Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 93

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This is totally unexpected. What’s happening at their house?? On one hand, Puppa is playing with Mona. But Mona is not really responding. Then Mumma is also telling some stories to Mona. And for they are with Bubu. It’s not that they don’t like Bubu but this is their first time that they are being ignored. How’s this good? It’s very bad. The felt very upset and looked at Bubu who was now trying to cheer them up by dancing to Tunak Tunak song.

Yes it was their favourite song. But now they have grown up and they don’t listen to Tunak tunak that much. Now they listen to Tukur tukur and that too chipmunk version as they found chipmunks cute like them.

Bulbul gave up and asked: What’s wrong kiddos? I never see u all this long being sad.

She asked by sitting beside them.

They remained silent and looked at their family photo.

Bulbul: Mumma? Puppa?
Kiddos sadly: Ya…Ya…
Bulbul: Don’t be sad kiddos. Mumma and Puppa are excited for Mona and she just came na so they must make sure she is fine with everything here.

Kiddos: Mumma Puppa no love kiddos?
Bulbul in surprise: So fast that both of u feel this way? Mumma and Puppa always love u. Wait and see, in a short while Mumma and Puppa will call both of u.

Kiddos hearing it smiled. They really hoped their parents love them.

Bulbul hugged kiddos and they felt better.

Kiddos softly: Thank you Bubu.
Bulbul: Arrey we are friends! No sorry and thank you among friends! How many time I told u all this!!

She said with a fake anger to which kiddos chuckled and Bulbul tickled their waist making them laugh more.

Pragya: Kiddos!!
Bulbul: There u see Mumma called both of u already!
Kiddos face brightened and they smiled widely with their dimples seen.

Bulbul: Let’s go! Funny girls getting upset like your Mumma.

Kiddos frowned in response and Bulbul: Now both of u give me this face but I know both of u are like your Mumma.

Kiddos sternly: Bubu!!
Bulbul: Okok cool kiddos!
Kiddos tried to be angry towards her but they couldn’t as she is their best friend. They giggled and walked together with Bulbul to their playroom as their Mumma is there now with Mona.

Kiddos were shocked to see Mona playing silently with their dolphin toy.

Pragya: Kiddos, come here and play with Mona.

Kiddos looked at each other. They do find her cute but they don’t know her and now Mumma is asking to play with them. They felt a bit uncomfortable.

Pragya: Kiddos why both of u are standing like statue? Come here na.

Kiddos looked around for Puppa and he was missing.

Pragya: Puppa went out again. Will both of u come closer now?

Bulbul bending down asked them to go closer and interact with Mona.

They hesitantly went and blinked at Pragya.

Pragya: Call her kiddos!
Prabhi remained silent but Abhigya said: Monu….
Pragya: Is that a nickname? That’s so cute Abhoo!!

Prabhi stared at Abhigya for calling Mona as Monu.

Prabhi felt her sister always never support her too. As for Abhigya she was feeling shy for Mumma’s praise.

Pragya: Prabhoo, Why your face is so gloomy?

Prabhi was keep on looking at Mona and their dolphin toy she was having. She was not listening to Pragya.

Pragya: Is it because of your toy? Prabhoo, Mona just came here na and she never bring her toys with her. That’s why she is playing with your toy Prabhoo. Wait! I need to show u all something. Bulbul come with me too. I need your help.

Bulbul: Is it ok to leave them alone?

Pragya: It’s just to the closet. We will be back very fast. Come fast!

She said hurriedly and both went.

Prabhi looked at Abhigya and Abhigya asked: Prabhoo buya?
Prabhoo with a frowning face: Yes!

Prabhoo: Mona no dolphie!!
They then both try to snatch their toy from Mona.

Mona looked at them and smiled widely.

Kiddos were surprised. They want their toy back but she is smiling at them!

Mona pleasantly: Kiddos….
Kiddos were taken aback hearing to it and then she even give flying kiss to them. It was another shock to them that they remained still.

By then Pragya and Bulbul had returned with a luggage and both looked at Kiddos who were now standing still.

Pragya: What now? Come back to normal kiddos.

Kiddos shook their head hearing Pragya’s voice.

Pragya: There u see I got a lot of new toys for u all.
She said by opening the luggage.

Kiddos were still stunned thinking of Mona’s flying kiss. Mona was smiling and looking at kiddos instead of Pragya and Bulbul.

Bulbul: Something had happened between this three. Di.. you see kiddos are in shock and Mona aka Monu is smiling.

Pragya: I know my kids won’t fight so I have no worries.

Kiddos looked away and didn’t know what to do now. Mona gave flying kiss to them that means she likes them.

They looked helpless and hugged Pragya. Mona still playing with their dolphin toy was mumbling something to herself.

Pragya: It seems that both of u need sometime to understand Monu. Play more with her kiddos and both of u will have more fun. Ok?

Kiddos in a low tone: Hmm…

Let’s see how kiddos will mingle with Mona in the upcoming updates.

Now back to Purab and Bulbul’s story.

Inside the room,
Bulbul: Strange! STRANGE!!
Purab asked by sitting on the couch: What’s strange and why are u telling it in different modulations?
Bulbul: Jiju and di are together with kids but why sometimes Jiju disappear??
Purab: He would have some work na.
Bulbul: How is it possible when he handover his work to u to look after kiddos for the last one year? Did he said he is back to work?
Purab: I never think in this way. I thought he is going out for some business matters. But then I am already dealing with all of them.

Bulbul raising her eyebrows: Even di is observing all this but she never ask him I guess. She don’t want to create an issue now by asking when she just patched up with him.

Purab: But he is spending time with kids right?
Bulbul: Yes he does, he only disappears in the night after kids sleep. Sometimes at odd times too.

Purab looks on while Abhi leaves the room and looks at Pragya before leaving.

He makes sure she is sleeping and walks down the stairs. Unfortunately, he collides with Kailash.

Kailash: Where are u going out at this time?
Abhi: Some important work.
He was about to cross him when Kailash: You are not cheating on her right?
Abhi: Come again?
Kailash: You heard it right bro. I want to make sure u don’t cheat on her.

Abhi: I will never cheat on her and she knows that too. I am thankful for your help in taking care of my wife and kid but don’t try to interfere in my way.

Kailash sighed: Please bro…in front of her u talk to me friendly but now you’re being so rude.

Abhi: I don’t want to hurt her by talking to u this way.

Kailash: Bro, you know it was past that I tried to woo Pragya. Now, she is your wife and why do u still feel insecure?

Abhi never replied and walked off.

Kailash smiled as he saw Bulbul looking at them.

Kailash: When did u came?
Bulbul: From kitchen! Had to take this jug of water for Purab. He gets thirsty in the middle of night.

Kailash: Oh…ok good night.
Bulbul: That means u are the marble ah?
Kailash: Marble? What do u mean?
He asked giving a quizzical look.

Bulbul: It’s nothing. I think I am sleepy and telling something. Good night too and see you tomorrow

Kailash wished her good night too and smiled weirdly of her words.

Kailash: Except for Pragya everyone here is strange. How does she even manage everyone here?

He wondered by walking up the stairs.

Abhi: Ask him to leave. He is irritating me.
Pragya: Why are u behaving like a child. He is our guest and will stay with us until he wants to leave.
Abhi looked away and Pragya smiled at his cute anger.
Bulbul seeing it from a distance thought, Hmm..this marble is creating a lot of noise between glasses. What’s his intention?

I believe you all remember Monesha sis. She is very much hesitant to write over here again as it had been a long time since she wrote. So pls do give your support for her comeback through your comments. I hope all your support would give her the confidence and understanding to write.
Riya sis I can understand how much u love this ff and I am really grateful to it. But after this I don’t really have any plots to continue with. Even if I continued it will be not satisfying to me. Please try to understand sis. Actually for u and others only I had extended this ff so far. I really feel bad to say all this. But please understand and support till the end of this ff. As much as u all love this ff, that much I love it or even more. I think u need to love something u do to continue it crazily. That’s what I believe. I will also miss this badly like u all. But what to do? Everything needs an ending in life. So I am very sorry if it hurts anyone of u all. I am very sorry but please try to understand and support me.

The marble is Kailash here. The upcoming updates will reveal about him in Abhi and Pragya life.

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