Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 88

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What’s running in his mind? He wants me or not? Oh God, I am here for him despite it’s difficult for me but why is he being difficult towards me?

She thought as she was feeding kiddos.

Kiddos were very happy that Mumma was feeding them. They missed her feeding the most.

Abhigya: Mumma….
Pragya was still in deep thoughts.
Abhigya loudly: Mumma!!!

Pragya came back to senses and asked: What Abhoo?

Abhigya looked at Prabhi and Prabhi encouraged her to ask with a smile.

Pragya: Just ask Abhoo! Mumma won’t eat u!

Abhigya being confident asked: Love me?

Pragya looked amazed of her asking this question.

Prabhi looked eager of what will Pragya answer.

Pragya with a wide smile: Of course I love you Abhoo!

She said by giving a peck on her cheek which made Abhigya shy.

Prabhi: No love me?

Pragya: Who said so ah? I love you too Prabhoo!

By saying that she pecked on her cheek as well.

Pragya: Now both of u happy so continue eating.

Kiddos still look doubtful and Pragya understood it.

Pragya: Both of u never believe that I love u all?

Kiddos: No no Mumma.
Pragya: Then what’s the problem now?
Kiddos reluctantly asked: U love Puppa?

Pragya was startled by their question. She was mashing the potato with the spoon with mixed emotions.

Kiddos: U no love Puppa?
They asked in a sad tone now as their Mumma never replied to their first question.

Pragya: Arrey why getting sad for this! Yes I love your Puppa!

She said with excitement which made kiddos happier.

Kiddos: Mumma love Puppa!!! Jinga Jiya!!!

Pragya was amused for their happiness and then their funny words to express it.

Pragya: Ok ok! Eat now. Later can say Jinga Jiya.

Kiddos chuckled and then continued to eat.

Meanwhile, Abhi was seeing all this secretly behind the pillar and was smiling.

Kiddos were on holiday and Pragya let them play at their playarea before going to her room to get something for them that she had bought in London.

Abhi blocked her way and asked: So Mumma loves Puppa ah?

Pragya: You eavesdrop again?
Abhi: Kind of but I consider it as I am watching u!
Pragya: Why do u have to watch me?
Abhi: To test you. I told u right?
Pragya: I don’t understand u! When u said It’s over then why are u doing all this?

Abhi: Oye when did I say it’s over? Remember we are kiddos parents and how can anything be over? What will they think if they know this!!

Pragya looked down and Abhi used the chance to say: I am not looking down in whatever had happened so far. I just need a clarity to look up into whatever had happened.

Pragya: I don’t think I deserve u and whatever u ask me to do will only make me want u.

Abhi smiled inwardly and said: That’s what is life all about. You have to make sure u don’t want me by controlling yourself.

Pragya: But why should I do all this? I mean we can just stay in this way right? Like a decent relation as kiddos parents.

Abhi: Yes u are right but it’s difficult for me. I can see love in your eyes and it’s very disturbing. I am trying my best to consider as nothing between us except that we are kiddos parents.

Pragya: That’s why u want me to read the diary and make a final decision whether I will be able to let go of loving u?

Abhi: Exactly!

Pragya: But what if I can let go of loving u even without reading the diary?

Abhi, Damn she is smart in this! Now what should I tell??

Pragya: Suniye!
Abhi: Haan! Oh u got a point but I have a reason for u to read it.
Pragya: What’s that?
Abhi: I want you to know how much I loved u!

He said and walked away so as not to lose track of his plan.

Pragya, Why Is he doing like this? He thinks I don’t know how much he loves me! Like he said I also see love in his eyes for me then how can I not know how much he loves me!

I don’t know where will all this end at. But boss I will do what u want. As I don’t want to hurt u by not doing what u want.

She was spending her rest of the time with kiddos and Abhi was taking secret glances at her whenever she crosses his room to get something for kiddos from the kitchen. He was amused to know that kiddos were very hungry today despite eating a big breakfast by Pragya.

It’s good to him as he can see Pragya and make sure be alert at all times. He was pretending to be busy working on his laptop.

Finally kiddos want to see their Puppa and they asked Pragya to bring them to see him.

Pragya walking together with them looked extremely exhausted. She didn’t expect kiddos to be so active. She felt maybe they are the same it’s just that she can’t match up to their active level after being away from them in this 1 year.

Abhi: Bello kiddos!
Kiddos: Hello Puppa!
They exclaimed and ran towards him.

He placed his laptop away so that it was easier to hug them.

Kiddos hugging Abhi said: Miss u Puppa!

Pragya smiled at them and was about to walk towards the closet when Abhi called: Pragya, if u don’t mind can u pass me my suitcase there on the table?

Pragya was blank. It had been a long time he called her as Pragya. All the while it was Mrs Pragya if not he never even call her by any name, just with gestures.

Abhi softly: Pragya….
Kiddos: Call Boss!
Abhi hearing it chuckled of how they still remembered him calling Pragya as Boss.
Pragya was still looking stunned and kiddos screamed: Mumma!!!

Pragya: Haan kiddos!
Abhi: I know I am like a kid to u too but will u please help this kid to get my suitcase there?
He asked as innocent as he could which made Pragya smiled pleasantly and looked around to see his suitcase.

Pragya then passed it to him and he smiled in response by saying Thank you!

Pragya: I need to go to Bulbul’s room for a while. Will u be free now to take care of kiddos?

Abhi: Sure! And please take that diary with u too. It’s your reading time.

Pragya: How did u even get to decide when I should read?

Abhi: When u get to decide to leave me then why can’t I have this small right of deciding when u should be reading?

Pragya had no words with her to reply. She silently took the diary and left the room.

Kiddos were now suspicious of what is diary and why Mumma is taking that away. They assumed it’s a story book that Puppa wants Mumma to read. They felt Puppa really likes Mumma and even buys for her a story book.

They smiled wholeheartedly thinking of their parents.

Later at night,

Pragya was alone in the balcony. Kiddos had slept and Abhi had gone away for some important work.

Pragya, I couldn’t believe that he had read my diary with so much of emotions.

She flipped the next page and read a note in it that is a reply to what she had written.

If you feel u are alone then it means I am also alone in your loneliness. Loneliness is not about u being alone but it is also about your loved ones feeling it.

She find it unbelievable as he had written a reply to each and everything she had written in her diary.

Upon reaching a certain page, she realized it was all his thoughts and feelings.

She was curious to know what was his feelings when one of the page grabbed her attention. It was bookmarked with a feather.

She noticed the date and realized it was after she left him to London.

It says:
I am spending nights that are lonely without u by my side. I am spending your memories without u by my side. This nights, This memories will be beautiful only with u by my side.

Pragya while reading noticed something and murmured: What’s this?
She took out a slip of paper which said:

Take out my heart from this loneliness. My heart is in a black pouch in the bookshelf.

Pragya went inside the room and frantically searched for the pouch that he had described.

Taking out the pouch she saw a pen drive.

Pragya, Boss is your heart in the form of pen drive?

She didn’t know what to expect but she wants to know what is in it.

Pragya took her laptop and then inserted to see what’s in the pen drive.

Pragya, It’s an audio file!

She said to herself clicking the file.

The audio played, it was a Malayalam song with English translation in it.

The song played…..

Oru raathri koodi
Oru paattu mooli
veyil veezhave,
Pathiya parannen
arikil varum,

As one more night
bids adieu,
and the sunlight falls
whilst humming a song,
You are the feather of
beauty that wafts and
settles next to me…

hridayam thiranja
priya swapname,
mizhikalkku munpil
ithalaarnu nee,
viriyaanorungi nilkayo

In my travels that have
gone on for many days,
oh dear dream that has
sought my heart,
are you, draped in petals,
waiting to blossom
in my eyes?

pularaan thudangum
oru raathriyil,
thaniye kidannu
oru nertha thennal
nerukil thalodi

As the night was giving
way to dawn,
and I lay alone,
with my eyes open,
A breeze came with love,
and disappeared after
caressing my forehead…

malarmanju veena vana
idayante paattu
oru paazhkinaavil
manassinte paattu

On a path in the forest
decked with mist,
as you’re straining your
ears to listen to the
shepherd’s song,
did you hear the song
emanating from my mind
which is melting in a
futile dream…

nizhal veezhum ente
kanivode poottha
mani deepame,
oru kunju kaattil
thirinaalam ennum

In my corridor which is
filled with shadows,
You are the lamp that has
flowered with mercy,
Forever, I will protect
you from every breeze
that tries to blow your
light out.

Pragya let a silent tear hearing to the song and looked at the diary again. She didn’t know whether to consider the diary as hers or his. It’s definitely his now that is with full of her in every single line that he had written.

Abhi on the other hand, was talking to Mithra in phone.

Mithra: I will get back to u Abhi. I know she is hiding something important and Bulbul is also behind this.

Abhi: Bulbul?

Mithra: Yes Abhi, Purab told me Pragya and Bulbul are in touch for a very long time.

Abhi: Then Mona?
Mithra: Based on what I know is she is your child but I don’t know why she had to go away to London to give birth to her.
Abhi looks shocked.

Pragya cries to Abhi to let her go if not she will not hesitate to hurt herself.

There might be mistakes as I typed it in a very bad way. Sorry for that and thank u for reading!

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