Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 91

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Note: The answer for the most wanted question is here!!

Abhi: I first met you at our job interview. Then you know what happened between us. Fight at first sight.

Pragya: Lie!

Abhi gave a look of shock and she answered : Don’t act to be shocked. Tell me the truth.

Abhi: Alright, I saw u first at bus stop.

Pragya: Then?
Abhi: I saw u eating some biscuit and then talking to yourself.

Pragya: What did u think about me at that time?

Abhi: Crazy girl who is eating and talking to herself. You even beat your face with the file u had.

Pragya: Itna observation?
Abhi: I tend to observe peculiar things around me.

Pragya: Then?
Abhi: Then what? we met at office and had an argument of who sit opposite to Uncle’s cabin.
He chuckled remembering their first silly fight.

Pragya: So that means whenever u see me it is only at office?

Abhi: Mostly, it was only like that. After I fell in love with u then I saw u in different locations!

Pragya: Hmm…When was the time u were most scared?

Abhi: Most scared there are a couple of instances. Especially when u were stuck in our office.

Pragya: With u?
Abhi: No, it’s after I was engaged with Mithra. Don’t u remember when u were stuck alone in the storeroom and I came to rescue u!

Pragya: How scared were u?
Abhi: I felt my heartbeat was stopping.
Pragya remained silent as he looked at his serious expression thinking of the past.

He started to narrate what was he going through at that time.

Abhi after having lunch with Mithra was feeling restless.

Mithra “Why do u look like this?”
Abhi “Like what?” Mithra ” No you look worried about something.” Abhi “I was thinking of Pragya. I think she is in trouble.”

Mithra “How do u know Abhi?” Abhi “I can feel it. Let me go and check her house.” Mithra looks on as she sees Abhi tensed and rushes to his car.

Abhi reached her house and knocked the door.

Sarla ma opened the door.

Sarla ma “You again!!” Abhi anxiously “Has Pragya returned home?” Sarla ma “She should be still at work. It’s just 3 pm now.” Abhi ” It’s impossible. Today is half day as there is maintenance works in the office. By right she should have returned home.”
Sarla ma looks shocked and tries calling Pragya’s number but it was unreachable. She was getting petrified of what had happened to her.

Abhi” I will go and check now. But assure me that she never sleeps on the floor anymore. I know she had sacrificed a lot for your family. But please don’t make her feel she is low in front of u all just because you consider her as unlucky!” Sarla ma looks surprised of how he knows Pragya sleeps on the floor. She saw him walking away quickly and rushing off from there.

Pragya interrupted: You told Ma like that? How daring you are!!

Abhi: I had to. I always want to tell her. Just because certain things happened unfortunately and that too when u touch. It doesn’t mean u are unlucky. I really don’t like her making u sleep on the floor.

Pragya: I really don’t know why it was like that. I was all the while thinking I am unlucky until u told me that I am your lucky charm.

Abhi: Did anything happened to any of us when u touch? Actually I yearn for your touch.

He said in a naughty tone and Pragya understood what he meant. She blushed lightly before saying: Then u came like a hero kicking the locked door to save me right?

Abhi: A small correction, I never kicked the door. I had the keys with me so I unlocked the door and saved u!

Pragya giggled and asked: Then how was your heart beat when U see me?

Abhi: It was beating very fast like some bullet train’s speed! I carried u as u were unconscious. I then managed to bring u to your house and I just want to be by your side but I couldn’t.

Pragya pleasantly: Thank you
Abhi: Ok but I don’t understand one thing now. What is this Q & A for? It’s so formal!
Pragya smiled hearing it and said: I always want to know what u feel about me.
Abhi: Pragya, you know I always love u even if I am harsh towards u.

Pragya: I know. Now getting back to questions.

Abhi grumbled: Huh? How many more? And wait where are kiddos? Why are they not back yet!!! Are they shopping for our wedding anniversary or their wedding???

Pragya frowned and Abhi: I am missing them. It’s from morning I never see them.

Pragya: I understand but I really need to talk to u alone. They will be back by evening.

Abhi: Okay….Shoot me your questions!

Pragya: What else do u love? As in apart from me?
Abhi: Kiddos! They are my cutest friends and I love them the most.

Pragya: Before them?

Abhi: You! Always u! You are my cutest Chasmish!

Pragya: Before me?

Abhi: Dadi and Dasi! Actually I love them always too, just upset that they are not able to understand u.

Pragya: Nobody else?

Abhi: Who else? I love Purab as my buddy. Mithra as my friend.

Pragya: Your brother?

Abhi looked away unable to answer.

Pragya: I know. You had a brother who was special to u. Why didn’t u tell about him to me?

Abhi: How did u know? Even Purab doesn’t know about this.

Pragya: I knew it somehow. I just want to know how special he was to u.

Abhi excitedly: He is not like us. A very special and wonderful person. He is like a child at heart. You know he is autistic but that doesn’t differentiates him more. He is such a talented person. He is very good at paintings. And when we were young, if anyone beats me he will slap them. He have that much of affection and protective nature towards me. I don’t know where is he now. Wherever he is, I just hope he is fine.

Pragya: How did he left all of u?
Abhi: He got an opportunity to pursue his higher studies in Switzerland. Unfortunately, as years passed we lost contact of each other now.

Pragya: Did u had communication problem with him?

Abhi: To tell the truth, yes there was but I told u na he was very affectionate towards me. His affection is all I need to communicate with him.

Pragya had tears in her eyes and Abhi asked why she was crying.

Pragya: I am sorry. As usual I am wrong and you win in this.

Abhi: In what??
Pragya was keep on crying and he went beside her where she hugged him and cried more.

Abhi: Oh Pragya! Will u tell me why are u crying like this??
Pragya: Mona….is…
Abhi loudly: Mona is??
Pragya: She is autistic like your brother!

Abhi was shocked hearing that and sat beside her.

Pragya: I left you as I found that Mona will be born abnormally. That’s what the doctors said. I didn’t want to hurt you by giving birth to a child that disappoints u. I was also scared what if kiddos don’t like her.

Abhi remained silent and Pragya looking at him called: Boss…

Abhi: You could have shared this with me. I am not that bad not to understand this. And about kiddos they will be only happy to have a baby sister in their lives.

Pragya: I know Boss but you know I really didn’t want u to feel bad. I know how much u love kids. Like how u love kiddos! You love them more than me and when I realized Mona is not normal I really felt u shouldn’t get affected by her abnormality.

Abhi: Stop saying she is not normal and all Pragya. She is like us. Just a bit different. When she is here, she will definitely be one of us.

Pragya: I am sorry. I again messed it up na?

Abhi hugging her: At least now u told me. I don’t know who gave u this idea of Q&A session with me. But whoever it is, he or she is an angel to save me from your fluctuations!

Pragya laughed with tears and hugged him back tightly.

It seemed like everything had solved for them. Is that so?

Bulbul confidently: He had told me everything!
Pragya: Acha…then u know our full story?
Bulbul: Yes!Yes!
She excitedly starts to tell what she knows to Pragya.

Meanwhile kiddos get shocked to see new people entering their house!

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