Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 89

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Abhi: You called me?
Mithra: Yes, Jai wants to talk to u.
Abhi: Okay….
She passed the phone to Jai and he: Oye why your love story is with so much of twist and turns?
Abhi sighed: I also don’t have any idea about it.

Jai: Nevermind. Did she told that we are leaving to London?
Abhi: What? She never tell me that.
Mithra slapped his shoulder for telling it.

Jai: Ouch! You see your friend is getting violent on me.
Abhi: I am sorry on behalf of her but why do u all have to go for me? I was planning to go there as soon as possible.
Jai: This is not at all a big thing. I have some important work over there and through my contacts only Mithra informed u about Pragya’s whereabouts in London and Mona.

Abhi: But still it’s like I am bothering both of u. And that too when she is pregnant.

Jai: Oh my friend, I can’t leave her alone with my thoughts on her whether she would be fine or not. If Ma was around that would be better.

Abhi: I can understand. I would rather suggest u to shift to Mumbai where we are here as a family to take care of her.

Jai: I am considering that as well. Wait wait! I am forgetting something. Yes it’s about u. Don’t ever dare to leave from there when your wedding anniversary is around the corner.

Abhi: With so much of confusions going around, I am not in a mood to celebrate that.

Jai: Don’t say like that. We will surely do our detective work to find why Pragya did like that.

Abhi: Don’t strain too much. I mean Mithra needs more rest. Try to travel lesser over there.

Jai: I know Abhi. Wait! She wants to talk to u.

Mithra: You don’t have to worry a lot. We will very soon find a solution for your problem. We will contact u once we see Mona.

Abhi: I am worried for u. Why do u have to strain yourself and make a travel at this time?

Mithra: Like he said It’s not only for u but I guess I don’t mind doing it only for my friend.

Abhi smiled and then thanked her. Mithra in response asked Jai to tell Abhi not to sound as if we are sacrificing something for him.

Jai: My dear friend she is getting her mood swings now. I will get back to u later.

Abhi chuckled and ended the call thinking of how blessed he is to get Mithra as his best friend and Jai as an understanding friend.

Mithra: Do u feel I have mood swings? How mean is that!!
Jai: Then why are u keep on beating my shoulder?
Mithra: Because u were telling what u were not supposed to tell!
She crossed her arms in anger and he smirked at her cute anger.
Jai: I am very sorry and shall we go as we are getting late for the boarding the flight!

Mithra smiled lightly at his persuasion and walked in front as he followed her with their bags.

Back at Mehra mansion,

Pragya covered herself with the duvet and pretended to sleep on the couch when Abhi came inside the room.

Abhi: If you want to act, do that by all means but not in this way of pretending to sleep.

Pragya, How did he find I was acting when I am fully covered with the duvet?

Abhi: I know dear. It’s not a big deal to understand your actions.

He said by taking off his shirt and throwing it on her.

Pragya feeling it jerked: Are u changing here itself?
She asked in a nervous tone being still under the duvet.

Abhi: Ya! I have changed to a comfortable pants but I am shirtless as the weather is so hot!!!

Pragya, oh no! He will look very hot without shirt. I should never be out of my duvet until morning. That is safe for me.

Abhi: Are u sleeping?
Pragya: Going to sleep. Good night.
Abhi: No! I need a favour. Can u pass me the pillow u have on the couch?
Pragya: Why? Is that your favourite pillow?
Abhi: No but there is no other pillow on the bed. U have taken all the pillows with u.

Pragya mentally slapped herself for taking his pillows as she didn’t liked him hugging the pillows that day. She had become jealous of the pillows taking over her position.

Pragya remained silent and he was getting frustrated of her silence.

Abhi: I am sleepy yaar and how can I sleep without pillows!

Still there was no reply from her and he went near her.

Abhi: What’s this? How to take it when u are literally hiding them behind u?

Pragya alarmed of his closeness waked up and threw the pillows with her eyes closed and collapsed again on her couch.

Abhi laughed out loud at her behaviour.

Abhi picking up the pillows: Oh…Madam is scared of drooling over my shirtless avatar.

Pragya: Sir please don’t have that kind of ideas. I am not that weak to fall for u.

Abhi: Ya….not that weak but very weak to fall for me.

Pragya was about to say something when Abhi: Good night Pragya.

Pragya smiled and said: Good night too.

Abhi slept looking at her direction and she looked at him secretly through the duvet before falling asleep.

The next day,

It was busy for both as they need to get ready kiddos for school.

Kiddos: Mumma…Puppa…
They called looking at busy faces of their parents.

Pragya: Kiddos, later we can talk. It’s getting late.
She said by making them wear their shoes.
Kiddos felt upset and looked down.

Pragya seeing their faces called Abhi and asked him to talk. She rushed to the kitchen to get their water bottles.

Abhi: Tell me kiddos, What’s the issue?
Kiddos looked at each other and unanimously said: No school.
Abhi: Why? Both of u are going after 2 days of holiday. Both of u should be excited kiddos.

Kiddos don’t know how to explain. They actually want to spend more time with Mumma and Puppa. They want to go!go! together with them.

Pragya coming back looked at kiddos still not in their active level.

Kiddos looked at Mumma hoping she can understand their feelings.

Pragya passed the water bottles to Abhi and sat beside kiddos.

Pragya: Ok kiddos something is disturbing u all. That’s why both of u are sad.

Kiddos nodded their head as sign of yes that they are sad.

Pragya: Going to school is sad?
Kiddos: No!No!
Pragya: Then?
Kiddos looked at Abhi.
Abhi: We won’t eat u if u all tell the reason.

Kiddos looked at Pragya now.
Pragya: Oh God! How long both of u look at us. Just tell now!

Prabhi took the first step and told: Mumma..we go!go!
Pragya: You mean both of u want to go out?
Kiddos: Ya!Ya!
Pragya: But we are going out na to leave both of u at school.
Abhi: It’s perhaps they want to go out with us. Like a picnic?
Kiddos screamed: Yes Picnic!!!
Kiddos were very happy that Puppa understood their feelings. They wanted to say picnic as well but couldn’t remember the word.

Pragya: Oh….But…..
She hesitated looking at the time.
Abhi: I will inform their teachers they won’t be able to come and kiddos we are going to picnic!!!

Kiddos in excitement shake their heads and Abhi smirked at their excitement.

Meanwhile Pragya was looking worriedly at the time on the clock.

Abhi coming back saw Pragya looking worried.

Abhi: You are not happy for picnic?
Pragya: It’s not like that.
Abhi: Then why u still haven’t get them changed?
Pragya didn’t know how to tell him and her bad timing Bulbul is not around to help her. She had gone shopping for Abhi and Pragya’s wedding anniversary.

Abhi loudly: Pragya!
Pragya looked away and said: Is it possible for u to bring them?
Abhi: Why is that so? They want u to come along as well. Don’t u know that?
Pragya: I got something on at 11.
Abhi: What’s that? It’s already 10.45 now! Can’t u see the timing?
Pragya: Please don’t ask me anything. I know it’s bad of me to say this but I really can’t come out now.

She saying that was about to walk away when Abhi held her by wrist forcefully.

Abhi: I need a proper reason now Mrs Pragya! I can’t let my kiddos to get upset for some silly reason.
Pragya: Dekhiye, don’t try to be harsh towards me as kiddos are looking at us.

Abhi: I don’t care Mrs Pragya. If u dare to make my kiddos upset then this is such a small thing now.

Pragya looking at the time running fast pleaded to Abhi to just leave her.

Pragya: Please, I just need to go and if I never go it’s not good.
Abhi: It’s already not good for any of us here.

Pragya tried to get out of his grip but it was futile.

Pragya: Ok I will come but let me go now.
Abhi: Nah this is an excuse to run away from me now. Look kiddos how well your Mumma is acting.

Kiddos looked shocked at all this.They didn’t expect this to happen and they don’t like Puppa holding Mumma this way. Maybe it’s their time to take action. That’s what they thought.

Kiddos: Puppa!! STOP!!!
Abhi: No kiddos, I am not stopping as long your Mumma tells a good reason to me.
Kiddos were angry and Pragya was in tears not because of the pain due to his strong grip but due the pain that she is not being allowed to go now.

Kiddos marched towards them. Abhi: I know what both of u will do. But before that.

He said and pulled Pragya towards him and carried her in a swift movement.

Kiddos were stunned of his action. They frowned for being so naughty.

Abhi called the helper who was busy in the kitchen and asked her to take care of kiddos.

Pragya was still protesting to let her go but he was not willing to listen to her.

He walked up to their room and dropped her on the bed.

Pragya couldn’t believe that he is behaving like this. She rushed towards the door when he blocked her way and locked the door.

Pragya: Why are u doing like this? I am saying na I have something important and why are u being unreasonable!!!

Abhi: Me? Unreasonable?
He asked walking towards her and she paced backwards in fear.
Pragya: Look Mr Abhi, if u never let me go then I won’t mind in hurting myself!

Abhi laughed sacarstically.
Pragya: I am serious!
Abhi: I am not serious about your empty threats!
Pragya looked around and saw a vase nearby.

She was about to reach out to it when he pulled her towards him.

Abhi: Are u in your senses? What’s so important that u can’t leave without giving me a reason?

Pragya was still protesting his grip and he asked: Is it Mona?

She look at him in denial and wondered how he knows about her.

Abhi: Pragya…please Pragya why do u have to hide that we have a child? Even now u are going to talk to her through video call right? I know all this Pragya. What’s the big deal in telling we have a child?

Pragya giving a deadly stare: She is my child.
Abhi: What are u saying?
Pragya: Mona is my responsibility and I don’t want to tell u anything further.
Abhi: Why I don’t deserve to know it?
Pragya: I don’t need to tell u everything. This is my life and I get to decide what I need to tell u.
Abhi: Your life is mine as well right?
Pragya sternly: It’s nice to tell this kind of filmy dialogue but be practical,it’s not easy as u say.

Abhi: So u want to live here half the time and then over there another half ah?
Pragya had no answer with her, she remained silent looking away.

Abhi: Answer me Pragya? Is it possible for u to leave kiddos and live peacefully with Mona there?
Pragya: I don’t know all that. Just let me go now.

Abhi: I can’t Pragya. You are not only playing with my emotions but also the emotions of our children. Just answer me what’s your problem. We can deal it together. We always had done it together.

He tried to coax her but she was not heeding to his words.

Pragya pushing him away with all this strength: It’s my problem and I will solve it!

Abhi taking a deep breath: That means u won’t tell me!
Pragya had enough of this and walked towards the door.

Abhi never stopped her. He looked away as Pragya slammed the door and left the room.

Abhi break the vase in frustration that she was previously reaching out for.

Meanwhile kiddos were very upset of what had happened. They felt they should have went to school.

Abhi looked around and realized the house is dark and very silent.
He switched on the lights and saw Pragya dressed in a red saree.

Abhi: Why are u sitting alone? Where are kiddos and everyone?
Pragya: They went out.
Abhi: To where?
Pragya: Shopping.
Abhi: Oh…

He said by walking pass her when she: What if I tell u that I can tell everything if u tell me what I want.

Abhi stopped walking and looked at her with a perplexed face.

Pragya: You want to know right?
Abhi: Yes…but…why is there a sudden change in u?
Pragya smiled and walked towards him.

Hmm…lots of twist and turns? I don’t know but to me this is a very simple story with simple thoughts. Maybe I am taking time to reveal this simple story’s secrets. What to do? I am writing as per my mood and it ends up always in a suspense. Is it a suspense? I don’t know, Maybe it’s the story.

Anyways Thank you everyone for reading again. Keep reading, U might know the reasons for Pragya’s behaviour soon. About the song I used yesterday. It’s my favourite too. A soothing melody from one of my favourite Malayalam movies, Summer in Bethlehem. Hope u all found it appropriate for the situation and thank u once again for reading and even commenting too.

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