Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 85

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Pragya: What’s up kiddos? What are u repeating?
Kiddos remained silent and Pragya looked at Bulbul as if asking what had happened now.

Bulbul: Gabu is the problem now.

Pragya: Gabu? What is this Gabu kiddos?

She asked by making them sit down beside her.

Kiddos looked up and then down. They were not in a mood to explain.

Pragya found all this strange and she asked Bulbul again.

Bulbul sadly started to explain Gabu is their friend in playschool. One day, he brought many sweets to school and shared with kiddos. Kiddos also happily ate them but next day they had tooth ache. After Abhi finding Gabu is the cause, he is very careful that kiddos don’t befriend with Gabu. Gabu being mischievous understand that Abhi gets irritated if he sees kiddos and him together so he purposely plays with them in their group activities especially the times when Abhi comes down to fetch kiddos.

Pragya smiled widely and asked: So now why is this Gabu problem here?

Bulbul: Kiddos want Gabu to come for party. They say he can dance well like them but Abhi don’t want him to be here.

Pragya: This Boss na…like a child he is being stubborn. I will talk to him. You don’t worry kiddos. Ok?

Kiddos smiled and said: Mumma Gabu good boy.

Pragya: If both of u say he is good boy means then it should be right. Don’t worry too much, in the party we will have a group dance with Gabu too. But I have a doubt Bulbul.

Bulbul: What’s that?
Pragya: What is this Gabu’s real name?
Bulbul chuckling: Ganesh.
Pragya: Oh kiddos you too call Ganesh as Gabu ah? That’s a huge difference.

Kiddos giggled and Bulbul said: Everyone calls him as Ganu but only kiddos call him as Gabu.

Pragya: What’s special kiddos? Why both of u can’t call him as Ganu?

Kiddos looked away and Pragya: Naughty kiddos, behaving like your Puppa to hide things.

Kiddos were looking everywhere except for Pragya and she tickled them making them laugh loudly.

Abhi saw their laughter from upstairs and smiled. He saw Pragya who was laughing with them too.

Abhi thought, At least you are happy with them. You are happy with the symbols of our love. In that way I am happy too Pragya.

He turned to walk when Pragya looked up seeing him.

Pragya thought, I am happy wherever you and kiddos are.

The next day,
Pragya who was sleeping the couch waked up first to the knocking sounds.

She went to open the door and saw kiddos at the door step.

Pragya: Good morning!!!!
Kiddos: Good Morning!
They walked inside the room and saw Abhi still sleeping.

They talk among themselves saying nowadays Puppa sleep longer than them.

Pragya: Who made both of u come until here?

Kiddos: Auntie!

Pragya realized it was the helper here that waked kiddos up and made them come here.

Pragya made kiddos sit on the couch as she looked at Abhi sleeping peacefully by hugging pillows.

Pragya, Lucky pillows! They took over my position and he hugs them more comfortably than me.

She was about to snatch away one of his pillows when he moved in sleep.

Pragya immediately turned away and hoped he never saw her.

Abhi in his sleep murmured: You never leave me…..

Pragya: Yes I never leave you.

Abhi: Then why u leave me?

Pragya to herself said: Oh he is sleep talking. Now should I talk or leave him alone? No Pragya! Never ever think of leaving him alone. So what shall I do now?

She thought by looking closely at him as he started to say I miss you Pragya.

Pragya replied softly: I miss you too Boss.

Abhi: Then hug me! Give me a huggie baby!

Pragya: Are you sure?

Abhi: Yes!!!

Pragya look around and saw kiddos. They were busy talking among themselves so she thought why not hug him quickly.

Abhi: I am waiting.
He said making her smile.

Pragya came closer to him and he hugged her making her on top of him.

Pragya: What are u doing? Let me go!

Abhi: No way! It’s been a long time and we are doing it today.

Pragya got alarmed of his words and looked at kiddos who were with their eyes widely opened.

She was about to tell something when he kissed deeply on her cheek and kiddos stood up in shock.

Kiddos screamed: Puppa kiss Mumma!!!

Abhi opened his eyes to their loud sound and saw how close he was with Pragya.

Abhi quickly moved away from her and looked at kiddos who were screaming the same thing Puppa kiss Mumma again and again.

Abhi: Ssssh…

Kiddos became silent and looked at Pragya who was adjusting herself and Abhi who ruffled his hair with a confused face.

Kiddos blushed seeing Pragya and remembering the kiss moment.

Abhi seeing their reaction shrieked: No kiddos don’t think like that!!!

Kiddos turned extremely shy now by fidgeting with their dress.
They didn’t expect to see something like this again.

Abhi in return looked at Pragya who was smiling teasingly at him and he could only breathe heavily in response.

Abhi: I know all of u are trying to take advantage of me.

He then walked off to the closet.

Kiddos now winked at Pragya. Now they know how to wink which made Pragya look surprised.

Abhi looking at the mirror, Its so embarrassing. Now how do I face kiddos! They will tease me to the extent my face will turn red as tomato. Then this Pragya, how did she even manage to be on top of me in front of kiddos. I thought she don’t like to be close to me when kiddos are around! Whatever it is Abhi, she is really planning to seduce u. If not why should she be that close to u!!! Wait! Kiddos said I kissed her? Oh shit! It means she seduced me in my sleep and made me kiss her. Damn it! I think it’s high time that I need to sleep in the guest room before I become her prey!

Pragya knocked the closet door.

Abhi never replied and she asked: Suniye….are u ok?

Abhi, Am I ok? Not at all. I am not at all ok with her.

Pragya: Suniye…

Abhi: Haan…

Pragya: Kiddos want to talk to both of us.

Abhi: Damn! She always know my weak point. Kiddos!!! Always use them to see me!

Abhi: I am coming. Ask them to wait for a while.

Pragya: No they are going out with Gabu and they are running out of time.

Abhi: What?? Gabu??? No way!!!

He immediately opened the door and looked at kiddos all dressed up in red t-shirt and blue shorts with their favourite chota bheem caps on them.

Abhi: How do u know Gabu?
He asked looking at Pragya.

Pragya: I know, kiddos mentioned about him and they said he is a good boy.

Abhi: Let him be good or bad but I am not allowing kiddos with him.

Pragya: I am also going with them then what’s your problem?

Abhi: You don’t understand! He is not good as u think.

Pragya: It’s very childish for blaming a child as bad just because he gave sweets to kiddos.

Abhi: Oh u know that too. Alright then is it fine if he always give flying kiss to kiddos?

Pragya in shock: I never knew that!!!

She said looking at kiddos who were turning shy again.

Pragya: Did he gave flying kiss to both of u?
Kiddos looked down in shyness and don’t know what to say.

Abhi: You see that’s why I don’t like him. At this age itself he is giving flying kiss to them. I know my daughters are beautiful but I won’t allow them to take a huge step of accepting him as their boyfriend now.

Pragya: Huh? Are u serious? They are just 3 years old and u are talking about their boyfriend now.

Abhi: At the age of 1 itself they had their boyfriends. Don’t u remember Bobbies?

Pragya trying not to laugh said: That’s their favourite thing to play with. It’s not their boyfriends.

Abhi: I can’t bear to see another heart break in them.

Pragya: Are u serious? Why are u exaggerating things?

Kiddos got worried as their Mumma and Puppa were keep on talking and they even mention about Bobbies. They still remember it and at times missed it badly.

Abhi: Look at kiddos, Now they look very sad.

Pragya: It’s because we are talking non-stop.

Abhi: Why can’t u understand? I don’t want them to meet Gabu!

Pragya: Alright then at least let him see them in front of u. Kiddos will get sad if their outing gets cancelled but if Gabu is around here and play with them then they might be happy.

Abhi looked at kiddos yearnigly.

Abhi: Alright! But if he give flying kiss again then I will won’t know what I will do!!!

He then stomped back into the closet and kiddos looked extremely worried for making Puppa angry.

Pragya: Oh kiddos, it’s okay and his anger is for a while only na.

She said that and hugged to pacify them.

Abhi: She is not around here I will ask to call her soon.
Man: Thank u Sir and are u Abhi? Abhi: Yes….
Man: Madam always talk about u to Mona.
Abhi: Ok….
Man: And Mona now misses her badly. I hope she can return back soon so that Mona can see her again.
Abhi: Among friends missing each other is common so I will convey this to her.
Man: Sir…I think madam still haven’t inform you yet. Mona is not her friend. She is……
Abhi hearing it dropped the phone in shock.

Thank u everyone for reading and now what’s happening in precap? Any guesses?

I might be late in next update as I am busy in some family issues. Sorry for that.

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