at them again. They liked her smile. It was more of their Puppa’s smile.

Kiddos talked among themselves while Abhi and Pragya wondered what was it about.

Kiddos cheerfully: Kiddos love Monu!

Abhi and Pragya smiled as Kiddos hugged Mona.

They even kissed her cheeks making her feel shy.

Abhi: Another shy girl at home!
Pragya: Why? You want a shy boy at home ah?
Abhi: Why not?
Pragya widened her eyes and walked away saying stop day dreaming.

Abhi ruffled his hair and smiled seeing kiddos and Mona. He gasped realizing he needs to change them into the dress she had chosen for them.

Abhi first making Mona to wear smiled then looked at kiddos.

Kiddos by now know they need to raise their hands on top so that it’s easier for Abhi to make them wear their dress.

Abhi smiled at their understanding.

He made them wear their dress too.

All the girls were in blue dress and he said: Looking beautiful in blue!!

Kiddos blushed as usual while Mona was looking at her dress and touching it. She was trying to explore the flower designs on her dress.

Kiddos swirled showing how their dress looks awesome. In response Mona seeing it was amazed and opened her mouth wide open.

Kiddos: Monu do..
Abhi: Hey kiddos, both of u are older so can balance a bit but Monu is smaller so she can’t do all this.

Kiddos were upset but Mona was keep on smiling at them.

Kiddos wondered how can she smile for everything?

Mona then looked away and was in her own thoughts.

Kiddos decided to talk to her.

They asked Puppa to make them sit with her. He also did that and kiddos said: Bello Monu!

Mona hearing it again laughed non-stop and clapped at them.

Kiddos also laughed now as they find her really very adorable when laughing.

Pragya hearing all their laughter came in and saw the trio laughing at each other.

Abhi saw Pragya and was awestruck. She was wearing saree again but this time it’s a navy blue designer saree with intricate designs and she was all dressed up as if going for a party.

Pragya coming closer to Abhi closed his mouth that was wide open.

Abhi: Are u going without me?
Pragya: We are going means it’s just we as in we girls. I just needed your help to dress up the kids.

Abhi looking at her exposed waist: Why am I so unlucky?

Pragya noticed where he was looking and covered her waist with the saree’s pallu.

Abhi with excitement: Can I also come? For girls protection!

Pragya: My dear Boss, we know how to protect ourselves and this is a party of someone you hate of.

Abhi: I don’t hate anybody. I only love everyone. Isn’t it kiddos?
Kiddos: Ya!Ya!
Pragya: Acha…then what about Gabu?
Abhi: Why are u reminding him now?
Pragya: It’s his birthday party. His mum called and informed me yesterday. So we are going to it.

Abhi: No way. What will happen to kiddos? I will not allow this. If you want I can attend the party. All of u stay here!

Pragya: Be realistic Boss. He is just turning 3 years old and you are making a scene of it.

Abhi: Listen Pragya, I am telling for the safety of my girls. Now you see Mona is also present. She is also pretty and that Gabu will definitely do his tricks to woo her. Poor Monu will remain silent if not smile at him and he will try to get closer to her. Please Pragya I can’t even imagine him dancing with kiddos. And now imagining him dancing with Mona is another Nightmare!!!

Pragya hearing all this laughed loudly and couldn’t stop her laughter thinking of how Abhi is feeling.

She continued to laugh holding her stomach and Abhi stared at her.

Abhi: Stop it! Enough!!

Pragya calming herself looked at Abhi and said: Then come with us and protect us from him.

Abhi remained silent before saying ok.

Pragya: Wait I saw your pants in the couch. You are very messy when it comes to keeping things.

Abhi: Sorry Boss. Get me that, I will go and choose what shirt to wear.

He said and left to the closet.

Pragya takes his pant and finds gold chain in Abhi’s pant pocket. It’s not hers and she finds it familiar but can’t recognize who it belongs to.

Pragya: Boss! Who gave u this goldchain?
There was no response from him. She assumed he couldn’t hear her from the closet.

Abhi, Oh no! Now how would I manage her???

He lazily opened the door and asked her for his pant.

Pragya passed him and waited for him to come out.

He too come out in a dashing outfit.

Pragya smiled at him and complimented his attire.

Abhi: Where is the gold chain?
Pragya: I kept it in the dressing table. Who gave you Boss?

Abhi spraying perfume on himself: I bought it for Mona.

Pragya: Really? It looks so long.
Abhi: Oh..then have to use it when she is older.
Pragya: You sure you had bought it?

Abhi looking at her: Why? You don’t believe me?
Pragya: Not like that. The design looks very familiar but can’t remember when I see it before.

Abhi: You would have seen it in some jewellery shop.

Pragya: Hmm…Maybe…

Kiddos and Mona laughed louder grabbing Abhi and Pragya’s attention.

They smiled seeing them.
Abhi: I think we got to leave now before it’s late!

Pragya nodded her head and all headed to the car while Bulbul decided to the detective work alone when they are away.

They reached Gabu’s house.

Mona was astonished to see bright lights and balloons everywhere.

She looked around with amazement as Pragya asked how was it.

Meanwhile kiddos ran to Gabu who was in suit. He was already standing with a group of girls.

Abhi whispered to Pragya: You see he is already with girls around him. He is such a playboy and now even kiddos are falling under his magic.

Pragya: Stop it Boss. It’s all his classmates!

Abhi: So many girls? Why there is no boys??

Pragya rolled her eyes and looked at Kiddos shaking hand with Gabu.

Abhi gritted his teeth seeing it. He was about to walk towards them when Pragya: You stay here by holding Mona.

She passed him Mona and was pleasantly surprised to see Mona lying on his shoulder as soon as he carried her.

Pragya going near to Gabu and kiddos smiled widely. Gabu remembered his kiss to her that day. He blushed thinking of it.

Pragya: Happy Birthday Gabu! Kiddos, pass this gift to your friend.

She passed the gift to kiddos and they passed it to Gabu.

Gabu in response: Thank you!

He then gave flying kiss to the three of them.

Pragya: That’s so sweet and kiddos are turning red in your flying kiss.

Abhi seeing this from distance find it unbelievable.

Abhi, He is still trying to woo my girls. I will teach him a lesson for sure.

Just then he saw someone who
made him nervous.

Abhi, Damn it’s her. If she is here then Pragya will know the truth that I am hiding.

Abhi going towards her called: Dr Leena.

She turned around and grinned in surprise.

Leena: You are here?
Abhi: Ya and you are here too?
Leena: I am here for my nephew. And who is this cute little girl?
Abhi: She is Mona, my daughter.
Leena: Oh…so she is the one that I heard from her. Nice. She is very beautiful.
Abhi: Thanks and I need a favour from u.
Leena: What’s that?
Abhi: Pragya is over there and please don’t ask her about anything that we know.
Leena: Sorry. I don’t understand what u mean. What do we know that she shouldn’t know.
Abhi: Dr Leena, what we know as in for what we met yesterday.

Leena: Oh..that matter. I understand now.
Abhi pleadingly: Please help me in this.
He said by looking at Pragya who was cheerfully talking with the children over there.

Leena smiled warmly in response.

Kailash leaves Mehra Mansion which is a big relief to Abhi. He passes a letter to him before leaving.

Abhi: What’s all this Pragya?
Pragya: What’s all this means?
Abhi: Is it true of what Kailash had mentioned in the letter?
Pragya looked away being unable to answer.
Abhi: You could have shared with me right? Why a third person like him should inform me?
Pragya: I was about to inform you…but…

Abhi pulls her closer to him. Pragya huffed and was about to tell him something when he hugged her saying: You don’t have the need to ask me too. If you want it to happen then do it yourself. I am not in anyway a hindrance to your wishes.

Pragya looks at him. He was in tears and she couldn’t bear seeing it.

Thank u every one for reading and Saranya sis don’t be sorry for late comments. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all those celebrating it. Have a nice day and so far I didn’t got the answer for someone. Keep guessing!

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