Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 84

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Abhi: It’s terrible!!! No! It’s Atrocious!! How dare she came into my room without my permission? On top of it she saw me shirtless! She don’t even have the courtesy to say sorry!!! She was simply staring at me as if I am a free show for her to watch!!!

He was complaining while wearing his watch when Pragya came inside the room again.

Pragya: Kiddos are calling u. It seems to be an important matter.

Abhi gave a stern stare before nodding his head as yes.

Pragya in return smiled coyly instead of reacting shocked.

Abhi looked away as he was not interested in entertaining her with his reactions.

He heard her chuckling and saying Funny boy before leaving the room.

Abhi murmured: What the hell!! How dare she call me as funny boy! She is acting too much. I have to warn kiddos and everyone about her behaviour. There is no safety for a man like me in this girl dominated house.

He then walked out of the house still confused of the decorations at his house. He saw Purab and Bulbul at living area together with Pragya and kiddos.

Purab: Abhi, are u ok now?
Abhi: I am always ok dude!
Purab: Ya so shall we talk about it? Kiddos really want it to happen.
Abhi wondered: About what?
Purab: He doesn’t know about this?
He asked looking at Pragya.
Pragya: That’s why I asked u to talk to him na…..
Purab: Alright. So Abhi, next week is Pragya di and yours wedding anniversary. It’s special as it’s 5th wedding anniversary.

Abhi in a sarcastic tone: Numbers never make a day special, it’s people who make days special. I guess I have lost the people who give that speciality now.

Pragya hearing that felt terrible. She looked at him apologetically but he looked away.

Purab: For my sake will u stop blabbering as if you have lost every thing in life?

Abhi: I have to correct you Purab. It’s not lost everything in life but it’s lost everything in love.

Pragya let a silent tear and wiped her tears immediately as she was having kiddos on her lap and she don’t want them to find her crying.

Purab: Leave all your worries aside Abhi! You have to agree for this celebration and also a dance with Pragya.

Abhi: No way Purab. Don’t force me in this. I find it ridiculous.

Purab: No Abhi, when both of u are together now, every one around us will definitely expect for a party from both of u. That’s why Pragya di is preparing everything for the party.

Abhi: I really don’t want all this Purab. Ask her to stop all this preparations.
Pragya looked even more disturbed of his words.
Purab: Abhi! You have to understand that It’s not her wish, it’s kiddos wish for both of u to do this.

Abhi looked at kiddos who were looking with puppy like eyes.

He was completely bewildered at his situation while Pragya whispered something into kiddos ears.

Kiddos: Puppa! Mumma U dance!!!
They shake their bodies showing its dance.

Abhi: I can say the same thing right? Mumma and both of u dance!

Kiddos face shrinked in sadness and they looked down.

Purab: What is this Abhi? If u never agree then kiddos will be very sad.

Abhi looked at kiddos again who were still looking down and his heart melted to see them like that. When it comes to kiddos, he always give in for their happiness.

Abhi: Okay!

Purab: Okay for what?

Abhi: Ok for whatever kiddos want me to do.

Pragya exclaimed: Finally!!!

Abhi hearing that gave a deadly stare towards her and she in response hide herself by lowering her head behind kiddos.

Kiddos chuckled as Pragya was unknowingly tickling them at their back.

Abhi: Kiddos, if both of u are happy in this then I am ready to do whatever it is. Even if it’s something that hurts me.

Kiddos don’t know why their Puppa sound emotional but they couldn’t control their laughter when Pragya held their waist.

Abhi walked away saying he would like to talk to Pragya in private.

A while later,

Pragya entered the room where Abhi was.

Pragya looked at him with mixed emotions as he gestured her to sit opposite to him.

Abhi: I agreed for kiddos but you see it’s not easy for me to do this.

Pragya: It’s not easy but as time goes it can be easy Boss.

Abhi taking a deep breath looked at her. Pragya looked confused as in why he was reacting this way. She knew that she never tell anything wrong.

Abhi: I have to be clear to u in one thing. I am Mr Abhi and I don’t prefer the name you address me as.

Pragya: But I prefer to call u as Boss. You know u are my Boss na.
Abhi blatantly: I am not interested in favoring your preferences. If u want to call me that way then forget about this party and dance.
Pragya: Huh? But I am not able to call u Mr Abhi every time. It sounds so odd.

Abhi: When u call me Boss, I feel odd now.

Pragya: Really? You feel like that?
She asked looking at him intently. She never expected him to feel odd in this way.

Abhi looking away said: I guess it’s high time that we have to stop discussing about how we call each other. We really don’t have a need to call each other as there is nothing much for us to talk.

Pragya: Oh…nothing much….ok..
She said in a low tone and Abhi senses her disappointment in her voice.

Abhi: Ya and for me it’s all about we as parents must set a good example to kiddos. Apart from that there is nothing between us.

Pragya in a trembling tone: Nothing?
Abhi finds it hard to tell further as she was getting worried.

Pragya: Ok Boss…Sorry I mean ok and it’s my preference to not call u as Mr Abhi. I hope u can respect my preference like I did to yours.

Abhi nodded his head as yes.

Pragya: And yes I agree with u we need to be as good parents in front of kiddos. But do remember that we need to behave as good husband and wife in front of them too. That’s the basis for us to become as parents. I am not saying u need to talk to me affectionately or act in front of kiddos like u are good towards me but I am saying Don’t have a cold behaviour towards me as kiddos are very smart in identifying our behaviour and I know u would have understand it by spending a year with them.

Abhi: Yes I know that but sometimes I get carried away.

Pragya: I understand but our feelings shouldn’t affect kiddos as this is the time they pick up a lot of things from us. Our behaviour, our feelings and everything we do have a big influence in shaping up their character now.

Abhi even though is upset about what Pragya had done. He is never upset on her way being mother to kiddos. She always tend to think ahead of him in grooming kiddos as good individuals. That is very clear to him even when she was far away from them.

Pragya seeing his silence asked: Am I wrong in what I said?

Abhi: No…alright that’s all I want to convey to u and thanks for your words too.

Pragya: I’m sorry for whatever I had done.

Abhi: If sorry was what I expected from u then I would have forgiven u long time back. I think it’s not wise to talk about things that are over.

He said that and walked out of the room before Pragya could stop him.

Pragya looked at the direction he went.

Pragya, I know boss… I have let you down….but I know our love will never let u down. It will surely create the magic that we are missing now.

She wiped her tears and looked around the room that she missed the most. It’s the same room that she and Abhi had their sweet romance and fights.

Meanwhile, kiddos were adamant about something to which Abhi strictly said NO.
Purab and Bulbul tried to convince him but was futile. Now kiddos final attempt is to tell their Mumma. They hoped at least their Mumma can change his mindset.

Kiddos began to tell Gabu…Gabu…trying to grab the attention of Pragya as she walked out of the room.

Abhi shrieked: No kiddos don’t think like that!!!
Kiddos turned extremely shy by fidgeting with their dress. They didn’t expect to see something like this again.

Abhi looked at Pragya who was smiling teasingly at him and he could only breathe heavily in response.

Thank u everyone for reading!!! Sorry if there is any mistakes in the update too.

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