Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 90

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Kiddos went to Puppa who was sitting alone looking at his phone.

He never realized they were around and he was silently crying.

Kiddos: Puppa…no no cry…
Abhi wiped his tears and said: No kiddos, it was just….
Kiddos felt sad for him. He was feeling sad for being rough to Mumma.

Kiddos opened their arms for a hug. He too hugged them in return.

Abhi: Puppa is not bad.
Kiddos breaking the hug looked at Abhi.

Abhi: Both of u would be unhappy for my behaviour na.
Kiddos shook their head as no.
Abhi: I am sorry kiddos.
Kiddos: Puppa good boy!
They then signalled him to smile. Abhi smiled lightly and said: I will say sorry to Mumma too.

Kiddos: Good! Good!
Abhigya then kissed on his right cheek and Prabhi on his left.

Abhi: Love u kiddos!
Kiddos blushed in return and ran away.

Abhi: Be careful!!! Both of u run like her!!!

Abhi then remained silent thinking of her.

Abhi, Pragya what wrong have I done that I don’t deserve to know that I have a child. Why are u not thinking at least kiddos need to know they have a little sister. They will be so happy.

He was feeling disturbed with whatever is happening.

Pragya never returned to their room for that day. It made Abhi feel worse and walked to the balcony.

Kiddos ran back to the room and saw Puppa missing. They managed to see him in the balcony. They walked together there and called him.

Abhi: Hey kiddos, What’s up now? And what are u holding Prabhoo?

Prabhi looked at Abhigya.

Abhigya: Peter!
Abhi: Peter?? Show me that!
Prabhi passed it.
Abhi: Oh letter ah? Hmm…letter becomes Peter now! Both of u really need a boyfriend now. Always telling boys names. But remember it’s not that Gabu!

Kiddos frowned hearing that and they were about to run away when Abhi: Kiddos, is this what Mumma gave u all?

Kiddos: Yes! Yes! Mumma loves Puppa!!!

Abhi: Ya I know she loves to hurt Puppa…..

Kiddos didn’t understand it and they ran to the room to play in the bed.

Mumma ask them to stay in the room itself until Puppa sees the letter she gave. So they plan to play on the bed and observe Puppa’s actions too.

Abhi opening the letter read it:

It says:

I am sorry. I know I had been unreasonable to u. I am always like this and I will remain like this. There are certain matters that is not easy to be revealed. I am not hiding to cheat or fool u. I am just hiding not to hurt u.

Pragya Abhishek Mehra

He touched her name written on the letter and looked at kiddos who were pretending to play but were looking at him.

Abhi: She have spies to observe me. Silly girl!

He slapped his face with letter and walked into the room.

Abhi: So both of u are here to be spies!

Kiddos: No!No!
Abhi: It’s okay, it’s cool to be spies.
Kiddos got it wrong and said: No! Hot!
Abhi: Kya? Both of u feel hot being spies?
Kiddos looked confused.

Abhi: Wait! Oh kiddos, I was not telling spices. Its spies.

Kiddos looked at each other while Abhi showing his phone showed the differences between spies and spices.

Kiddos widened their eyes in shock as Puppa considers them as spies.

Abhi: Now how do both of u feel by being spies?
Kiddos looked with mischief in their eyes.

Abhi smiled and said something to them and they giggled hearing it.

Pragya looking all this from the doorstep smiled and turned away to hide her tears.

Abhi was already seeing her through the mirror that showed her reflection.

Their night passed without seeing each other and thoughts of each other. While kiddos slept with Pragya, Abhi slept alone thinking of her.

The next day, Abhi didn’t got to see Pragya and kiddos too. She heard it from their helper that they all went out early in the morning. Abhi called her and the call was answered by Bulbul saying they were going out to the theme park to enjoy.

Abhi wondered why she never informed her. He felt she is still avoiding her for what happened yesterday.

He then left the house not able to stay alone.

It was late afternoon and when he reached the house he was surprised to see it pitch dark.

Abhi looked around and then switched on the lights and saw Pragya dressed in a red saree.

Abhi: Why are u sitting alone? Where are kiddos and everyone?
Pragya: They went out.
Abhi: To where?
Pragya: Shopping.
Abhi: Oh…

He said by walking pass her when she: What if I tell u that I can tell everything if u tell me what I want.

Abhi stopped walking and looked at her with a perplexed face.

Pragya: You want to know right?
Abhi: Yes…but…why is there a sudden change in u?
Pragya smiled and walked towards him.

Pragya: Take a seat. I need to talk to u.

Abhi was about to sit but she gestured to sit at the dining area.
He did as she said and saw that food had already been cooked.

Upon seeing her going to serve him he said: I have already eaten!

Pragya: I know what u would have eaten. Just your favourite diet coke right?

Abhi, She is right. I only had that.
Pragya: Eat first then we will talk. Abhi felt something is going to happen today but he couldn’t guess it.

Abhi ate the food it was delicious just like the way she cooks for him always.

Pragya seeing him taking the last bite asked: How is it?

Abhi: As delicious as u are looking.

Pragya smiled and her cheeks turned pink in shyness.

Abhi: I thought u will frown at me.

Pragya: Why should I when u are complimenting me?

Abhi: You got a point.
Pragya: I am always to the point.
Abhi smiled and was about to take the plate when Pragya signalled that she will do it.

Abhi, Why Is she being so pleasant today?

Pragya sitting opposite to him asked: What are your thoughts on life and love?

Abhi: Huh?
Pragya repeated her question and he: I understand what u ask but why are u asking it now?

Pragya: Won’t u tell me if I ask?
She asked by giving a innocent face that Abhi couldn’t take his eyes off.

Abhi: Love is related to life. Without it, it’s life is lifeless to live.

Pragya: That’s all?

Abhi: It’s as simple as that to me.
Pragya: Not complicated?
Abhi: People make it complicated but love itself is very simple and easy.

Pragya: It seems u are referring to me…
Abhi: It could be!
He said it with a smirk and Pragya gasped in response.

Pragya: Ok then what u love about my life?
Abhi: As I said previously, your life is mine as well so I love everything about u. I love your life as much as I love my life.

Pragya: Very optimistic about life. You never hate your life ah?
Abhi: I hate myself but I never hate my life.
Pragya found it curious and asked: Why is that so?
Abhi: This life is given by my parents and my loved ones like u. Personally I don’t have any reasons to hate my life. I do hate myself to live my life when it is not going in a good way.
Pragya: Like now? It’s not going in a good way?
Abhi: Nah, Now it’s going not as bad as we never confess our love for each other. That was a very bad time to me.

Pragya: Oh….
Abhi: Done?
Pragya: Not yet. You want to know about Mona and I want to know about u.

Abhi: That’s strange. I thought u know about me.
Pragya: Not really. You are still hiding something from me.
Abhi: Did I?
Pragya nodded her head and asked: Why did u love me when u don’t even believe in the love first place?

Abhi sighed and replied: Why do u want reasons for things that already happened.

Pragya: Why shouldn’t I know? You know everything about my past but I don’t know about yours.

Abhi: Hmm…you are very smart in asking this kind of questions.
Pragya: Thank u but u have to tell me.

Abhi: From where do I start?
Pragya: From the time u see me.

Abhi: Flashback time?
Pragya nodded her head and Abhi smiled seeing her.

Abhi “I think she is in trouble.” Mithra “How do u know Abhi?” Abhi ” I can feel it. Let me go and check her house.” Mithra looks on as she sees Abhi tensed and rushes to his car.

Thank u every one for reading. Very sorry for not being fast but pls wait to know what u all want to know. There might be mistakes as usual 🙁

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