Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 87

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Pragya looked at Abhi. She knew he knows something now as he is always following her. When she looks at him he shrugs his shoulder saying it’s nothing if not he says he is there for kiddos protection from Gabu.

Finally it was evening and gabu was picked up by his mum and had left Mehra mansion.

Abhi taking a deep breath said: Finally he is gone.

Pragya: I don’t know why u feel as if he is a burden to u.

Abhi: You won’t understand what he is thinking. As a boy I understand his intentions.

Pragya walked back and looked at kiddos who were looking behind her.

Pragya: What’s behind that both of u are looking strangely.
She looked behind and found Abhi too close to her until he was about to kiss her lips.

Pragya in shock stepped back and asked: Why are u so close to me?

Abhi: It’s not close, it’s an accident.

Pragya: Accident?

Abhi: Ya I was trying to see something and then I was accidentally close to u.

Pragya: Oh….
Abhi: Haan…
Pragya: What else?
Abhi: Hmm..Kiddos are my duty now. You had been taking care of them since morning. So now it’s my turn.
Pragya: It’s ok. I am fine with taking care of kiddos as I missed being with them. So….
Abhi: Oh then you never missed me being with me?
Pragya, What is this? Why is he talking like this since morning. Is he trying to patch up with me?

She thought as he sat beside kiddos.

Kiddos: Mumma kiss Puppa!
Pragya shrieked: Kya!!!
Kiddos again repeated it makin sg Abhi laugh and Pragya looked around if there was anyone hearing it. It’s so embarrassing when kiddos say like this.

Abhi: I guess kiddos want to see how u kiss me. They saw how I kissed u and now it’s your turn!

Pragya: Are u crazy? Is this the age for them to talk about kiss and all? I know u accidentally kissed me in the morning but for that I forgive u but try not to encourage this among kiddos. It’s not nice.

Abhi: You forgive me for kiss? This is something different that I hear. By the way I never encourage bad things na. If now the know how to kiss from seeing how u kiss me then it will be useful in their future. Who knows their boyfriends might not the take first step and kiddos have to kiss first! Isn’t it kiddos?

Kiddos: Ya!ya!
Pragya: Oh kiddos ya ya for the wrong thing again. You are really sick Mr Abhi. I know kiddos say ya ya as long it’s a long speech from your side. And let me be clear that I am not at all interested in kissing u.
Abhi: Not at all interested?
He asked doubtfully making Pragya to bite her lower lips in awkwardness.

Abhi: Sad life kiddos nobody is interested in kissing me.
Kiddos hearing him sound sad asked him not to worry.

Abhi lowered his cheek and asked them for a kiss. Kiddos kiss him on his cheek and then blushed badly.

Pragya shook her head at his little drama for a kiss.

Abhi: Anyways I am being a good husband for asking kiss from wife. Isn’t this a good performance in front of kiddos?

He asked proudly.

Pragya remained silent for a moment and then said: Good performance from a good husband. But I am a always a bad wife unable to differentiate which is performance and passion.

She said by walking away and Abhi realized she still loves him like before and still yearns for his passionate closeness towards her.

Kiddos find something fishy in their parents conversation. They understand they are not fighting but at the same time they are not lovely to each other.

It was night time and Pragya was talking to Bulbul by weeping a lot when Purab came inside the room.

Purab: Di why are u crying?
Pragya and Bulbul look alarmed and hoped that Purab never heard their conversation.

Bulbul: It’s nothing yaar. She was worried about jiju’s behaviour towards her. That’s all.

Purab: That’s all? I heard hope she is fine something like that.

Pragya looked panicked hearing that.
Bulbul: Haan u heard it correct.
Pragya loudly: Bulbul!!
Bulbul: Arrey di why are u getting tensed for this? I was about to say you were worried for Dadi. I told u Dadi is not feeling well and in return u told me hope she is fine. Did u get it di?
Pragya: Yes yes. It’s like that Purab, I was worried for Dadi.
Purab looked suspiciously at them and Bulbul quickly said: Di! Kiddos will be expecting for a bed time story?

Pragya nodded her head and hurriedly said good night to both of them before leaving their room.

Bulbul was about to close the door when Purab pulled her close to him.

Purab: What’s happening ah?
Bulbul: What’s happening means?
Purab: You literally chased her out. Don’t u think it’s rude?
Bulbul: No darling, I was just making sure she spends more time with kiddos.
Purab: That’s alright. By any chance are u hiding anything from me?
Bulbul: Hmm…yes!
Purab: What’s that?
Bulbul seductively: I am hiding myself from u to explore.
Purab: That was not I am referring to.

Bulbul moving away from his grip closed the door and locked it.

Purab: Bubu, U are really not hiding anything from me?
Bulbul coming closer to him pushed him towards the bed.

Bulbul caressing his cheeks said: I am hiding my desire to touch u but now I am opening it up.
Purab closed his eyes in pleasure as she kissed him.

Bulbul, This is not at all right but I don’t have a choice or else he will keep on ask me questions. If I answer them then Pragya di will get into trouble. I don’t want that to happen.

Bulbul tried her way of diverting his thoughts by being closer to him in a passionate way and to a certain extent she was successful in it.

Meanwhile, Abhi was busily telling to kiddos about something when Pragya entered and kiddos exclaimed in happiness when they saw their Mumma.

Abhi: Pay attention to me kiddos. This is important!

Kiddos looked pathetically at Pragya and their expressions conveyed that they are not at all interested in what was Abhi telling to them.

Pragya: May I know what are u telling about?
Abhi: What else would it be? It’s all about Gabu. I was warning about him but they don’t seem to listen to me. They in return look elsewhere or sing some song.

Pragya shook her head in disbelief.

Abhi: Why are u shaking your head? Is it funny for u?
Pragya: Not really, I am just wondering why u have this much of issue with an innocent boy.
Abhi: Innocent boy? I think u never see his mischievous eyes before. He is very naughty. Did u notice today he hold Prabhoo’s hand and then before he leave he held Abhoo’s hand. He is such a playboy!!!

Pragya: Oh God. I don’t know what is making u to tell all this. Anyways kiddos and me are very tired so we are going to sleep.
Abhi: You won’t understand all this. That’s fine and all of u sleep here.

Pragya looked surprised as he was patting the bed and signalling them to sleep on bed.

Abhi: I want to sleep with kiddos and it might be better if u sleep with them too. What I mean is making kiddos sleep in the middle.

Pragya: Oh…okok
Abhi: Is that ok kiddos?
Kiddos sighed as finally they can sleep. Usually they don’t like sleeping but today they were very tired and they only could think about sleeping in mind.

Abhi made Kiddos change to a more comfortable wear as Pragya went to the closet to get changed.
She came out of the closet and saw the lights were dimmed and the trio already settled on the bed. She smiled lightly and lied down beside kiddos.

Kiddos: Mumma…..kiss…
They said softly and she in return kissed their foreheads making them smile in happiness.
Abhi: Mumma….kiss…
He also sounded like kiddos which made Pragya giggled and kiddos to lightly punch Abhi’s stomach.

Abhi: Oh kiddos, both of u know that I am teasing u!!!
Kiddos proudly: Ya!Ya!

Pragya: Do remember kiddos are highly intelligent Boss.
Abhi: Yes they are much more intelligent than u are.
Pragya frowned then later smiled thinking her daughters are intelligent than her.

Abhi: Good night girls!
Kiddos: Goodie nite!
Abhi: Oh ya Goodie nite!
Pragya: Goodie nite too.

Kiddos like to tell Good night as goodie nite as it sounds better to them. Pragya also knows this as they always tell her before going to sleep.

Pragya then realized he never said anything when she mentioned him as Boss just now.

Pragya: Suniye…I want to ask u something. Just now I called u Boss then u never said anything. Why is that so?

Abhi snored and Pragya looked helpless as kiddos were shifting to her side and cuddling against her.

Pragya, What’s this now? Is he ok with me or is he acting to be ok with me?

Abhi, I will make u tell everything by yourself until then be confused of my actions.

He turned the other side and smirked thinking of his plan.

The next day,
Pragya was the first to wake up. After admiring the three babies of her sleeping peacefully she went to take shower. After getting dressed up, she came to take a look at her book shelf. It’s one of the thing that she missed a lot. She missed not because of there are books that she likes to read but she missed it as it was the bookshelf that Abhi bought for her book collections.

She was touched that he maintained her books very well as every thing looks intact.

While taking one of the book, a book dropped onto the floor.

Pragya was stunned to see her diary was the book that dropped.
She picked it up and wondered how did her missing diary was here.

She looked at Abhi and realized it would have been he would have steal it from her but she couldn’t recollect how did he even manage to steal it from her.

Pragya, Maybe when I hurt him the most he needed my diary for some kind of console.

She placed it carefully at the place it was hidden.

Abhi in a husky voice: You might be wondering when I stole your diary right?

Pragya jerked as she didn’t expect him to be awake now.

Abhi: Why are u silent? Shoot me your questions!

Pragya: You are awake?
Abhi: Why not? I need to be awake to see u right?
Pragya looked confused of what he said.

Abhi slowly waking up from the bed so as not to disturb kiddos sleep said: I need to talk to you.

Pragya was still looking confused and he gestured her to come to the balcony.

Pragya made sure kiddos were safe with pillows by their side before leaving to the balcony.

Abhi: Good morning!
He said by looking at the beautiful Sun rise and Pragya in response greeted him too.

Abhi: I need to tell what I had been hiding from u. It’s not like I hide to cheat or fool u. I hid it as I felt it would be better that way. But now when u know it vaguely, I felt I need to tell u if not u might get wrong ideas of me.

Pragya: I never get wrong ideas of u.

Abhi smiled and responded by saying: I know but suppose out of the influence of others u might get it.

Pragya was about to say something when Abhi gestured her to be silent. Pragya was taken aback but she followed his order.

Abhi: Let me talk finish first. I don’t want to prolong it as kiddos might awake at anytime. I hope u don’t fine me rude for it.

He looked Pragya for a second to see her reaction and she gave an assuring look in response.

Abhi: I did stole your diary. I know it’s personal and reading it is like intruding into your feelings but let me explain what made me steal it and for that u need to know in what mindset I was.

Flashback begins as he explained to Pragya.

Abhi went to Pragya’s cabin to discuss an important issue.

She hoped it was not personal when he entered her cabin. Abhi looked at Pragya before looking at the files.

He sat opposite to her and asked why there was so much of errors in the paperwork and she responded by saying she will look into it.

A while later, Abhi laughed making her look puzzled.

Abhi “Actually there are no errors in the paperwork. This documents that I am holding onto is rejected copies.”

Pragya “I know…” Abhi “You know but u still said u will check and correct them?” Pragya ” I don’t want to aggravate u. You were already looking low earlier today so….” Abhi smiled of how she notices him. Abhi ” Well, I am impressed. You know me very well like a friend but sadly u don’t consider me as one.”

Pragya looked at him dolefully and he said ” Sometimes I can’t be normal like others. But I know u are absolutely normal no matter what happens around u. In fact I am not surprised that u are normal but….”

Pragya “But?”

Abhi “I am surprised on your sacrifice.” Pragya understood what he was referring to and she tried to ignore him by looking at the files.

Abhi was about to ask her something when he noticed her diary on the chair which made him steal it by diverting her thoughts with his sad speech.

Pragya interrupted: It means you were not sad at that time?

Abhi: I was! Terribly sad but at that moment it was for your diary.

Pragya was angry and Abhi smirked before saying: Shall I continue?

Pragya nodded her head and he continued.

Abhi getting her diary was eager to read. He was finding for hopes that she would express her love for him in it. He knows it’s inappropriate to read diaries but he had no choice. He was desperate to know what Pragya is thinking of him.

Abhi read her diary at his home and was surprised to know many unknown facts about her. It made him fall in love with her even more. His love for her became immense now.

Pragya interrupted: It means that’s how u know everything about me?

Abhi: Yes but now…..
He said by walking behind her and she looked puzzled.

Abhi hugging her from the back: I got to tell you that if u read the same diary of yours now, you will definitely fall in love with me.

Pragya’s brain was not working at his close proximity now and his hot breath near her ears.

Pragya trying to make sense of what he says asked: What are u doing now? And what do u mean now?

Abhi: I am hugging you now and I am testing your strength.

Pragya protested to leave her and he said: life is not full of love but love is full of life.

He was still hugging her very firmly and she was not able to process why he is doing like this when he said there is nothing between them.

Abhi whispered into her ears: Let me test you. When u finished reading the same diary of yours now u will run to me and say Boss I love you!

Pragya: Kya???
She finally managed to get out of his hug and looked at him in shock.

Abhi grinned with his ever naughty smile. It made Pragya even more confused.

Pragya: Look Mr Abhi, whatever it is when we have already decided there is nothing between us then why are u behaving this way?

Abhi: Arrey when did I say it’s decided?
Pragya: Huh? Then it’s not decided?
Abhi: It could be a decision if it’s decided.

Pragya taking a deep breath with a eyes closed asked: What do u want from me now?

Abhi: Not bad u are straight to the point.

Pragya opened her eyes and looked at him for an answer.

Abhi: I need to know whether u will fall in love with me again!

Pragya: But u said there is nothing between us right?

Abhi: I did but I know your weakness is love. Your weakness is your tendency to fall in love with me. That’s why I want to test you and make sure u get stronger by overcoming your weakness.

Pragya with a puzzled face: That means you don’t want me to fall in love with u? Is that what u mean?

Abhi simply nodded his head with a wide smile.

Pragya, What a confusing man is he? He knows I will fall in love with him but he says I shouldn’t!

Just then kiddos started to cry realizing their alone in the room which made Abhi and Pragya attend to them.

To be continued…..

Thank u everyone for reading. It’s my pleasure if any of my updates make your mood better. 🙂 I hope it continue that way friends.

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