Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 95

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Abhi: How was the day sweet heart?
He asked by hugging Pragya from back and Pragya jerked at his sudden hug.

Pragya: First tell me where u went!
Abhi moved away and asked: Where are kiddos and Monu? All slept?

Pragya: What do u expect ah? It’s 11 pm and they would be awake for u?

She asked in a demanding tone to which Abhi smirked.

Pragya: Don’t smile Boss, do you even realize how much kiddos felt bad that u left and they were keep on asking for u. And on top of that u never answered my calls.

She said and then sat on the edge of the bed.

Abhi: I am sorry….
Pragya: I really don’t know whether it’s my fault or yours.
Abhi: There is no fault in this. Why are you exaggerating? I had some important work and that’s why I had to leave.

Pragya: Why did u leave even without informing me?
Abhi: Wo…I thought it will be a fast one and I could return quick that’s why I never inform u.

Pragya: Really?
Abhi sitting beside her: Yes really Boss. Do you think I can leave you all and disappear for very long?
Pragya shook her head as no.

Abhi placing his hand over her shoulder: Anyways the day after tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Have you made all arrangements?

Pragya: Thank God! You remember it. Yes Bulbul had been helping me in arranging everything.

Abhi: Good! By the way how do you think I would forget ah?

He asked by pulling her cheek and Pragya laughed.

Abhi: You laugh instead of screaming in pain!

Pragya: I love you pulling my cheek!
Abhi: That’s new!
Pragya smiled and leaned on his shoulder.

Abhi: You missed me today?
Pragya in a low tone: Hmm…
Abhi smiled and that’s when he sensed his phone vibrated.

Abhi: One second. I think I have a call.
Pragya: Now???
Abhi: Yes now!

Abhi moved away and attended the call by walking out of the room. She followed him and he was only saying ok in response to the call.

Pragya looked at him ending the call and Abhi looked quite worried.

Pragya: Who’s that?
Abhi: I got to go Pragya. Will call you later. Take care of kids.

He hurriedly said before kissing her forehead.

He then left making Pragya worried for him.

Pragya,He just came and then now he is leaving all of a sudden! What’s wrong with him?

Bulbul was awake and came Pragya.

Bulbul: Di…..
Pragya: Bulbul, I really don’t know what’s wrong. He is very much hesitant to tell me and I don’t want to ask and disturb him too. What can I do Bulbul?

Bulbul: I have a plan di. He will also help me. We will find why Jiju is behaving this way. You don’t worry too much for this.

Pragya: No Bulbul, if he really wants to tell me then he will tell. I don’t want Purab and u to interfere in this. It will only make him feel disturbed.

Bulbul: Ok di, then we will not do anything but you don’t worry too much!

Pragya smiled and said: I will try….
Bulbul hugged Pragya in response.

Bulbul, Hmm…my detective brain is on now. Maybe I should tell this to Purab and make sure Pragya di is not aware of my plans.

The next day Purab and Bulbul follow Abhi without Pragya’s knowledge.

Bulbul: I hope he is not behaving weirdly because of the marble.
Purab rolled his eyes in response and Bulbul pressurized Purab to drive faster.
Unable to tolerate her, Purab stopped driving which made Bulbul shocked.

Bulbul: Drive Poo Poo!! What if we miss him?? I want to see his cute face when he gets caught in front of us!!

Purab gave a deadly stare towards her which made her look confused.

Bulbul: What’s this??? You see now we missed him!

Purab: It’s alright.

Bulbul: It’s not alright! Now how will we know where is he going?? Poo Poo you had cheated my plans.

She said with disappointment and crossed her arms.

Purab: It’s your fault. Who ask you to say you want to see his cute face? If not I would have continued driving.

Bulbul gasped hearing it.

Bulbul: You are still jealous when I say him as cute??

Purab remained silent and then took his water bottle to drink. Bulbul snatched it and asked: Answer me!!

Purab: What do I answer? I already told u many times that I don’t like you addressing him as cute.

Bulbul: Cuteness not cutified is a sin.

Purab: Kya??

Bulbul: It’s something like beauty not admired is a sin.

Purab: Ridiculous!

Bulbul: Whatever it is, I really don’t understand why are u not appreciating cute things in life.

Purab: My dear darling who worships cute things in life, different people have different things to appreciate in life.

Bulbul: What do you appreciate in life?
Purab: I appreciate you!
Bulbul: I knew it. You will tell this to pacify me now.
Purab: I mean it!

Bulbul was about to open the car door when he stopped her by holding her hand.

Bulbul irked: Hello Mr Poo Poo, this is not the time to romance.

Purab in a husky tone: Let me show you how I appreciate you.

Bulbul closer her eyes as he was getting closer to her.

Bulbul wondered why is he taking so long to kiss her. She opened the eyes to see Purab smiling at her teasingly.

Bulbul furiously slapped his face and Purab giggled and teased her for expecting for a kiss.

Meanwhile, Abhi at a place was talking to someone.

Abhi: Do call me at anytime and I will be here.
Someone: Thanks Abhi. It really means alot to us.
Abhi: It’s my responsibility too. I don’t feel any kind of inconvenience in this.
Someone: Does Pragya knows about this?
Abhi: I don’t want to worry her by telling this. After all, now only she is facing happiness after hurdles.
Someone: Don’t you think she will feel bad after knowing this by herself or through someone else.

Abhi: I think I can handle it later. For now it’s all about facing this.
Someone: How are kids? I heard there is a new entry in your house.
Abhi: I am not surprised that u are aware of it. Yes she is another angel in my house. She is very special to us.
Someone smiled and said: Glad to hear this from u. I think now you can leave. We can take care for the rest of the day and will call u when needed.

Abhi nodded his head as yes in response and left from that place.

Pragya finds gold chain in Abhi’s pant pocket. It’s not hers and she finds it familiar but can’t recognize who it belongs to.

Kailash leaves Mehra Mansion which is a big relief to Abhi. He passes a letter to him before leaving.

Who is the someone now? Hint: It’s someone u all already aware of. 🙂

Thank you everyone for reading.

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