Boss I love you! (KKB) Shot 83

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Back at Mehra mansion,

Bulbul: Kiddos,Puppa looks very tired na so both of u shouldn’t disturb him. Ok?

Kiddos in response looked at tired Abhi with his hair messed up.

Kiddos then said: Ok Ok! Puppa go sleep!!!

Abhi: No kiddos, both of u need to have snacks. Let me eat with both of u then I will go and sleep.

Kiddos frowned as Abhi didn’t obey to their words.

Abhi: Itna gussa?
Purab: Of course they will be angry when u never listen to them. We are here na, we will eat snacks with them. Anyways Bulbul is planning to cook something for kiddos too.

Abhi in response had a frail smile.

Kiddos marched towards Abhi and looked at him as they were the boss by folding their arms.

Abhi: Alright kiddos, I will go and sleep. Don’t get angry for this.

Kiddos smiled and said: Good boy!!!

Abhi chuckled in return as nowadays kiddos are very particular about saying good boy remark to him. It’s the phrase they picked up from school when their teacher praised their fellow classmates.

Bulbul: Ok good boy will go and sleep and we good girls will go and eat!!!

Purab: Abhi, before u sleep more I need to inform u something. Come with me now.

He said and brought Abhi to the room.

Abhi: What’s the matter Purab? U look serious. Anything important?

Purab nodded his head as yes and showed Abhi’s phone to him.

Abhi taking it checked his phone and told: You mean she heard whatever I spoke?? Shit!!! How careless I was? I should have ended the call.

Purab: That’s not what I want to tell u. I think she is coming tomorrow itself.

Abhi in shock: What?? Is she crazy??? How can she come all of a sudden leaving every thing behind!!!

Purab to himself said yes Abhi she is crazy about u and is ready to leave everything behind for u.

Abhi: Why are u not telling anything!!! Did u talk to her?

Purab: No Abhi, I contacted the office and they informed me that she is flying off to Mumbai and is busy preparing for that.

Abhi ruffling his hair looked at Purab.

Purab: You are not happy that she is coming back?

Abhi: It’s not that Purab, What would she be thinking of me? She might be thinking I am desperate for her love right?

Purab: It’s the truth right?
Abhi loudly: Purab!!!
Purab: Listen Abhi, I know what she did is not completely correct. But it happened already Abhi then why are u still holding onto it? Maybe when she returns u might understand her situation or even make her understand what u went through without her for this past one year.

Abhi: Purab, You have to be clear with the fact that I am not going to understand her or make her understand anything. She is not like my kiddos who needs someone to make them understand things. She knows everything about me but she still made a mistake that I had no choice but to accept it. It’s not that easy now Purab. Even if she returns we will only be husband and wife for the sake of kiddos. Apart from that there is nothing between us.

Purab gasped in shock and was about to say something when Abhi said: She made me feel a loser on my understanding of her. I don’t want to be a loser again Purab. I had enough of this!

Purab: But you love her!

Abhi sighed: I am saying I have lost the understanding of her. To love someone u need an understanding of the person. When that itself is lost, love is also lost Purab.

Purab: No Abhi, u are thinking too much. It’s not like what u are thinking.

Abhi: I am tired Purab. I am really tired of talking and listening about things that I have lost understanding of. So can I go and sleep now?

Purab: Ok rest well. Anything do call me.

He said before leaving the room as Abhi crashed on his bed looking blankly at the ceiling.

Purab, What’s this? He is really fed up of what Pragya di had done. I am damn sure that Pragya di wouldn’t have expected this from him. I really hope she can handle him now.

Meanwhile Abhi was looking at kiddos photo in his phone.

Abhi : Why did she do like this kiddos? Am I the reason in anyway for the plight now? I never asked anything except for her love but now……

He rolled in the bed and then looked at the mirror to see himself.

Abhi: Enough Abhi!! You are the one always feeling for her but she doesn’t seem to be like that. She is coming back and will definitely make u feel agitated. You have to stay strong for kiddos. They are your life now Abhi. Yes!!! I have to show her that I am stronger than her in all ways.

He then slept with some mixed memories of the times with Pragya which disturbed him.

After long hours of sleep, Abhi waked up to the noise of certain things dropping.

Abhi, What is the sound? What’s the time now?

He was alarmed to see the time as 8 am. He remembered sleeping at 7 pm in the evening.

Abhi: Damn! I slept like a kumbhakarna!!! Don’t know whether kiddos had their dinner last night.

He quickly waked up and opened the door to find the house with a lot of people.

He looked puzzled of the decorations going on in his house.

Abhi caught a guy who was walking pass him and asked : Who are u?

Man: I am here to work sir.

Abhi: Work? I didn’t hire anybody to work for me and that too so many of u all.

Man: I don’t know all that sir! Please let me go if not madam will kill me!!!

Abhi: Madam?? You got to be seriously in a wrong venue to work at.

He said that and asked him to show who was his madam.

The man was trembling in fear and pointed at a direction which made Abhi’s jaw dropped.

He saw kiddos sitting on table and Pragya was feeding them something.

Abhi in shock uttered: Pragya…
Pragya turned back hearing his voice and smiled widely.

She asked kiddos to stay at where they are and walked towards Abhi who was standing still.

Pragya sweetly: How are u Boss? Kiddos had grown up in such a good way. You have really been a very responsible father. Then are u like very tired nowadays? Heard that u slept early yesterday but due to tiredness u slept long hours. No worries anymore as I am here na, I am here too get rid of your tiredness.

She said all that and hugged him tightly as he was standing in a frozen position.

The people working around smiled seeing the bond between Abhi and Pragya as kiddos clapped seeing their parents hug after a long time.

Pragya breaking the hug: Boss, you are always like this na. If I hugged u means u will get in your own world and forget what’s happening around. Now you see every one is looking at us. You could have stopped me right?

She blushed looking at him as he shook his head to make sure he is back to senses.

Abhi whispered: Dekhiye Mrs Pragya, I need to talk to u a lot in private but now it’s not the time as it might send wrong idea to the people around. I will call u later to talk.

He said that and walked back to his room.

Pragya smiled at his uncomfortable behaviour.

Kiddos were feeling contented that there was no fights. They gave hi 5 to each other that Mumma and Puppa are friends now.

Kiddos: Mumma! Mumma!

Pragya: Haan coming kiddos.

Kiddos: Mumma, you cute!!!
They said unanimously and looked down in shyness.

Pragya: Aww….now both of u can tell directly tell I am cute. But it’s you are cute not you cute.

Kiddos frowned as they don’t like that Pragya find fault in them like their teacher.

Pragya: Oh angry ah?
Kiddos: Yes Mumma.
Pragya: Why kiddos? What’s wrong?
Kiddos didn’t know how to explain and looked down.

Pragya after thinking for a moment: Oh…just now I corrected both of u. Is that why both of u look low now?

Kiddos nodded their head as yes.

Pragya: Kiddos, I always want both of u to be correct na.

Abhi was there passing them to get water and commented: Some people are talking about being correct as if they are always correct.

Pragya sighed hearing that.
Pragya: Kiddos, I know nobody is always correct but they always need a chance to correct themselves.

She said by looking Abhi secretly.

Abhi: Chances are not needed when it was already given.

He said and walked passed them by winking at kiddos.

Kiddos didn’t understand what’s going on now. They know their parents never fight but they were talking differently.

Pragya: Ok kiddos, it’s up to both of u learn your mistake as I learnt mine.

Kiddos: Mumma, you are cute!!!

Pragya hugged them in return and said: Good girls! I really love both of u.

Abhi saw this from a distance and gave an unbelievable look.

Abhi: I really don’t want all this Purab. Ask her to stop all this preparations.
Pragya look disturbed with kiddos on her lap.
Purab: Abhi! You have to understand that It’s not her wish, it’s kiddos wish for both of u to do this.

Abhi looked at kiddos who were looking with puppy like eyes.

He was completely bewildered at his situation while Pragya whispered something into kiddos ears.

Thank u for all your love and support as always. All your doubts will be cleared in upcoming updates. Thank u for reading again 🙂

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