Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 92

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Pragya was busy preparing some sweets as kiddos were playing with Bulbul in the living area.

Bulbul: Kiddos, Be good girls and stay like this. I will quickly go and see your Mumma!

Kiddos made a sulky face and then they agreed as Bulbul kissed them.

They sat quietly at the sofa and were talking to each other of Puppa and Mumma looking very happy when they returned home yesterday evening.

After returning back home, kiddos were extremely tired so they slept early and when today morning they woke up they saw their parents jovially talking to each other. What else they could ask for? This is what they always wanted. It’s was just like last time.

In the kitchen,
Bulbul: Di! There is an exceptional glow in your face today. May I know the reason?

Pragya’s face blushed in shyness and she continued her cooking.

Bulbul: I know di, after a long time u are close to jiju na?
She said teasingly.
Pragya: I was never far apart from him. I was always close to his heart Bulbul.

Bulbul: Mona was one of the reason for u to leave.

By saying that Bulbul remained silent and was feeling worried about something.

Pragya hugging Bulbul: Don’t feel that u were also responsible for me to leave. Whatever happened had happened and now it’s all about having Mona in our lives.

Bulbul: But still….I feel disturbed…
Pragya: Bulbul, I know your plight as well. You couldn’t leave Purab just because Uncle said you must make me to leave Abhi. Situations were such that I also had to leave due to the reason that u are aware of. Everything fell in place and it made your life easier to marry Purab too.

Bulbul: Did Jiju knows about this?
Pragya: Both him and Purab will not know about this. This is something between us. And I don’t want to make a big issue of telling him and getting upset on Uncle. Whatever Uncle did was out of misunderstanding on me. I hope as time passes he would understand me.

Bulbul: You always never lose hope on Uncle, Dadi and Dasi of understanding u. But why do they always never understand u?

Pragya: They do understand me.

Bulbul looked confused and Pragya smiled in response.

Pragya: They do understand me that I won’t tell about their understanding of me to him.

Bulbul: I am still a bit confused.
She said by scratching her head.

Pragya: I am not confused and my Boss never gets confused of me. So no worries!

Bulbul: Now I know why he told that u never tell anything directly.

Pragya taking adding syrup to a bowl asked: You mean Purab tell about me like that?

Bulbul: Yes I don’t have any other he in my life na.

Pragya chuckled hearing to it and suddenly remembered something.

Pragya: You left kiddos alone?
Bulbul: No, Geeta (helper) is around and I did informed her to take a look at what kiddos are doing.

Pragya sighed in relief and then smiled.

Bulbul: Now I know everything about Jiju and u!

Pragya shook her head and continued her work.

Bulbul confidently: He had told me everything!

Pragya: Acha…then u know our full story?
Bulbul: Yes!Yes!
She excitedly starts to tell what she knows to Pragya.

Bulbul: But I don’t understand one thing.

Pragya: What’s that?
Bulbul: If Mithra di never run away from the marriage hall then both of u wouldn’t have married each other?

Pragya dropped the spade she was holding and Bulbul picked up the spade and washed it under tap.

Pragya: We still regret for what had happened with your parents.

Bulbul: It’s okay di, I know saying it’s ok is not easy. I know my parents think more about society and status. I can understand what they would have gone through which is a completely wrong way. Maybe if I was around, I would have been more of a support towards them and made sure they never feel bad terribly and lost their lives.

Pragya: We never knew Mithra would take such a huge step.

Bulbul: Like u said whatever happened had been happened and now nobody can change it.

Pragya: I am sorry Bulbul, Please forgive us.

Bulbul: Di, if I had any kind of grudges towards you then I wouldn’t be calling you di like this.

Pragya: But it still hurts right? Losing your loved ones?

Bulbul: Yes it does just like the way you lost your mother when you want to tell about kiddos when they were born.

Pragya in shock: You know this as well?

Bulbul: Yes di, I told u right he told me everything. Both of us have lost our parents. In that way, I know how are u feeling about Mithra and me. I even know how Jiju is feeling and that’s why he is indebted to Mithra di and is still in contact with her as a best friend.

Both had tears in their eyes when they were taken aback to hear screamings of kiddos.

Bulbul: Is that kiddos??
Pragya nodded her head and she quickly turned off the stove before rushing to see why kiddos are screaming so loudly.

Pragya and Bulbul looked at each other in disbelief as they saw kiddos standing on top of sofa and shouting loudly.

Pragya: Kiddos!! STOP! What’s happening here??

Kiddos were not listening until she hugged them and made them settle down by asking them to calm down.

Kiddos were looking at the doorstep and the main door was opened.

Pragya: What’s over there?
Kiddos: Muya!!!!
Bulbul: Muya?? Di let me check.

Pragya: Be careful Bulbul.
Bulbul: Why are u getting nervous? I think they would be scared by seeing some dog or cat am entering the house.

Pragya shook her head at her joke and she kissed kiddos saying it’s nothing and no need to be scared.

Bulbul going near the main door was surprised to see a man standing with his eyes closed and murmuring something.

Bulbul: Who are you??
Man in a shivering tone: Kai…lash…
Bulbul: Huh? Why your name is like that?
Man: It’s Kailash!!
Bulbul: Oh…why are u here?
Kailash: This is Pragya’s house right?
Bulbul: Yes! But why are u standing here by being scared!
Kailash: I thought of giving a surprise entry to kiddos. Then I came with my group of friends with a cat mask but they screamed so loud that my friends ran away and I am standing here like this.

He said by still looking scared and Bulbul noticed the cat mask he had dropped on the floor. She giggled imagining the scenario.

Bulbul informed that kiddos don’t like cat and that’s why they reacted that way. She said he should have wear rabbit mask as kiddos love rabbits a lot.

Bulbul: Anyways now u can come in as Pragya is inside.

Kailash was hesitant but Bulbul pulled him inside and Pragya looking at him was shocked.

Pragya: If u are here then where is Mona?

Bulbul: What? Mona is under his care?? He is such a scary cat and how can he take care of Mona?

Pragya frowned at Bulbul and Bulbul said: I am sorry di.

Kailash: She is here. Abhi made arrangements for us to be here today. He booked a private jet.

Pragya yearningly looked at the doorstep and asked: Where is she?

Kiddos: Mumma….

Pragya never heed to them and was keep on asking Kailash where is Mona?

Abhi: She is here with me!

He said by walking down the stairs and was carrying Mona in his arms.

Pragya leaving kiddos ran to him and looked at Mona.

Kiddos wondered who is she and when did she came inside the house. She looked smaller than them too. Then now Mumma is carrying her from Puppa and kissing her all over the face.It seems the small girl is enjoying it too.

Bulbul seeing it smiled widely and looked at kiddos observing all this with a shock filled expression.

Bulbul: Hello my dear di and Jiju, you have not introduced Mona to the most important people.

Abhi: Oh ya!! How can we forget them??

Pragya walking towards kiddos were looking up in confusion.

Pragya asked kiddos to sit down and she sat beside them with Mona on her lap.

Kiddos were silent as they really don’t know what’s happening now.

Pragya: Kiddos, This is Mona. She is your baby sister.

Kiddos widened their eyes in shock. What?? They have a baby sister like Gabu!!!

Mona made some sounds and looked at Pragya. Pragya smiled and asked kiddos do u all like Mona?

Kiddos were still in shock.

Abhi: It seems kiddos are shocked that they have a baby sister.

Mona: Mimi…
Pragya: Haan Mona, what do u want?
Kiddos couldn’t believe she is calling their Mumma as Mimi and Mumma is also responding to it.

Abhi: That’s super cute. Mimi!!!
Pragya: She also have a name for u!
Abhi: I hope at least it would be Pappa.
Pragya smiled teasingly at him and he: Not again!!! Now what??

Pragya looking at Mona: Tell Papa.

Mona: Puppie!

Abhi shrieked: Oh man! Puppa is much better than Puppie. That’s ok, it sounds more cuter than Mimi.

Everyone chuckled at his silly justification except for kiddos.

Kiddos couldn’t laugh as they were feeling insecure of Mona.

Kiddos looked at Mona playing silently with their dolphin toy. They were about to snatch it away from her when she did something that made them shocked.

In another situation,
Bulbul: Strange! STRANGE!!
Purab: What’s strange and why are u telling it in different modulations?
Bulbul: Jiju and di are together with kids but why sometimes Jiju disappear??
Purab: He would have some work na.
Bulbul: How is it possible when he handover his work to u to look after kiddos for the last one year? Did he said he is back to work?
Purab: I never think in this way. I thought he is going out for some business matters. But then I am already dealing with all of them.

Bulbul raising her eyebrows: Even di is observing all this but she never ask him I guess. She don’t want to create an issue now by asking when she just patched up with him.

Purab: But he is spending time with kids right?
Bulbul: Yes he does, he only disappears in the night after kids sleep.
Purab looks on while Abhi leaves the room and looks at Pragya before leaving.

As u all can see it’s reaching the end, and thank u everyone for all the support and continuous reading of this ff. It really means alot to me. Thank u once again.

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