Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 94

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Abhi returns to room and finds Pragya making the three kids sitting on the bed.

Kiddos were the first to exclaim Puppa! Puppa!

Abhi: Good morning kiddos! What is Monu doing?

Kiddos were little disappointed when he sat beside Mona instead of them.

Kiddos: Puppa!
Abhi made Mona sit on his lap and asked: Yes kiddos. What’s up?
Kiddos looked at him sadly. It was their place where Mona was sitting. She never reacts and all she was doing was looking at kiddos.

Mona: Kiddos…
Abhi in surprise: Pragya, she said Kiddos!!!

Pragya: I think she likes them. They are smaller na compared to us. So she find them interesting.

Kiddos looking at Pragya couldn’t believe that Mona likes them when they never even talk to her.

Mona reached out to kiddos by tapping Abhigya’s shoulder.

Abhi: Do u want to talk to them? Wait let me make u all sit together.

Abhi made Mona sit in the middle of the bed with kiddos too. They were sitting in a circle.

Kiddos want to protest of not sitting with Mona but they want to make a fuss early in the morning itself. They also have school today so this was just for a while they thought.

Abhi: Oye kiddos! What are u both thinking like Mumma? Talk to your choti!

Pragya frowned at Abhi and he winked in response.

Kiddos looked around and then said: Bello Monu….

Mona chuckled and clapped at the same time.

Kiddos looked at each other in confusion. They simply told Bello and for that she is laughing? They were not funny when telling it.

Pragya: Boss…She really likes them. I guess if she spends more time with them then she will be like us.

Abhi: She is like us. She is one of us. It’s all in the way u treat her Pragya. Just be with her like u were with kiddos.

Pragya nodded her head in response and kiddos were taken aback when Mona crawled towards Prabhi and poked her stomach. She then went to Abhigya and cuddled near her lap.

Abhi: This is so cute. Let me take a picture of all this.

Pragya smiled widely and kiddos were wondering when will they be able to escape from Mona as she now gave a hug to Prabhi.

Time passed and Kailash was now taking care of the kids while Pragya was in the kitchen.

Abhi walked into the kitchen with a stressful look.

Pragya sensing his presence asked: Why are u here?

Abhi: Why can’t I be here?
Pragya: Boss, when I am asking a question I would expect an answer in reply not a question again.

Abhi: Sorry but I really need to tell u something.

Pragya: What happened Boss? Why do u sound very serious?

Abhi: It’s him!

Pragya: Him? Who is the him?
Abhi: Kailash! I know he helped u in London but why does he need to stay here now?

Pragya: It’s just a day he brought Mona here and I expect him to return so fast? He also needs sometime to adapt to the feeling that he need to leave Mona here.

Abhi: I do understand all that but I don’t like him playing with my kids.

Pragya: Why is that so?

Abhi: What if they get attached to him? Can’t u see even Mona respond to him but not me!

Pragya: Boss…just give her sometime she will respond to u and play with u like kiddos.

Abhi: Why can’t you understand?? Just Ask him to leave. He is irritating me.

Pragya: Why are u behaving like a child. He is our guest and will stay with us until he wants to leave.

Abhi looked away and Pragya smiled at his cute anger.

Bulbul seeing it from a distance thought, Hmm..this marble is creating a lot of noise between the glasses. What’s his intention? Actually he is doing overly. Today I saw him smiling excessively at kiddos too.

Pragya walking closer to Abhi held his hand and he looked at her.

Pragya: Do you feel I will leave u again?

Abhi: No! If u dare to think like that then I will eat you!
Pragya chuckled and then looked at him tenderly.

Pragya: I know you are feeling jealous of him. I can see it in your eyes. But remember boss, no matter what I am always yours and you are always mine.

Abhi was about to hold her hip when Bulbul turned away and thought, It’s getting romantic here. I better leave now.

Abhi: You always know my feelings. I know I can’t be jealous but how do I resist myself when my wife is not paying attention to me??

Pragya blushed hearing it as he hugged her.

Pragya wrapping her hands around his neck: Attention will be given when needed.

Abhi: Does that mean you feel I don’t need your attention now?

Pragya: Not really, when u need it more then more attention will be given. For now……

By saying that she kissed his cheek which made him feel happy.

Abhi: Over here?
He asked by pointing at his lips.

Pragya shrieked: Not now!
Abhi made a sulky face and just then kiddos screamed Puppa.

Pragya: There you go! My saviours had called u!
Abhi: Sometimes kiddos are turning into villains in my life.

Pragya beat his chest in response and Abhi: Ouch! Villains mother is very violent! Just like how she is with me alone.

Pragya stared at him before saying: Go now Boss. If not kiddos will get angry!

Abhi half-heartedly left the kitchen before making a pouty face at Pragya.

Pragya smiled at his cute antic and continued her cooking.

In a while she heard his car leaving sound.

Pragya, Why does he need to leave without informing me? Where is he going?

She wondered and hoped this is not another issue to be faced among them.
Pragya left the kitchen what she was doing and saw kiddos looking sadly towards the main door.

Pragya: Don’t be sad kiddos, Puppa will come back soon.

Kiddos want to spend time with Mumma and Puppa but why is it not happening? Did they wish for something big?

They raised their arms for Mumma to hug and she in return kneeled down and hugged both.

Pragya: I am saying right kiddos, Puppa will be back and all of us will spend time together.

Kiddos in a low tone: Hmm…
They believed their Mumma as she always tell the truth.

Kiddos: Monu here?
Pragya smiled and replied: Haan kiddos, she is both your choti and would stay here.

Kiddos looked away and didn’t know what to do now. Today they have to face Mona again as Mumma said It’s ok if they never go school for the next few days. She wants then to play with Mona.

Pragya: Let’s go and see what is Monu doing!
She said by holding their hands and bringing them to where Mona was with Kailash.

Purab and Bulbul follow Abhi.
Bulbul: I hope he is not behaving weirdly because of the marble.
Purab rolled his eyes in response and Bulbul pressurized Purab to drive faster.
Unable to tolerate her, Purab stopped driving which made Bulbul shocked.

Bulbul: Drive Poo Poo!! What if we miss him?? I want to see his cute face when he gets caught in front of us!!

Purab gave a deadly stare towards her which made her look confused.

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